If you live in Europe, a new 3DS is coming your way. On November 25th, fans in Europe will be able to purchase this beautiful limited edition Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary 3DS. The bundle comes with Ocarina of Time 3D and a new black and gold 3DS. The slider is gold and the corners are accented with golden ocarinas and harps with the Triforce featured in the center. There has not been any information on an American release, but we’ll keep the site updated. Click the jump to view more images of this awesome 3DS!

What do you guys think? Leave us some comments below!

Source: NintendoEverything
Via: ZeldaDungeon
  • dear Nintendo

    In America too, please.

    • Indeed.

    • octavio

      it did come out in america

  • Ashmic


    • rookie

      hell yeah!

    • gdzgdzgd

      and i know it

  • LOVE IT! I would seriously buy another 3DS JUST so I could have this. PLEEEEASE RELEASE IT IN AMERICA!!!

  • WANT

  • MoronOfTime

    It's really nice, but WHY Nintendo? After so many people already got the 3DS specifically for OOT? I'd kill for this, but I already have a 3DS now…

  • My Precious.

  • Rem

    This is amazing, but I bought a 3DS at release.. WHY NINTENDO?! WHY?! I would totally get this, but I don't know what to do with 2 3DS's. They could have told us before. This is kind of a slap in the face.. But, still. 3DS is great.

  • Acostar62

    Oh come on!!! I waited so I can see if there was going to be a Zelda themed! I already have a black one now! Come on!!!!

    • michael12268

      You and me both! though I am still going to buy it and just hope that someone will be interested in buying a used 3DS and new OOT3D.

  • maikeru1992

    Nintendo is kinda evil right now… why didn't they did this when OOT released? i live in europe but can't buy it cause i have one already.. that's just kinda mean….

    • The Doctor

      Nintendo is getting evil. I guess I've learned my lesson though. Always wait until a better version of their new product is released. ๐Ÿ™

    • Raxit1337

      same here:|

  • mini link

    This is a MUST have!!!!!!!!!! Give us a U.S release!!!!!!!!!!!

  • KingDodongo1

    It beautiful, but don't you think they should have maybe released this when OOT 3D came out when most Zelda fans bought a 3DS? Most fans big enough to buy something like this already have a one

  • Bingo

    An ocarina and a harp, huh? Interesting.

    • Keimori

      Yep, Its mimicing the OoT 3D Box art.

    • Not just any harp…


      • prince

        the harp of skyward sword's zelda.

        • Santiago

          Shiek's harp=Zelda(Skyward sword)'s harp

          • Banooru


            I just learned Shieks theme on my lil bro's Oot.

  • Morshubombs

    help skyward sword to become the game of the year!

  • Keimori

    Nintendo, Please release this here, I realy don't care that I already have both products in this bundle form their launch days, I want that 3DS, even though I've got absolutely no clue what I'd do with 2 copys of OoT 3D and 2 3DS', I want that 3DS.

  • Clau7188

    Oh that's really not fair. If I had know about this Zelda bundle, I wouldn't had bought a blue 3DS. And I live in Europe for godsake!!!

  • Gromalomalom

    Are you KIDDING ME?! Literally a week after spending my entire saved pocket money on buying a 3DS, you show me this? D: I want a refund…

    • cloverplayer

      return it!

      • Gromalomalom

        As epic as this 3DS is, mine is red and red is my favourite colour. I'm just going to decorate mine like this. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Topaz Mutiny

    Oh what a cocktease! It's BEAUTIFUL and yet I can't get it because I don't live in freaking Europe (what is WITH Nintendo and lavishing Europe with awesome crap all of a sudden!?) AND because I already got my blue 3DS at release.

    WTF Nintendo!

    • OtakuOfTime

      They love us ๐Ÿ˜€ plus, america gets so much stuff we don't, i think it's rather fair that we get a couple of things!

    • Who said you have to live in Europe to order one?

  • neos

    try taking the old one back to the store with the recite mabey they will let you trade it in. or sell it on ebay

  • Nav

    I knew it!! who waits reaches!!

    • mini link

      thats why your should always wait a few months befor buying any kind of new DS! Nintendo always dose things like this in the long run!

      • The Tsubasa Zero

        no…the zelda GBA came at th end of the life span of the GBA. and so did the DS

  • Gwydion

    Gosh dang it… I'd rather have this version even if it means no Ambassador's Program, but I'm certainly not buying two 3DSs. Does look nice, though, and it's great of them to bundle it with OoT. A shame it didn't come out sooner…

    • Cattleya

      This. I would have been perfectly happy with not getting into the Ambassador Programme and having to wait for OoT3d and not getting my two Victini's (yay for no normal DS compatible WLAN :/) just to get this. Oh, Nintendo, why do you always do this to me. (And even when I do wait :|)

  • I need this. I need this NOW. THANK GOD I HAVEN'T BOUGHT A 3DS YET.

    • Lex

      You too? And I just preordered it… dang it… goodbye, my sweet money… … and come to mommy, sweet zelda 3ds!! =D (well, not now, but soon… soon… meanwhile, Skyward Sword is coming out, woot!)

