In honor of Skyward Sword’s release, CVG has compiled a list of the ten “most memorable Zelda tunes” coming from all points in the series, ranging from The Legend of Zelda up to Twilight Princess.  Many of the entries are the obvious series staples, but there are a few lesser-praised songs on the list, too.  Read on to see the list for yourself, as well as find the links so that you can listen to some of the best songs the Zelda series has to offer.

“The Legend of Zelda series is known as much for its music as it is for its brilliant puzzles and enchanting world. If you’re anything like us you’re whistling or humming these memorable tunes on an almost daily basis.”  – CVG

Click on the title of a song to listen to it:

  1. “The Original One:”  The Legend of Zelda, Overworld
  2. “The Catchy One:”  The Legend of Zelda II, Palace Theme
  3. “The Surprising One:”  A Link to the Past, Dark World
  4. “The Epic One:”  Ocarina of Time, Hyrule Field
  5. “The Toe-Tapping One:”  Ocarina of Time, Gerudo Valley
  6. “The Melancholy One:”  Ocarina of Time, Epona’s Song
  7. “The Terrifying One:”  Majora’s Mask, Clock Town Final Hours
  8. “The Uplifting One:”  The Wind Waker, Ocean Theme
  9. “The Atmospheric One:”  The Minish Cap, Sky Temple
  10. “The Soothing One:”  Twilight Princess, Queen Rutela

To see the original list and read some commentary, click here.  Of course, this list is just the opinion of its writer – what are some of your favorite songs from the Zelda series?

Source:  CVG.
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