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jmanretronerd: Greetings Universe! I have a very good question to ask you! If the Link in the Wind Waker (who is obviously around the age of young link in OoT) could pull the Master Sword without waiting 7 years, why did the Young Link in OoT have to do so?

Hombre: The Master Sword works a bit differently from game to game so it could just be an inconsistent rule but the most common explanation is very simple: The reason Link had to sleep for 7 years was because he wasn’t old enough to be the Hero of Time. But WW Link is not the Hero of Time so he wouldn’t need to be grown up.


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ngreenway: In the Ocarina of Time, Zelda says that she will banish Ganon to the Sacred Realm, getting him out of Hyrule. In Twilight Princess, Ganon is about to be sent to the Twilight Realm. Could this be taken as the Twilight Realm is the Sacred Realm? Thoughts?

Hombre: Ganondorf was indeed sealed in the Sacred Realm at the end of Ocarina of Time. However, that was on the Adult Timeline. After Link gets sent back in time by Zelda, they meet again as kids and decide to take a new direction in regards to Ganondorf. This was said by Eiji Aonuma himself. Now personally I believe that Ganondorf was banished from Hyrule because in his backstory that we see in Twilight Princess it says he invaded Hyrule, and if he was already in Hyrule it’d be more of a take-over and not an invasion… but regardless, he was captured alive and sentenced to death, though through some divine prank, Ganondorf survives thanks to his triforce of power and the seven sages seal him in the Twilight Realm. So as you can tell, it’s not the same place as the Sacred Realm. This is also very evident when you look at the backstory of the Twili. They wanted to establish dominion over the sacred realm, but the Goddesses got angry and banished them into the Twilight Realm. So if they were the same, why would they banish the Twili to the very realm they wanted to rule?


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Jordan Hath: Do you think that Nintendo might have plans to make Zelda the hero in a new game?

Hombre: Most people would say this is a bad idea and point to the CD-I games but some people are very much in favor of a game that stars Zelda as the main protagonist. However, since Link is supposed to be an avatar of the player, playing as Zelda wouldn’t really achieve that same effect which leads me to believe Nintendo wouldn’t do it. Of course, it’s possible that they could make a spin-off title with Zelda. Hey, if Tingle can get a spin-off series, anyone can. Now, Because regular Zelda is kind of dull, I’d like to play as either Tetra or Shiek. Probably tetra because Pirates are more awesome than ninjas.


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PearlsofLife3: My question is, do you think Link will ever talk in any of the games? I mean just textboxes no dubbing. Do you think Link having dialogue would be a good or bad thing?

Hombre: Well, this is already happening to a certain extent, you can pick your dialogue options. Skyward Sword especially had numerous occasions where you could pick 2-3 different answers to questions etc. Now, the topic of link speaking is always being debated and fans are split on whether he should speak or not and we’ve had a good debate on Link’s personality in one of our Podcast that you can listen to.


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Conman21100: Why do you suppose that Nintendo is slowly integrating more Eastern culture into their games? We all remember the cross on Link’s shield in the Adventure of Link but now in the Skyward Sword videos we are seeing images resembling Hindu statues. Is Nintendo just braving up to show off the Eastern culture and religion they are apart of or are they commenting on the world through the symbolism in their games somehow?

Hombre: I think that the reason the old games were more western was because they wanted a more traditional, medieval experience. You know, swords and shields, dragons, castles, princesses all that stuff. With Skyward Sword I think they felt like changing things up a bit and not be as restricted, so they went with an Eastern culture thingy. I doubt they were trying to comment on anything, though I’m curious if the Lanayru mines and desert once having been green is a comment on man’s effect on global warming.



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