Salt–we’ve all encountered it at some point in our lives, but you’ve never seen it like this before.  That is, unless you’ve seen one of Bashir Sultani’s “Art with Salt” videos.  Released on YouTube a few months ago, his latest video shows him making a portrait of Link, Twilight Princess style.  His only tools are a shaker of fine salt, a black plastic surface, a piece of sharp paper, and as he describes it on his YouTube channel, “patience.”  You can see his other salt creations at his channel.  For his Zelda-inspired piece, hit the jump to see two-minute video for yourself.

Not many people can make a drawing of Link look three-dimensional, let alone make it with nothing but grains of salt.  A self-taught artist, most of Bashir Sultani’s drawings take anywhere from 50 to 80 minutes to complete in real-time, so a lot of work was definitely put into this–how does it compare to other forms of Zelda fan art that you’ve seen?

Source:  YouTube.
  • RedBearLuX

    Thats impressive…but when he destroyed it at the end my heart kind of stopped for a second. O_O

  • Sage of Hyrule

    Damn. That is awesome.

    As an artist I can only imagine how much patience that took. Bravo for exploring a new realm of fanart! I would be sad to see it disappear though because it isn't permanent. I suppose at least he has the video 🙂

  • i8oprah

    The fact that I've never even heard of salt art before makes this even more phenomenal

  • Klops89

    It's mediocre, honestly.

    • Ashmic

      lets see u do better lol

    • Elienkae

      You try it. It's not like a pencil where you can erase every error. What that guy did took serious skill.

      • rookie

        Are you kidding me? How 'bout you post a video of this, Klops89? Not as easy as you thought, huh?

    • SixMultipliedByNine

      Trolls be trollin'

  • Ashmic

    Its worth the sodium heart attack!

  • Sakume

    Would be nice if you could sell something like that. But I don't think there's any way you can ship salt.

  • Ailuros27

    That's high stakes art. Think about it. It's just like setting up dominos. It takes a really long time, and one false move can destroy everything. In this case, one good sneeze and POOF!

  • prada

    Darnit He should of used glue!

  • Why did he wipe away his masterpiece?

    • Fatepawn

      i think he does it to prove that he does it freehand with salt

  • Leos

    And then a gust of wind came along

  • Zachattack8888

    That was beautiful!!