Aside from helping to transport gamers to a virtual fantasy world in which bottles contain fairies, postmen can fly, and people have long and pointy ears, the developers of Zelda strive to make Nintendo money.  After all, if the games in the series didn’t turn a profit, the developers would have no choice but to discontinue the franchise.

Fortunately, even after 25 years, the Zelda series is still going strong. Yet strangely it seems to sell twice as well in the US as it does in Japan.

A user on the NeoGAF forums has posted a graph picturing the sales figures for each game in the series, and comparing Japanese sales to those of the USA.  Hit the jump to see this chart, which shows how the games financially compare to one another.

The user does not make it clear what the source is, but these figures (US is blue, Japan is red) are an interesting find for anyone looking to see how well the Zelda games financially compare to one another.  Keep in mind that Skyward Sword’s figures will ultimately have a dramatic rise.

This chart begs the question: what is it about the Zelda franchise that seems to appeal to the US more than to Japan? Let us know why you think the sales are double in the comments below.

Source:  NeoGaf (via GoNintendo).