If you live in Texas, on January 10 2012 you can have the opportunity of experiencing the Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony live at the Dallas Symphony Orchestra! Tickets are already being sold at The Dallas Symphony website, and more dates for other areas will be announced in the future.

This symphony features ballads from Zelda games, such as the Great Fairy theme and the official Zelda theme song. This is truly an amazing experience you don’t want to miss!

Earlier this October, ZU staff members Hombre and Charlie had the pleasure of attending the symphony at The Hammersmith Apollo in London; and ZU staff member Joshua will be attending the Dallas concert. You can read the full review and watch the video for the London show here at Zelda Universe.

So don’t forget to buy your tickets for the Zelda Symphony this coming January 10, in Dallas, Texas! Thanks for reading and don’t forget to leave us some questions and comments at the bottom of the page.

Source: Zelda Symphony official website
Via: The Dallas Symphony official website
  • Finally looks like something will be in my area!

  • It should be noted that the 2012 tour is called Symphony of the Goddesses, rather than the 25th Anniversary Symphony. πŸ™‚

  • Derek

    are they ever going to come to Wisconsin?

  • MDH

    Oh man, I hope they do a worldwide tour.

  • doctorquin

    I live in San Antonio and bought front-row tickets earlier today! So stoooked!

  • mphouston

    I'm really starting to love how big Dallas is starting to get used to be we NEVER got things like this btw thareous what area do you live in. I live in Wedgwood area of fort worth and It's kind of interesting to hear about someone else that lives near me oon Zelda Universe.

  • mphouston

    Also It's great the Dallas Symphony is performing it they actually rival the New York Philharmonic and before anyone protests I've seen both and I used to think the New York Philharmonic was the best in the world sadly they didn't meet my expectations. =( Anyway I will be attending this! =)

  • rookie
    • mphouston

      I like how they have it as a game of the year and it's not even out yet. It's not fair of them to do that!

  • Andrea

    When I got the email from them saying they were coming to the “Lone Star State” I hopped outta my desk and hugged the closest person next to me during the middle of class! I got my tickets yesterday and I am just so entralled that the symphony that i thought would never come to Texas is actually, well…COMING TO TEXAS! Especially Dallas which is not that far from where i live! πŸ™‚ Now when people ask where I am going to be on January 10, 2012 (which I doubt they will but who cares) I’ll say,
    “Row V in the orchestra row for Symphony of the Goddesses, baby!!~

    They’ll look at me like I’m diseased or something but I’m too happy to let that bother me ! ;}

  • Slixxer

    Dammit why can't it be Seattle Washington at least I can drive to there.

  • Beatrice Mangione

    Alicja is great! Really lovely and smart girl, great actress. I wish her LUCK!Report this comment as spam or abuse