It’s been a while since we’ve held a good old-fashioned contest here at Zelda Universe, so when The Yetee and Kari Fry (the person behind our oldie-but-goodie Hyrularity comic series) came to us wanting to toss away some awesome Zelda-themed t-shirts, how could we refuse?

We’re giving away three of these lovely wearable items to you guys, our dear readers. All you need to do is leave a comment on this post by midnight tomorrow. Plus, this time we’re giving you not just one, but six ways to enter and up your changes of winning:

  1. Leave a comment on this post. (Too easy!)
  2. Leave a comment on our Facebook post about the contest.
  3. Leave a comment on Kari Fry’s Facebook post about the contest.
  4. Leave a comment on The Yetee’s Facebook post about the contest.
  5. Leave a comment on our YouTube video about the contest.
  6. Retweet our tweet about the contest. Make sure to follow us so we can DM you!
You’ll get an entry into the contest for every one of those that you do! So go forth and win some t-shirts. We’ll contact the winners this Wednesday. If you don’t want to take the chance of entering and just want that freaking awesome shirt (and we don’t blame you), you can head to and buy it right now! And don’t forget to check out Kari Fry’s site for more of her amazing artwork. Good luck!
  • FilipeJMonteiro

    These shirts look quite cool, actually… =)

  • henry


  • I wouldn't mind one of these 🙂

  • T-shirts are fun! 🙂

  • Zerster

    Wow I want this awesome Shirt!

  • CorbySC2

    AWESOME! 😀

  • mariah

    Such an amazing shirt! So much want!

  • Allie Vitalis


  • Enter me! That shirt is so awesome 🙂

  • This shirt is awesome! Thanks for the contest!

  • Kimberly OConnell

    I <3 Zelda! (Want the shirt of course, too!)

  • hotshotshockey

    Would love to get one of these!

  • Mars

    Oh god, so much want.

  • Alfonso


  • Scorpio

    Give me it!!!

  • JDuff

    Enter me into the contest! THANK YOU!!!

  • I'm down for free shirts.

  • Jonathan

    I will pray to Din, Nayru and Farore to get one! 😀

  • Julian

    I need this shirt!!!

  • Link

    : O I need

  • Weevil

    give it too me! i would wear it everywhere all the time!

  • KingDodongo1

    Awesome shirt! I could use more Zelda in my wardrobe

  • I need that to top the anniversary off. This year's gone by way too fast as it is.

  • John

    My girlfriend would love this!

  • donenzonen

    I’d love to win one of those :p

  • Julian


  • Zoragorn

    This is just… pure awesomeness…! I really need a new shirt, no wait, I need THIS SHIRT! ;D

  • sparximus

    This looks amazing. I think I should win one! 🙂

  • louise_banks

    Please can I have that T-shirt. I want it please please please.

  • Devoid

    I want it!!!

  • You know, it's dangerous to go alone… therefore you should gimme dat. :3

  • friend of saria

    Never had one! What I would love to give to have one! Have loved Zelda games since late 80’s.

  • Breno Aroeira

    I'm in!

  • Elias


  • TheZeldaMaster

    Skyward Sword in a few days must have shirt!!

  • friend of saria

    I would love to have a Zelda T-Shirt!

  • The only thing better than free stuff is free Zelda stuff!!!

  • MoronOfTime

    Awesome, awesome shirt C:

  • Restaino814

    i wont win lolz

  • Nikachu92


  • Peter

    Wow, a Zelda Shirt would be awesome!

  • TwilightEchoes

    its dangerous to go alone so ill need that shirt, otherwise ill suffer from a terrible fate

  • Link2778

    i want one

  • kaepora21

    I would love a shirt. Count me in!

  • Zachattack8888

    Yes!!! I want this!!! It's soooooo cool!! :DDD

  • Lenoh

    This sounds like an awesome contest. I’m in.

  • cloverplayer

    ().() pretty…

  • Aruun

    Awesome tee

  • Dragonherb

    Power, Wisdom, and Courage!

  • Elisha

    I would love one of these!

  • Tattlegum

    I sumb you all down! I Tattlegum you ballgowns!

  • kirby_freak

    Looks cool. 😀

  • digipen79

    woohoo post

  • Cool! I’d love one! 🙂

  • sebacanales

    I want a t shirt ! i'm From Chile and we dont have any chances to have one like this! NEVER! =(

  • zerovirus

    please want shirt now need for zelda

  • kevin

    want please

  • Hmm…wouldn't mind one of these…the artwork is pretty sweet!

