Both British and Australian Zelda fans are in for a treat by Nintendo.  Skyward Sword is released on Friday in the UK, and the London store GAME is giving fans a chance to get the game for free, simply by dressing up as Link when purchasing the game.  There’s no limit on to how many people can take advantage of this opportunity–simply show up in your best Link garb and the game is yours.  Opening at 9:00 AM, GAME is located on Oxford Street, in London, England.  Also in the UK, gamers can try out the game before they buy it in a specially built medieval forest glen, located at GAME on November 18, and at the Prospect Centre in Hull and on Sauchiehall Street in Glasgow on Saturday, the 19th.

In Australia, Skyward Sword is being released on Thursday, November 24.  While that is still a week away, gamers in Melbourne can play the game early by visiting The Nintendo Experience on Saturday, November 19.  Located at EB Games on 67 Swanston Street, this is likely one of the final chances to test out the game before it is actually released.  No Link costumes are required to participate in this event (although, it’d still be a nice touch!).

Source:  Official Nintendo Magazine; Nintendo Australia
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  • spike

    That is awsome, wish i could go. But I don't live in UK or Australia

  • TheZeldaMaster

    Cool, theirs also a pre-release event in Canada

  • Well, America has a fair amount of events thus far, so it's good to see Skyward Sword spread elsewhere.

  • Loftwing81

    AAAWWW DX nothing good ever happens here :'(

    • Anonymous

      Where exactly is "here"?

  • mario_master

    well this sucks portuguise and swedish retailers released SS already and europe will just get it now. i want sunday to happen. maybe my local wal-mart will give me the game a day early.

  • Ivan

    Y U NO HAVE TOO!!!!

  • Merq

    Get the game for free in return for cosplaying? Seriously? Cool! I'm somewhat glad I don't live in the UK though, as I don't have a proper Link cosplay, I only have a Zelda. Anyway, that's a pretty neat idea. Get the game for free in return for being a living ad for a while. Nice! Depends on how many people end up doing this, it might get some real attention! All these green clad weirdos.

  • zeldafan314

    Why does Seattle never get anything?

  • Sakume

    What. They get the game for free?! I wish I lived in london! You grab a green tshirt, green shorts and a plastic sword and you're set!

  • The Cozmologist

    YES! I thought only America and Japan got all the good stuff!

  • Rem

    I had a Link cosplay already, so it'd be easy.. But I just don't live in the UK, but I'm getting Skyward Sword TODAY! ( My store is releasing it a day early ; D )

  • Gwydion

    Why don't I live in London? ;_; Encouraging people to show up in Zelda related costumes for the launch is awesome, and a free game as incentive would just be way too good to pass up!

  • Hi all,
    I'm glad I just saw this! I love in London and work about 15 mins walk from the Oxford St GAME store!
    Only problem is that I don't have a Link costume!
    Any ideas on how I might be able to fashion one together?? I'm a complete stranger to cosplay so I won't be any good at this. 🙁