In honor of Skyward Sword’s release, CVG has compiled a list of the ten “most memorable Zelda tunes” coming from all points in the series, ranging from The Legend of Zelda up to Twilight Princess.  Many of the entries are the obvious series staples, but there are a few lesser-praised songs on the list, too.  Read on to see the list for yourself, as well as find the links so that you can listen to some of the best songs the Zelda series has to offer.

“The Legend of Zelda series is known as much for its music as it is for its brilliant puzzles and enchanting world. If you’re anything like us you’re whistling or humming these memorable tunes on an almost daily basis.”  – CVG

Click on the title of a song to listen to it:

  1. “The Original One:”  The Legend of Zelda, Overworld
  2. “The Catchy One:”  The Legend of Zelda II, Palace Theme
  3. “The Surprising One:”  A Link to the Past, Dark World
  4. “The Epic One:”  Ocarina of Time, Hyrule Field
  5. “The Toe-Tapping One:”  Ocarina of Time, Gerudo Valley
  6. “The Melancholy One:”  Ocarina of Time, Epona’s Song
  7. “The Terrifying One:”  Majora’s Mask, Clock Town Final Hours
  8. “The Uplifting One:”  The Wind Waker, Ocean Theme
  9. “The Atmospheric One:”  The Minish Cap, Sky Temple
  10. “The Soothing One:”  Twilight Princess, Queen Rutela

To see the original list and read some commentary, click here.  Of course, this list is just the opinion of its writer – what are some of your favorite songs from the Zelda series?

Source:  CVG.
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  • Fiori

    i have to disagree with eponas song being 'melancholy' other than the story behind it. I think it's actually a very sweet and happy little tune.

  • Definitely agree with number one. =]

  • Link

    The Twilight Princess Queen Rutela was eerily awesome. When I first heard while playing I got goosebumps. Such a beautiful arrangement yet so hauntingly beautiful. This is one of the reasons why I love zelda games. The music really pulls an emotional response from the player.

    • master sword

      my favorite song up there would have to ether be the ocean theme or hyrul field . i have both games and i think they should have also put up zeldas lulaby and dragon rost island

      • master sword

        and i completely agry that the ocean theme is "uplifting"

  • Ralis

    I've always loved the Final Hours theme from Majora's Mask. It finds such a bizarre, perfect balance between comforting and unnerving. And Queen Rutela's theme, which is basically just a fleshed out version of the Serenade of Water, is so perfect as well.

    Really hope the Symphony of the Goddesses comes down near where I live next year.

  • Weevil

    where is dragon roost island? that is #1 zelda song for me

    • In the original article over at CVG (the link can be found in the article above), it was mentioned in the commentary for Gerudo Valley that it was a toss-up between that and the Dragon Roost Island theme. They only wanted to include one "toe-tapper" on their list, most likely to include some diversity. (:

      • master sword

        well i think they should have put up dragon roost island

    • master sword

      thats exactly what i said!!!

  • Mikelelex

    Song of Storms should have been in this list

  • Carty

    my number one favourite song is sheiks theme, Ive been making several zelda playlists the last few days and departure and battle against bosses from windwakers are both really great peices.

  • Gwydion

    Put Ballad of the Wind Fish in for Epona's Song for "The Melancholy One" and it'd look great! Not my personal most memorable list, but there are so many memorable songs, it'd be hard to just pick a top 10 – so many deserve to be there.

    • Ailuros27

      I second that. "Ballad of the Wind Fish" is my favorite Zelda tune, and it is definitely more melancholy than "Epona's Song".

      • FSLazurite

        Agree!!! Just the thought of seeing Koholint Island vanishing into nothing while listening to that tune… Now that's Melancholy! :'(

  • Serina

    I wouldn't call Epona's Song melancholy at all, Song of Healing would be my pick for that, or maybe something from Link's Awakening, either the Ballad of the WIndfish or the Ghost's House. And for the epic one I would say either Cloud Tops or TP's Hyrule Feild. But it's a good list, and it's hard to choose just one song for each of those titles, Zelda has so many amazing pieces of music.

  • Silver-Lynx4

    Nice choices
    Where'S Zelda's lullaby??!!

    • master sword

      i alredy said that like three times now

    • master sword

      i love zeldas lulaby one of my fav songs

  • prada

    You know what, their are so many songs from the zelda series that deserve to be on the list. (the minish cap woods theme always seems to be disregarded) as for the catchy one it think it should be kokiri village or saria's song

    • prada

      minish woods theme is more melancholic

  • IronLuca

    Sorry to but in but Zelda needs your help! G4 is doing a Videogame contest and you have to vote for Zelda! Heres the link

  • IronLuca
  • Cam

    IMO, "the epic one" should be the TP overworld theme (on horseback)… or maybe even called "the adventurous one."
    And they should add "the nostalgia one" – Zelda's Lullaby!

    • Oxling


    • master sword

      i love zeldas lulaby

  • Darkfares

    Zelda Universe!! WE NEED YOUR HELP!

  • Rulsat

    I miss the Ballad of the Wind Fish. Really.

  • Dan

    I'm not going to say that it definitely should have been on the list, but I've always loved the lost woods music from ALttP.

    And one of the most memorable dungeon tunes. This just drips with atmosphere.

  • Oxling

    OoT's Hyrulew Field theme is hardly deserving of being called "the epic one" next to songs such as Gerudo Valley and TP's Hyrule Field theme.

  • Hyrule's Shadow

    What? Song of Storms is not on here? Should have been, i love it!

    • master sword

      yes i like that song too