  • Kimberly L

    It’d be awesome to get one:)

  • Blizzeta93

    I'll wear it when I'll play. . . Skyward Sword.

  • Suicu

    my luck probably won't ket me win anything ever, but you'll never know if you won't try, right? ;D

  • Dark_pixelink

    Come to me now!…

  • Mystic

    I can haz shirt now?

  • UnrealSniper

    Hopefully I'm still in time for another chance to win this 😀

  • Eloy

    i need one to go and pick up my bundle of zelda syward sword with style!

  • Wendy

    i want one!!!

  • Xtraceur

    Yay! Awesome zelda shirts!

  • Carlos

    Really want that T-shirt!!

  • Leigh

    I'm in

  • I've never had a gaming shirt before! I'd love my first to be Zelda related! :3 <3 I will enter the contest!

  • Dina

    im SO in <3<3<3

  • Corrol132


  • The artwork is very very unique- it’s pretty dope 🙂

  • total_awesomeness63

    This looks awesome!

  • nayrugoddessofwisdom

    This is definitely a must have shirt…and by that I mean, this is a shirt that I must have.

  • Merq

    That is a really cool shirt! 😀

  • DeathThePanda

    Do want awesome t-shirt!

  • Someone

    I hope I win.

  • Renate

    I want ONE ;D

  • Ovafaze

    I would like to enter.

  • ChipTheFairy

    That shirt looks awesome, and I'd really like to have one. ^_^


  • prabhbhambra13

    *cough* pick me please *cough* 😀

  • Bethanywethanywoo

    So I spend a while trying to think of something zelda-y that might up my chances of winning… Nope, got nothing.

    }o{ <Hey! Listen! Give Beth the shirt!)

    O.o thanks Navi!

  • JVR


  • rajaxar1

    Excuse me Mr. Nice Zelda Dungeon Net Person.

    I would like a shirt please.
    Pretty please.

  • Sfilipino

    I would love one!

  • Nice shirt! Where can we buy them?

  • Pawlucus

    That's an amazing shirt, and I'd go as far as saying it's a work of art.

  • shineedore

    I'll finally have swagger with this shirttt!! must have!

  • Jean D'eau

    Too easy indeed…

  • That shirt looks awesome.
    but it's not as awesome as Skyward Sword lol

  • TheTarafan

    This shirt looks so awesome 😀

  • Amanda


  • Yago

    DO WANT!!! è_é GIVE IT TO ME!!!!! (please? x_X)

  • Simon

    Hi there.

  • I WANT I~T

  • I want a t-shirt!!!!

  • megal194

    I'm am so in, may the (tri) force be with me!

  • ShadowZant

    can has?

  • I want one 😀

  • Yeah! Those are great!

  • Anonymous

    I would like to enter too please 😀 IMMA SHOW IT OF TO MY FRIENDS AND BRAG ABOUT IT IF I WIN XD

  • Sweet! Also posted on FB as Andrew Katoch, and on Youtube as ColoBrothers5! W00t!
    Go ZU!

  • kelster165

    That shirt looks magical. Kooloo Limpah! (Don't tell Tingle I used his magic words).

  • John


  • Michael

    must have zelda shirt!!! 😀

  • If I could summarize my feelings for this in a few words, they would be "rawr :3"

  • keatonguy09

    I want one of those…. please!

  • Mush

    Haha, I like the cucco to Link's right. Don't underestimate cuccos.. xD

  • Hyrule's Shadow

    I love this shirt!!!!!!!!!! Want it sooooo bad!!!!!!!!!!!! (please?*gives shirt* thank you! )

  • Jennifer

    oh gawd. I NEED ONE. <3<3<3

  • Jennie


  • jen


  • limpakos

    amazing shirt 😉

  • Twilight King

    I'd like to have a shirt 😀

  • Mackenzie Smith

    that shirt is amazing…

  • Gwydion

    Ooh, nice t-shirt! Might as well give entering a shot!

  • _JamesRamirez_

    I like pie.

    …I also like winning contests. ;D

  • Jo!


  • This should be rather… Interesting!

  • shyguy

    Would love to win this shirt!

  • Chibidin

    Count me in! This is awesome!!

  • zak

    Heck ya awesome shirt

  • dashscout

    this is amazing!

  • Cory

    This would be a great pre-Skyward Sword gift!

  • Hammy

    I know i probably wont win ( i almost never win contests) but id just like to say that i love the shirt and hope whoever wins it the best

  • ZU, I deserve a T-shirt 😀

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  • cristian

    I will win this shirt!

