Last week we informed our readers of the game ending glitch which occurs during the Song of the Hero quest. At that time, Nintendo had not released any information on how they planned to fix the glitch, but now, they are offering to repair save data.

Nintendo has posted on their Skyward Sword support page that they can now repair players’ save data. That’s good news for those of us who haven’t caught the bug; you can now send it in to Nintendo. The company also intends to release a program for those who have their Wii connected to the internet, to repair save data. Sounds impossible, right? Wrong, the program does exist and its heading your way!

We’ll keep you updated on this bug, but for now, you can always copy your save data into an extra game slot, or read our solution to the problem here.

Source: Nintendo
Via: Joystiq
  • Seeing that Goron reminded me of the "Grooseland" scene. xD

    • mcdude910

      I like to call this little adventure, "The Legend of Groose." I was cracking up, which was hard given all the sadness of the scene. To all reading, Skyward Sword was the first video game to ever make my cry. Two scenes in the game did this (One made me cry, the other simply got me teary-eyed).

      • Blinx360

        Freaking any scene that had Zelda in it made me want to cry.
        I'm with you on that, however I should say it's the only video game to make me want to cry. The game was just so well made.

  • lootic

    Does this mean that NIntendo will patch a game?!

  • Gward

    Aw sweet they announced it a second time?
    Good job, ZU. You already informed us in a previous post.

    • mcdude910

      Good job breaking it, hero.

      • TROPER


    • bastian

      Heh, it's true, we did already. Miss-communication at the news staff. 😀


    Great. Now Skyward Sword can be enjoyed the way it was meant to be played.

    • Craig

      To be fair… It's not a "game breaking glitch" like people say, it's just a need-for-resetting glitch… Plus, you'd think by now (by the pattern of the game up until then) that people would be visiting the desert last? It was in my mindset to do Forest, Fire and then Desert.

  • Oh my god, I thought I would never see the day Nintendo would include game updates… Now all they need to add is DL content and additions to games! Hella badass if they did! They are so close! I know they don't know or understand the technology however they need to figure it out soon! Those old people.

  • HeroOfTime5

    I'm only in level 3. Can someone tell me where this glitch happens so it doesn't happen to me??

    • shoop whoop6

      when collecting piecies of the song of the hero. all you gotta do, is NOT go to layanryu province first.

      • shyguy

        So what happens if you do? When should you go there? How far in the game is it? THANKS!

        • bastian

          If you do, you cannot continue forward in the story without this new fancy Nintendo fix. So… it's not much of an issue any more.

          It's in the last third of the game, and if you follow the traditional pattern they've set up (Farore, then Eldin, then Layanayru Province)… you'll be fine.

  • comics_addict

    What does this glitch does exactly? Because I want to report that I have lost all control of Link since I saved on the Isle of Songs right after obtaining song for the third trial for Eldin Volcano. I stupidly saved on the bird statue inside the shrine only to find out that now I have lost all control of the avatar where I can't control where he moves to. All my other buttons work fine however. Just great Nintendo just great and right after I started my holiday vacation. Anyone's found this glitch also or is it similar to what happens to those who suffered from the song of the hero quest? Please contribute 'cause I am pissed off/scared the I'll not be able to beat the game before the year's out/

    • Morgan

      That happened to my friend, too. Her MotionPlus broke, that's all c:

      • comics_addict

        Mi Wii MotionPlus didn't broke. Weird enough I inserted the game this morning to see if the problem persisted but was greeted with the fact that I could now regain control of Link and have progressed to the third trial. I was relieved and at the same time in shock that this was a glitch no one has mentioned happening. Don't know if it could keep again to happening.

  • Jason

    "The company also intends to release a program for those who have their Wii connected to the internet, to repair save data."

    If they can do that, surely they would be able to add a feature to the program to allow it to make fixes to the grass problem on Animal Crossing Let's Go to the City/City Folk too…

  • Callin

    It's not technically a game update.

    It's just a program that reads your save data, and reverts whatever the game does when you talk to that Goron. If you talk to him again, the game might break again.

  • RRR

    This glitch is just a troubleshooting caused by a simple reason. If you want to learn more about it, visit This website will also help you to find a solution for such problems.

  • Alessandra

    Here's how Japanese users will be able to patch the fix, I hope this is how we USA users do it once it's out here:

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