The Speed Gamers are back for another marathon run of Zelda games for charity, this time for the Rocking H Ranch and its associated charities. Head over to their site to watch and donate, or you can take a look by hitting the jump.

  • I'm stuck between watching them play these titles or play Skyward Sword for myself, as if is the weekend. But this is for charity, so I'll probably be on here more.

    • cloverplayer

      try both 😉

  • Cody! are also doing a marathon! They are currently on A link to the past!

  • TheSpeedGamers is an insult to speed runners everywhere. Been watching the stream for almost 50 minutes, and they've done nothing but fight Ganon in OoT. You can practically beat the game in that time.

    • MrDudeyRock

      The fact that it was a 3 heart run, and that every time Ganon hit you, it took away 3 hearts, they couldn't have beaten them any quicker. And I'd love to see you beat Ganon with 3 hearts you fucking prick.

      • Ganon(dorf) is hardly a challenge. Every attack can be dodged fairly easy with a bit of practice.

        But these guys barely know how to play the game.

        • Sarcastic

          Whoa! You seem so awesome at Zelda. Please put on a marathon, I would watch it just to see your amazing skills let alone your obvious professionalism.

          Keep staying classy.

    • SeriousKano

      They already beat all Zelda games on Nintendo consoles within 72 hours last year. And besides, it's more about fun and charity than speedruns. They're not professionals by any means.

      • But one would think that they'd have practiced a bit and gotten better.