  • Ben


  • ChuChu8

    i would want one of these awesome T-shirts O: 😀 wow thanks ZU for all of ur help u guys really help me on zelda, awesome contest by the way hope i win!! xD i probably wont anyways….i always lose..well thanks again XD

  • TwiliKitty

    Awww thats an awesome t shirt!!!! 😀 I’d like to enter please ^^

  • AwesomeTingle

    Let's do this! I want a Zelda shirt!

  • ZDoublet

    That's a nice shirt you have there. I want to win it just for boasting rights.

  • Cynthia

    Awesome! 😀

  • Chad P.

    These shirts are pretty boss. Seriously. I really like the style.

  • Can I have one? I'm ok if I don't win its…..only……..a…….Zelda……t-shirt….I need this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GoldenGengle64

    That is one cool shirt!

  • FLUDDzone

    Awesome! Thanks for the T-Shirt! ;D

  • JasperRepsaj

    I would like one. I love zelda universe and LoZ. SO GIVE ME A SHIRT NOW!

  • Cashew

    I would greatly appreciate a cotton based clothing item with a zelda theme printed on it. 🙂

  • Green

    that shirt is really cool!!!!!

  • Eyeofpie

    This is a comment!!1 (Seriously, it is, I checked). That's a pretty cool shirt, thanks for the opportunity.

  • J-Fitz


  • A Link to the Future

    I'm in. I hope I get it! This will be my first Zelda shirt and/or article of clothing!

  • fused_shadows

    GIVE ME IT! JKS howevre it would be awesome if i won.

  • Ironwolf09

    By the power of the Triforce, can I Plz win!

  • FilmGuy22


  • niintendofreaak

    This shirt has some nice design! I want it! :3

  • emanueu

    Awesome shirt! Of course I want one! 😀

  • TwilightMaster15

    Aww Yeah!

  • katyerin


  • Please let me win 🙂

  • Here's to hoping! I've got my fingers crossed! X3

  • fused_shadows

    i want

  • what1

    can i win please?

  • what2

    i would love to get this!

  • what3

    Can i have this and a million dollars?

  • Keefmachine!

    Counting down the hours to skyward sword still isn’t enough to ease the wait!! D; must have nowwwww

  • KidCalamity

    I WANT IT :O

  • SirDuke


  • Rowssydowg

    I would love a t shirt to go along with my play through of Zelda!

  • butterbiscuitt

    Yea! Hopefulness! One a large number chance, but I got nothing to lose!

  • biggoron_sword

    Man, how much I want that shirt right now. I've been looking on Ebay for Zelda t-shirts and have been unable to find one that meets my wants. The only thing Zelda-related in my room is the Club Nintendo 3-poster series, but I really want something different.

  • I'd like to win this. The Zelda series is classic, and this shirt art definitely does it justice. Sign me up.

  • linkintime


  • darklink64

    i must have one please……..or you shall DIE(ganon cd i games voice)
    woah where did that come from *cough*

  • serenadeofwater

    please pick me!!!

  • Geoff / c10ud

    brings back memories from majoras mask when you had to chase the deku butler through the labyrinth 🙂 good times.

  • Yolink

    Hey I want One XD want it Badly

  • castlebound

    This shirt is awesome! Pick ME!

  • Ryan

    I love it! Even if I don't win, I'll still buy the shirt!




  • shadowfox

    i really would like one of those. it looks beast

  • This shirt looks amazing. I'd love to have it in my wardrobe


    I’ve been jobless for the last month and I have recently had the chance of having quite a few interviews for local jobs but for fear that the job will get in the way of me playing Skyward Sword to its fullest I have put those aside until I complete it fully…no distractions for me. Give me a t-shirt, please.

  • KingofRedLions

    This is crazy! I want.

  • Master Sword Lover

    Don't get me worn I lvoe legend of fzeld a but this shirt does not appeal to me and is jsut not as epic as a true zeld afna shirt should be

  • Master Sword Lover

    sorry for the typing errors

  • Tshirt me up brahs! I love the design!

  • Loftwing81

    i would love to win this awesome T-shirt 😀 yea i just made an account with a guest name but….i made one…yea..i got confused some how but anyways! i would love to have this thanks ZU xD best zelda website ever 🙂

  • Jose

    Awesome shirt! Consider me entered.

  • Link and Cuccos

    Along with the other 191 people who already commented, I want that shirt. 😀

  • Slotherm

    Oh what I would do for a shirt like that!

  • Zeldaman

    I would love to have that shirt! Now we'll just see if I can beat the unimaginable odds against me…

  • Soozi

    I can haz triforc- I mean t-shirt? 😀

  • Chelsea

    My husband would have a "nerdgasm" if he won this!

