Remember a few months ago when Eiji Aonuma said that the next console Zelda title for the Wii U might not be using motion controls akin to Skyward Sword’s?  He’s since changed his mind, and has now stated that motion controls (with similar MotionPlus technology, as featured in Skyward Sword but not in Twilight Princess on the Wii) are, in fact, the future of the Zelda series.  “I honestly think we cannot go back to button controls now, so I think that these controls will be used in future Zelda titles, too.”  This is good news for anyone who enjoys the 1:1 sword combat and other motion features that debuted in Skyward Sword, but bad news for gamers who still yearn for traditional button gameplay.  Into which category do you fall?

The full interview with Mr. Aonuma can be read in the January 2012 issue of Official Nintendo Magazine, which goes on sale this month.

Source:  Official Nintendo Magazine.
  • Banooru

    Cool beans.

  • Xosgni

    I vote motion control… On the condition that they continuously work to make motion control better and don't make it gimmicky.

    I'm a fan of the traditional controls, but the controls of SS were too good for future console games to go back to the traditional controls. Save the traditional controls for the handhelds.

  • Faleel


  • i8oprah

    With the new capabilities of the 3DS we'll probably still receive button controls and get better games than what happened with the DS Zelda titles. And then on the WiiU we'll get the motion control. I feel we can get a good share of controls with fair balance, hopefully.

    • Best possible way to look at it, regardless of one's preference. (:

  • Bearing Skyward Sword to mind, I'd prefer the motion controls to the touchscreen aspect for now.

  • Huge bummer; it means I'll never be able to play a console Zelda again, since the motion controls give me horrible tendinitis.

    I was very excited when I thought it could revert back to buttons. This is crushing. It was gut wrenching enough to know I wouldn't be able to play SS. *sigh* ah well.

  • RedBearLuX

    He never said anything about 1:1 sword play. The motionplus technology he could be referring to is things like the beetle or controlling your loftwing.

    • wiiman445

      even though he didnt say anything about 1:1 sword doesnt mean its not going to be in the next zelda that would be like taking a step backward plus he said with similar controls to that of skyward sword

  • Valgaldr

    A mix would be best I feel. Motion control for almost every puzzle or sword-fight etc. And perhaps the touch screen on the Wii U-controller or buttons for controlling different aspects of the game, such as the instruments that often occur in Zelda games. I hated the motion controls for the harp. Being a musician I felt that the way the harp was played in SS wasn't as inspiring as when playing the ocarina in OoT and MM. It was mostly noise and not music, and very repetitive way of moving the controller up and down. The harps were mostly plucked. So with buttons or the touch screen one could maybe recreate the instruments in a better way than using the controller.

  • somecrazyguy

    i think for the 3ds, they shud make a zelda game that has the look of OoT3d, where its not a top down view. BUT! for the sword, we shud be able to use the bottom screen to map the movement of the sword with our stylus. a touch bottum on the screen cud be our item, which cud also use the mapping system of the sword to manipulate the items on the top screen. as for targeting? hmm. but over all, i think this set up could work, it would just need to be fine tuned to work really well.


  • Please Nintendo, do both. Have an OPTION for traditional controls!

    I have a feeling Nintendo will make it optional next time around though, because the Wii U is designed so that games can also be played on/using the new tablet controller. That's a big deal and I don't think Nintendo would completely ignore the new capabilities of their own console.

  • If they can make the sensor bar work with it, I'd be all for it.

  • JonahTHD

    Honestly, I like the motion controls, but I'd like Link to be left-handed again, like he's supposed to be. (In my opinion, anyways.)

    • ewjgh

      OK, I'd really like to know why people have such a fucking problem with what hand Link uses. What does it even matter? If it's for the left-handed people when using the motion controls, then yeah. But if not, then WHAT.

      • Uh huh

        "What does it even matter?" So things like continuity and characterization don't matter to you? These are storytelling elements that help build the character that is Link and you're dismissing it as a "***ing problem"?

        So what if there are people making a fuss about it. Just because some of them are whinging about it it doesn't mean you're entitled to do the same.


    Wii U controller=1:1 shield! And the item inventory should be on the controller touchscreen-Ocarina of Time 3D did that right!

  • jmoods

    I do like the motion controls, so this is great! I feel like they could make the fights a lot more complex on the new system too. Skyward sword was great, but the last form of Debbie did act a little dumb.

    "here, my arms are in a completely vulnerable position. slash me horizontally."

  • I personally enjoyed the 1:1 sword motion. It was very onnovative and I liked that it really felt like I was holding the sword. I want to see them amp it up even more!

  • Sanity's_Theif

    Well I'm happy, I like the motion controls, I just hope they touch them up so I don't have to keep re-calibrating, very much looking forward to the WiiU Zelda right now

    I know one of my friends won't be happy though lol, he likes button controls, and he can't play the 3Ds because he gets severe migraines with anything rendered 3D

    • Dude

      Then turn off the 3D….

  • Disappointed

    Didn't buy "Skyward Sword" because of this "motion control" non-sense. Looks like I'm done with Zelda.

  • ChainofTermina

    honestly, I would very much like to have the option. but I guess I'm okay with motion controls just as long as the bring back Z/L Targetting for the Bow and other items.

  • Baker1000

    I like the MotionPlus sword fighting in SS, but for the love of the Great Goddess I wish they go back to using pointer controls for things like the slingshot, bow, hookshot or even just the cursor on the menu screen. There's absolutely no need to use it to point to something on screen.

    Also I wish that they would utilise the touch screen of the Wii U Pad with item selection, but I can't see how that would work if they used the remote for sword fighting still. But does he even say the remote will be the motion control input? I mean, we could end up with just using the Pad for aiming similar to the 3DS in OoT3D.

    Also Also. I would very much like to see the first new 3DS installment be a console style Zelda with OoT3D controls. None of this touch screen controls like the DS games. While they were great, it's not using the console to it's full potential especially after OoT managed it.

  • The question we all ask ourselves is: "When is the Wii U coming out?"

  • Sabes Link

    But the The Legend Of Zelda announced in E3 2014 is this no the image of you use for the page or no? 😮