There has been a lot of comparison (and tension) between Skyward Sword and Skyrim in recent months.  They’re both long-awaited releases for two of the most popular series in all of gaming, so it’s no surprise that the fandom of the two titles blends together.  One Skyrim player has created a mod which makes the playable character look like an adult Link, complete with Hylian Shield and Navi wisp.  Mods to games can be downloaded and implemented if you play on a PC, so, if you’re a Skyrim fan, head on over to Nexus and download alteredTheBeast’s Zelda-themed appearence pack.  Mods are totally legal, and really add a fun flair to any gaming experience.  Regardless of whether you play or not, hit the jump to view more of these beautiful screens featuring this Link-inspired design.

Source:  Skyrim Nexus.
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