Salt–we’ve all encountered it at some point in our lives, but you’ve never seen it like this before.  That is, unless you’ve seen one of Bashir Sultani’s “Art with Salt” videos.  Released on YouTube a few months ago, his latest video shows him making a portrait of Link, Twilight Princess style.  His only tools are a shaker of fine salt, a black plastic surface, a piece of sharp paper, and as he describes it on his YouTube channel, “patience.”  You can see his other salt creations at his channel.  For his Zelda-inspired piece, hit the jump to see two-minute video for yourself.

Not many people can make a drawing of Link look three-dimensional, let alone make it with nothing but grains of salt.  A self-taught artist, most of Bashir Sultani’s drawings take anywhere from 50 to 80 minutes to complete in real-time, so a lot of work was definitely put into this–how does it compare to other forms of Zelda fan art that you’ve seen?

Source:  YouTube.