  • KyleLink

    If it is allowed in America, I'll be glad I didn't buy a 3DS before.

  • Carty

    dang.. I want it but.. it would have made so much more sence to release it with oot, like now everyone has their 3ds to play ocarina of time on.. thats the reason I got mine and i just knew that within the next year they would release a zelda 3ds.. can we hope for a skin then too please?

    • Topaz Mutiny

      Well, they have those plastic covers I see occasionally at GameStop. Two varieties, both OoT 3D themed.

      … But they're thick plastic casings…. which just looks hideous IMO. I'd rather have a sticker like my TP Gamecube skin. ๐Ÿ™

  • JDuff

    Nintendo…you suck.

  • Mad

    I just bought the fucking red one….

    • Reszel

      gosh,i totally feel the same!!!i bought my 3ds on my graduation day….i could've wait 4 my bday….i feel like smashing my 3ds and ask my parents to buy a new one…… AAARRRRGH……..


  • MorphaXV

    This is certainly a beautiful piece of hardware, and I plan to pick one up for my obscene collection of Zelda memorabilia, but I have one question for Nintendo: what is the point of celebrating the 25th anniversary of Zelda if not everyone can enjoy it? First the limited access to the concert, and now this? For shame Nintendo.

  • matt17

    Same as the black 3DS, but with a few designs, not too special.

    Damn Nintendo releasing everything at the last minute, always being unfair for ppl who buy your products early!

    Good job with this bundle, making a bundle with zelda OoT would increase the sales of the 3DS, let alone the limited edition 3DS

  • Adrienna

    Want! Why is Europe getting all the cool stuff. That Sonic generations thing was awesome too.

  • Anon

    Meh. It doesn't look all that great. : / They shoulda made it gold or something.

  • Azariah

    I guess Its a good thing I havent bought one yet ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Merq

    It's so pretty! I love it!
    But it feels kinda like Nintendo's giving the finger to Zelda fans who got a 3DS when OoT came out. Nice. I want one, but I have already have a 3DS. This should've been out the same damn day the game was! Or at least they could've told us it was coming! Well screw you too.

    Btw, why did they put the decorations that way again? Now when you open the 3DS to play it, the Hylian crest and everything will be upside down. They did the same with the golden Triforce GBA SP. Easy thing to notice and to fix, it would look better the other way…
    (I just feel a need to complain about something… because I want one but goddangit……. pretty……)

  • Sakume

    Hello Ebay prices. Nice to see you looking so up. What's the occasion?

  • X x7

    Good thing I don't have a 3DS yet!

  • eru

    how much is it

    • eru

      is the 3ds and oot

  • eru

    how much is it

  • Chibidin

    Well I'm agreeing with everyone here..Find it insulting that Nintendo would release after everyone bought their 3DS's already…Including myself :'(… MIND YOU they did this with the regular DS (Gold DS with triforce) in which I ended up with two DS's at the time as well ๐Ÿ˜

  • Jack

    I was holding off buying a 3DS until Nintendo released a Legend of Zelda version, didn't think it would come until the next Zelda game though so I can say I'm definitely getting this!

  • Foe

    Wow, that's really beautiful. It looks mature and neat. I'd like to get one. U.S. release plz!

  • furretfreak

    DANG IT I ALREADY HAVE A 3DS!!! Oh, whatever I'll just get the Skyward Sword Bundle instead ๐Ÿ˜› btw it's called a lyre, not exactly a harp.

  • NewEnglandZelda



    Arguably the best 3DS look yet.

  • DoubleLL

    Oh. My. GOD.
    And I just used all my money on the SS Limited Edition. ;__;

  • iam_theghost

    i knew this would come eventually, so i held off. Buuuuut i live in America. So, fingers crossed

  • Serrovin

    This would go perfect with my zelda feather stylus

  • You taunt everyone with that awesome ice white, hide it for japan, now you do this to us? Don't you love us, Nintendo?? D:>

  • aaron

    i bought the black one and i was like oh s***

  • Link

    this sucks. nintendo needs to get a life and realize that there are so many zelda fans out there that bought a 3ds for OOT only, and should refund everyone and give them this one instead. im so mad, its good they live in japan.

  • Gerudude

    The 3DS is already expensive the way it is now.
    This one will be even higher. It looks great by the way. A real must have.

  • guest

    Dang nintendo if this came out two months ago i would have gotten one instead of a blue one.

  • The Doctor

    Ah come on Nintendo! Now you're just starting to piss me off. I specifically bought a 3DS in June to get OoT 3D (Not only reason, but the others could've waited). So first you hit us previous owners with a price drop for newcomers, and now you release an amazing bundle I can't afford which should've been available at OoT 3D's release in the first place? ๐Ÿ™

  • Nelo

    I might be just echoing some other soul, but is there any information on pre-sale/reservation of the item?

  • Snapdragon

    I preordered this last night! it will be delivered to m y home on the 25:th, and skyward sword will be delivered the 18:th!

  • GUest

    Lyres not Harps

  • Maia

    It's so pretty!

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  • Nathan

    i have this and it looks soo much better than the regular 3ds's