Skyward Sword vs. Batman Arkham City

A lot of Zelda fans have been contacting us outraged at the fact that Batman’s beating Zelda. No, this isn’t some sort of new fighting game but G4TV’s Deathmatch for the best video game of 2011. Round 1 saw The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword take out Uncharted 3, and it easily toppled FIFA 12 in Round 2. Round 3 is currently ongoing, and Skyward Sword has found itself up against Batman: Arkham City. Currently Batman is leading the contest, having received 51% of the votes as opposed to Zelda’s 49%. With about a day and a half left before Round 3 voting closes, can Zelda fans rally together and push Skyward Sword over the line and into Round 4? If you’d like to vote, head on over to Zelda: Skyward Sword vs Batman: Arkham City.

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