The Bit Block has released three new Skyward Sword gameplay trailers.  Giving further detail into previously seen mechanics such as flying the Loftwing, we also see some details about other gameplay features, including using the net and the new “barrel of winds.”  Read on to see the short videos for yourself.

Beware of spoilers.

Link can use his net to catch birds and hearts.  Perhaps catching bird feathers is a new treasure hunt, like golden bugs in Twilight Princess or Roc feathers in The Wind Waker.

This new “barrel of winds”-type item is used by Link to clean up this woman’s house.  Recognize the familiar tune in the background?


We see more flying in areas further away from Skyloft – those rock cylinders give Link and his Loftwing a boost.  Similar to spurs in Twilight Princess and carrots in Ocarina of Time, feather symbols are used to accelerate the Loftwing.

With only a few more weeks until Skyward Sword’s release, it’s only a matter of time until we get to experience these features for ourselves.  Which of them are you most interested in?

Source:  The Bit Block (via Zelda Dungeon).