Now that Skyward Sword has been officially released in Europe, the UK has aired a launch trailer for the game, featuring a new version of part of the original Zelda theme.  This trailer is largely spoiler free, mainly featuring the gameplay elements of the game.  However, if you’ve gone this far and still don’t know the game’s opening story (which has been revealed in nearly every previous trailer), be wary.  Otherwise, hit the jump to view the video.

While revealing nothing especially new (not that that’s a problem–the game is now out in the UK, after all), this is a very decently paced trailer.  For those of you in Europe, have you started the game yet?  As for the rest of us, this trailer is only increasing anticipation for Skyward Sword’s final release.

Source:  YouTube.
  • Senat

    Zelda forever =D

  • I love the music they used with this. 8)

  • kamikazemind


  • Link

    That trailer was not very well arranged to sync with the music. Game will be epic though.

    • The Cozmologist

      I see what you mean…

  • this is an AWSOME game. i've gotten to the first temple already and i've made an unboxing video on youtube. i'm going to nerd the game this weekend. i feel sorry for thouse who havn't gotten the game yet…

    • zeldass

      nice music in the background and you are so lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • dark-triforce


    • Silver-Lynx4

      MAN that's crazy…I WANNA HEAR ZELDA SING 😀 YAAY

    • Twilit_Dragon

      what would be funny if your wii broke, then i wouldn't feel sorry for you

  • guest1997

    ugh…. come on tesco I preordered for a reason… if it is that missed mail I got on the 16th I am gonna kill somebody… yay for not knowing till tomorrew due to royal mail opening times

  • guest

    I AM SO JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pita

    I really hate England, and the rest of Europe right now…

  • Superpokefan94

    I'm at some point in the second temple, and I loved everything up to this point. I played TP again before this and breezed through it, but now I have already seen the 'game over' screen several times!