The voting is over for the Skyward Sword vs Skyrim G4TV poll and Skyward Sword has (just barely) come out on top, which brings it to the final round against Assassin’s Creed: Revelations.

Ironically, it looks like the final round battle will be one of the easiest for Zelda in the entire competition – after nail-biting wins against Uncharted 3 (53%-47%), Batman: Arkham City (51%-49%) and Skyrim (51%-49%), Skyward Sword is currently cruising along comfortably at 70%-30%, not far off its one easy win against the latest version of FIFA.

While the Assassin’s Creed series is indeed a strong and successful one, the latest game in the series has not been individually quite so well received, and is averaging 10 points lower in Metacritic than the series’ previous entry, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, which may be what is giving Skyward Sword the edge in a match-up that may have otherwise been a lot closer.

Nevertheless, if you want to make your vote heard, you can head over and vote, and we’ll keep you updated if the situation changes significantly.

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  • Petey B

    It is a testament to the large number of great games that have come out this year that Zelda has had such tough battles. What a great year for games.

  • Let's keep Skyward Sword ahead and emerge victorious!

  • ibyea

    If you think about it, many Zelda bosses are easier than some of the other dungeon bosses. So hey, I think this is appropriate. πŸ™‚

  • ibyea

    I meant: many Zelda *final bosses.

    • Gerudude

      er…you just said the same thing twice???

  • Soulless Creature

    FIFA is the same thing repeated again and again with better graphics, with Zelda you can do so much more you can topple evil in it's purest form, solve puzzles and adventure vast worlds. Assassin's Creed I have never played but it is no way as good as Skyward Sword you can't fly in Assassin's Creed.

    • somecrazyguy

      actually…. you can… kinda…

  • joe

    Skyrim had a significant edge until the hoards of rabbid prepubescent Zelda fans came in and registered multiple accounts to push Skyward sword ahead. I find it fishy that in the last two rounds, Zelda was most definitely behind, and then made an unexplainable leap to 51%. Skyrim IS the better game. And it will get GOTY awards where it counts. Not from some silly poll.

    • Zelda and Skyrim both hovered near the 50% mark in the final days of the battle. Until the very end it seemed that either could win, so Skyward Sword's victory was well-fought and well-deserved. To me, G4's GOTY award is one of the most important, as this award is strictly chosen by fans, not by a selective awards panel. πŸ™‚

    • Olympion

      Both fanbases mobilized over the internet and multiple account voting certainly existed on both sides, don't make up stuff just because you're a sore, bitter loser. The main difference was actually that while the Skyrim push came from both the fans and the makers of the game (both the Elder Scrolls and the Bethesda facebook pages told their users to go vote) the Skyward Sword win was purely fan-driven, as neither the Nintendo nor the Legend of Zelda facebook pages were used to drive up the votes. If Nintendo had done what Bethesda did, the contest wouldn't have been nearly this close.

      Also, not that I let my opinion be affected by what others think either way, but I do have a lot more faith in a huge, gamer-driven poll, compared to the opinions of a handful of gaming "journalists" that often get basic facts wrong and display naked bias.

    • Vyse

      Both sides were bragging about making multiple accounts. Stop deluding yourself into thinking it was one sided.

    • frank

      well bo-ho! Go kill a dragon by SHOUTING at it you big baby! than grow up!

  • joe

    Also, why the fuck is LBP2 not on this list? Why is Halo Anniversary and Assassin's Creed on it?

    • frank

      Because it's G4tv you dumb F***!

      Seriously i know that people who take G4 serious are dumb but you take the cake!

  • MrDudeyRock

    Well what are we waiting for, let's vote ! WE ARE ZELDA !

  • ChainofTermina

    ok, this is getting ridiculous. it's just a random website's random poll. what if Skyward Sword does win, huh? what exactly will that do? it won't really mean anything. I really like Assassin's Creed also, and I'm am not being forced to choose. I don't have to have a top favorite game if I don't want to. I'm staying out of this.

    • ChainofTermina

      and btw, Skyrim is WAY better than Assassin's Creed. I like it and all, but even a hardcore AC fan like me has to admit that the series is starting to get a little stale and repetitive. so this poll is already getting dumb.

  • prada

    You guys need to shutup and enjoy games and stop bickering over nothing!!! IT DOESN'T MATTER! (Zelda is awesome regardless of a lame poll)

  • EraZ3712

    Interesting… I was expecting Skyward Sword vs. Assassin's Creed to be a bit more fierce.
    Didn't expect it to be so decisive already…. (of course, I don't want to speak to soon about it…)

    NEway, I support Zelda all the way!! If it makes it to "2011 Best Game of the Year", I'll be so happy. ^^

  • H3r0 0f t1m3

    Both sides were pushed okai…… none can denie it but one thing is certain if i had to choose (i played both games) zelda would win by 2% just because it brings new things yes skyrim does 2 but its just…… idk zelda fans bak me up

  • Zachattack8888

    Never really enjoyed any of the Assassin's Games… Very excited to see Zelda win!!


    Really the final battle should have been Skyrim vs Skyward Sword…

  • Keimori

    Wow, this is almost a hard choice, I love both games for what they are.
    But realy, as much as I like Assassins Creed, Skyward sword is the better game by far.

  • Sanguiluna

    I love both series to death, but between the two individual games it's no contest.
    Honestly, I was underwhelmed by "Revelations". It wasn't a bad game, but it's average compared to the last two games; though I have to say it got A LOT better in the latter half..

  • frank

    how is Skyward sword doing so far? I don't subscribe to G4tv because it sucks, so i'm unable to see for myself

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