In honor of the Zelda franchise’s 25th anniversary this year, along with the release of the long-anticipated Skyward Sword in Europe today (and the rest of the world over the next week), two of the series’s longtime developers have created a video thanking Zelda fans, whether new or old.  Eiji Aonuma, producer for the series since Ocarina of Time, and Koji Kondo, composer for the series since The Legend of Zelda, made this two-minute video describing their passions for the series, and how glad they are to have become part of such a dedicated group of developers and a passionate group of fans.  Watch your personal thank you video after the jump.

While we can’t, in turn, thank these dedicated men in person, they definitely know that Zelda fans are some of the most passionate out there.  Whether you’re a longtime fan or a recent convert, we’re all Zelda fans.  How do you express your love for the series?

Source:  YouTube.
  • It's really cool that they took the time to make this video. =)

  • Well, we can't go to them, but~

    Thank you so much Kondo- and Aonuma-San for your dedicated service to the Legend of Zelda series! I look forward to whatever else you provide, and will continue to enjoy the titles you've put out so far.

  • mini link

    NO! thank YOU for making the best and most artistic game i have played in my life!!!!

  • Sage of Hyrule

    Thank YOU for staying true to what we fans want, even if some of us complain from time to time. Though we've had our doubts about some installments over the years, you have never led us astray and always bring us back to the heart of what Zelda truly is. So thank you for not forgetting that!

    I am counting down the hours until I get to play Skyward Sword for myself… only about 34 hours left! 🙂

  • Gelidity

    While taking a break from the first Skyward Sword temple (drinking some fortifying Heart Poti… umm, tea), this was a very welcome interruption. And yeah, it made me sniffle a little. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, sirs and madams of Nintendo, for making me feel like a child. I hope you continue to do that, and receive the support you found in us so far, for many, many years yet.

  • thomas

    ive been playing zelda since ocarina of time. thank you for these past 13 years. im looking forward to seeing the next zelda for the Wii U in the next 3 or 4 years.Zelda is one of the game series ive stuck with.ive played all the console zelda games,and im loving skyward sword at the moment.

    • Ocarina of Time was my first game Zelda game, too. You just made me realize: wow, I've been a Zelda fan for thirteen years! Thanks forever, Nintendo.

  • Thiefenz

    I've been playing Zelda Since ALttP. and while I would love to go back to the more freeform time: when dungeons could be done out of order, and bosses can be beaten with any weapon, I still enjoy every Zelda game I play. From what I've seen from Skyward Sword, my faith in my favorite franchise remains fervent, and I will always remain a loyal Zelda fan

  • Uchuu

    Zelda was great for me as a child the atmosphere got stuck in my head very much and will be there forever I believe and hope, thanks to all the people who work on games, who work on fantasies this world can get much more colorful and loving.
    It doesn´t matter how old one get´s all that matters is that the love inside stays young.
    And one of the fruits that keep your emotions young is Zelda.