  • Rakshael

    Here's my entry. Skyward Sword ftw, and this shirt too!

  • dementedkat

    I would love to be able to wear one as I play my Teacarina (teacup ocarina!)!

  • that one guy

    i want one even more than ganon wants to be the king of evil!

  • Ganjai

    Want =)

  • AgentLym

    I'm running out of witty remarks about shirts! But I still love shirts. 🙂

  • Dakokiri

    I've been in the hospital for a week because of a collapsed lung. no joke. you feel bad for me. a shirt would make me happy…

  • Ragnaclay

    it's a awesome shirt!

  • David

    Really cool shirt. I'd be happy to sport that around here at university.

  • Isaac

    Comment and awesome T-shirt

  • Danyelle

    can Australians entre this comp?

  • Daniel Sellers

    I need that for questing.

  • lord-of-shadow

    Well played, Jason. Well played.

  • Joshua Steele

    I want one!

  • BlueFalcon

    I´m totally in, for the chance to win one of them

  • Warrior_of_Fire

    I want it. Obviously, this is my entry on ZU. Facebook and Twitter, here I come for five more entries.

    *EDIT* And YouTube, too.

  • brandon

    if i win i promise i will only wear that shirt while playing skyward sword. i may not even wash it.

  • wariotime

    I'm just so excited for Skyward Sword.

  • Shirt looks awesome!!!!!

  • iam_theghost

    pretty sweet shirt i must say

  • Znyder

    Me like t-shirt 😉

  • PATincaps

    Hoorah! Another shirt I can add to my collection that make my friends go "Ugh, really?" and makes everybody who actually matters in this world give me a hi-five.

    • Sinclair

      Haha… I know the feeling…

  • Neato

  • Thomas

    That shirt looks amazing. I want one!


  • Awesome! I'd love to try win something for once 🙂

  • I would just like to say that I want this t-shirt. So if you would pick me that would be great.

  • Mynamehere

    I need new shirts

  • KamarO

    Good, I really need one of this.

  • midlink

    This shirt looks awesome. I want one please. 🙂

  • jason

    I WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • LinkFan

    That shirt is so awesome, I would love that

  • The Rose

    Hey, sweet ! :3

  • Whoa, NICE! O_O

  • mrnjlw1090

    Really cool art. Oh, and I guess the shirt's nice too. ^_^

  • Toukochu

    This makes Skyward Sword all the more better!! A limited edition bundle + a totally awesome t-shirt?! Now I can't wait until Friday!!!!

  • LinkInMyHead


  • Tom

    Well it is a nice shirt, would be nice to have one =')

  • ZU for the win – LOVE the t-shirts!

  • nessguy

    wow this is cool i am a zelda freak

  • Vfort410

    i would love oneeee
    thanks for the contest , awesome !

  • OoT


  • Taylor

    I do want the shirt of epic win. Words cannot describe its beauty.

  • TheDragonfanger

    i want it! XD

  • Anon

    That shirt looks so stupid. I thought it was some Green Lantern/Hulk thing used as an example.

  • angelink

    I win!

  • talllankywhiteboy

    The art is amazing!

  • Danny

    Commented! Hope I win it!

  • Chris

    I WANT IT.

  • John Thomas

    I want one~!!!! 😀

  • mcdude910

    I am entering. Also, this shirt is pretty cool. I admire whoever designed it.

  • Carty

    thats quite the amazing shirt. I love the art style

  • Sakume

    Sure I'll comment. ^^ *Entered*

  • Celda

    I don't own any Zelda T-Shirts so it would be so awesome to win one of these to add to my nerdy T-Shirt collection!

  • Gregory Eberwine

    I’m new to the site, it looks awesome! I want a welcome gift i.e. Tshirt! 🙂

    • Kimberlee Moore

      This is a lot harder than I thought it would be. BUT YOU’RE WELCOME 🙂

  • Kimberlee Moore

    What Greg said

  • Pieter

    Wow looks real cool, I like the abstractness of it

  • Ashwhite

    my boyfriend was nice enough to buy an Ocarina (a hand made clay one. he's so sweet :') i think a shirt to match the theme would be quite fitting.

    –a happy little nerd girl. <3

  • Ashwhite

    crap it's the 16th… T^T 42 minutes too late!

  • Dyna

    Sweeet shirt design! I'd like one.

  • Michael G.

    Can't wait to play SS!

  • shadowassasin4

    i would like one plz so i can be the coolest kat in my school

  • Sean Tan

    i want that shirt!!!