Recently, rumors have started to spread regarding how the upcoming game, Skyward Sword, will end. Not only that, but many other rumors have surfaced such as the origin of the Triforce, Ghirahim’s true mission, and the creation of the land and races that we are familiar with from the earlier titles. The original source of these rumors was 4Chan, but since then they have spread across the various fan sites like a wildfire.

After the jump, we will get into the main rumors that have been circulated so far. Though these are only rumors and in no way confirmed, spoilers may indeed be hidden within, so beware.

  • Ghirahim is attempting to resurrect his master in order to obtain his powers, rather than to continue service to him.
  • Groose-related sidequests are the best in Zelda since Anju and Kafei, but he has a weak role in the story after the start of the game.
  • It’s inevitably all Zelda’s fault as to why Ganondorf, Link, and Zelda meet for all of time.
  • “The way it works is- There is a Priestess Ritual. The Priestess must sacrifice herself to the holy power (Triforce) in order to reseal all of the evil (monsters, The Imprisoned, etc.). In exchange however, she gets one wish from the holy power (the Triforce). She wishes for her and Link to be together throughout eternity. That even if Fate rips them apart, they will be born again so that they can be together again. She wishes for fate to always twist their destinies so that they will always meet each other in all their future lives. This is why Ganondorf exists, and I guess this is also why he just randomly gets the Triforce in Twilight Princess as a “divine prank”. It is all Zelda’s fault- her wish constantly reincarnates her and Link, and the destiny twist to ensure they always meet is represented by Ganondorf.”
  • Plot twist revolves around how the real Triforce exists within Zelda’s heart (soul). Ghirahim is in possession of the the three physical Triforce pieces, but can’t unlock their true power due to the fact the priestess has the power within her.
  • 3rd time you fight Ghirahim is argued to be the hardest 3D Zelda boss fight ever
  • There is a second quest, though this player hasn’t gotten out of Skyloft yet
  • There are a ton of sidequests, and it’s going to take you a long time if you plan to 100% the game
  • Fi ends up getting sealed within the sword at the end. Also in case the quote above didn’t set in, Zelda sacrifices herself to save everyone.
  • Zelda possibly “becomes” the Triforce during her sacrifice
  • Some of the dungeon items are upgrades, and those upgrades are required to beat the game. Any upgrade done at the bazaar is optional.
  • You can add a sniper scope to your bow.
  • Digging Mitts upgrade is in a dungeon.
  • Roughly two dozen small islands in the sky that house areas where you send the Goddess Cubes.
  • 8 or so “medium” sized islands exist that are sidequest related.
  • There is a sidequest where a demon wants to become human.
  • Skultulla collection quest has been replaced with merit points.
  • Sidequests are very reminiscent in density and quality when compared to Majora’s Mask.
  • Four Heart pieces to get a new Heart Container.
  • Ancient Hyrule was chock-full of extremely advanced technology.
  • Link gets extremely emotional a couple scenes right before the game concludes. Most emotion he has ever shown.
  • There is a romantic conclusion to the game, but there is no implication of sex (duh!)
  • There is a date sidequest, and Zelda and Link kiss during this quest.
  • 6 full dungeons, 2 sub dungeons at the end, and 3 dungeons revisited. Doing the math, that’s 11 dungeon trips in all.
  • The Goddess Sword was the sword wielded by Zelda’s Ancestor, who is known as the Goddess. She is actually not a Godlike figure, but was worshiped as such by the people for her great deeds. This ancestor was also the holder of the Triforce, thus explaining where her power came from.
  • In order to forge the sword into the Master Sword, you need to collect the remains of the three original goddesses.
  • The Ancient Cistern is the 4th Dungeon (midway point of the game). You are responsible for flooding the Forest area, and the water comes from the Ancient Cistern.
  • 30 to 40 hours just for the main quest, but there is so much side content you can easily take close to 100 hours to complete everything.
  • Zora’s Domain is frozen.
  • Bokoblins, Robo-Bokoblins, Elite Bokoblins (late game), Zombie Bokoblins (Ancient Cistern). There are many Bokoblin varieties. We also have Lizaflos, Darknuts, Beamos, ChuChus- tons of classic Zelda enemies (WIZZROBES!)
  • Origin of the Kokiri occurs. Guardian spirit of the forest becomes the Great Deku Tree, and the Kokiri model themselves after Link, their hero. Explains why they wear his garb.
  • Volvagia is the boss of the Fire Sanctuary.
  • You use the mole mits to do a mini Pacman version combined with snake under ground, before resurfacing to face Volvagia per the usual methods.
  • Dark Link is present.

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