There has been a lot of comparison (and tension) between Skyward Sword and Skyrim in recent months.  They’re both long-awaited releases for two of the most popular series in all of gaming, so it’s no surprise that the fandom of the two titles blends together.  One Skyrim player has created a mod which makes the playable character look like an adult Link, complete with Hylian Shield and Navi wisp.  Mods to games can be downloaded and implemented if you play on a PC, so, if you’re a Skyrim fan, head on over to Nexus and download alteredTheBeast’s Zelda-themed appearence pack.  Mods are totally legal, and really add a fun flair to any gaming experience.  Regardless of whether you play or not, hit the jump to view more of these beautiful screens featuring this Link-inspired design.

Source:  Skyrim Nexus.
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  • Ashmic

    mods make the world awesome

  • This would be the ONLY reason I would ever play Skyrim….

    • sam

      Oh you're missing out on a great game, bud.

    • Owen

      Yeah, even as a hardcore Zelda fan with not much interest in The Elder Scrolls, I can tell you this game deserved to be Game of the Year if Skyward Sword didn't.

      • Phil

        men skyrim is 1000000000 better than zelda skyward sword, not only the graphics but also the story and other things…. I'm also a big Zelda fan and I have all the games but you can't compaire !!

  • Ugh…I honestly don't like the way Link looks in a realistic setting now that I see it.


      Just wait for Zelda Wii U!

      • NintendoMasterG

        Just because the Wii U will have HD graphics doesn't mean they are going to use realistic graphics for the next game.

    • Casual Vader

      The most "realistic" I'd ever want a Zelda game looking is the graphical style of Twilight Princess.

      • Phatnaru

        you should see the zelda HD Wii U demo then

    • Soeroah

      Just because I'm interested, were you a supporter of realistic graphics before seeing these images, or on the fence, or against it slightly and now more against it?


    Not as great as SS Link or the Twilight Princess HD demo but still good.

    • That was NOT Twilight Princess. It was a Demo that was similar to the boss fight in The Temple of Time. Come to think of it, I wasn't a fight at all. Just a 2min cutscene.

      • matisse

        that's correct. it was only styled after TP – that is, the more realistic and darker style of the LoZ games.

      • A_LINK_IN_TIME

        Yes, but it was an imagining of Twilight Princess's graphics in true 1080 p.

  • Sam

    I would probably exaggerate some of the anatomy in the torso and face, but other than that it's a not to shabby lookin' mod. Maybe one of these days a team will make a full fledged Zelda mod (wishful wishing).

    • Sam

      Oh the fact that this person used the 80's sword design makes this mod more epic!

      • Faleel

        80's what?

        • Sam

          Before the Master Sword, there was the Magic Sword. It had a flamboyant silver hilt with rubies.

  • Darkstar

    I like the gold crest on Link's tunic, it should be used in the Wii U zelda. The Hylian shield looks kind of decent as a round wooden shield, but I perfer the metal one. The background/trees in the second picture look reeeally nice and could totally work in a Zelda game.
    I agree that Link looks weird here but he'll look a lot better in the actual Zelda games if they used this realistic style.

  • GoldenGengle64

    Link looks kind of nasty, but the tunic is great!

  • veeronic

    … noone is discussing the… "hylian" shield? heh…

    • rookie

      Eh, I really don't love it… my favorite hylian shield is the one in twilight princess, as its design is the most intricate.

  • okilydokilyguy8

    Link looks a bit ugly, but this is both funny and awesome! Perchance we and the Skyrim fanbase shalt now set aside our differences and join each other in merry video game enjoyment?

  • worldofblackheroes

    This is awesome!