The Zelda series has been around for 25 years, but how many of us really know its origins?  CVG has decided to give us a history lesson, detailing how Nintendo’s “Adventure Mario” ultimately became “The Hyrule Fantasy:  Legend of Zelda,” known today in most parts of the world as The Legend of Zelda.  In February 1985, the new game Super Mario Bros. was expected to carry the Famicom throughout the next year, at least.  However, Nintendo knew that it needed another type of game to draw people in besides an action-oriented platformer.

Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka were determined to create a new kind of game, one that was non-linear and full of adventure, pairing puzzle solving and combat with a large, open world.  Originally dubbed “Adventure Mario,” the two men would sit down with sheets of graph paper and map out the early dungeons.  As Miyamoto’s strong memories of his adventurous childhood in the Japanese countryside and Tezuka’s passionate love for high fantasy took over, the game eventually transformed into the one which we all know and love today.  Read the article over at CVG yourself to learn the real-world story of The Legend of Zelda.