Revving up the hype even higher than it was this time yesterday, two new trailers for Skyward Sword have been released, this time focusing on gameplay from the game’s fire regions. We see the return of a previously-revealed area, and nearly two minutes of montage footage from the location’s dungeon. Continue reading to see the videos and a breakdown of the footage.

Beware of spoilers!

This first trailer features the Fire Sanctuary. It’s densely filled with puzzles and enemies, has a detailed architectural motif, and feautres a mysterious and exotic musical theme. Best of all–it has gigantic owl statues. The area’s introduction sequence is long and vivid, once again showing off Skyward Sword’s increased attention to cinematic detail.

Taking a lead from Twilight Princess and Ocarina of Time, Skyward Sword also contains a dungeon in which members of a race need to be rescued–in this case, the Mogma. The Mogma’s dialogue brings humor to this otherwise stressful scene, showcasing the game’s devotion to bring humor to the story.

This dungeon presents Link with the Mogma Mitts, an item which allows him to bury underground and navigate hidden tunnels. The mechanic’s top-down perspective brings diversity to the more traditional pattern of combat followed by a repeated puzzle.  The cave may just be a series of tunnels, but, know the Zelda series, it most likely a maze.


Up next is the Volcano Summit, a sub-region of Eldin Volcano (another reference to Twilight Princess). Containing mountains, a volcano, trees, bushes of grass, and a dense population of enemies, this area showcases Skyward Sword’s promise to provide richer, more detailed environments.

In place of Link’s inventory, images of Moblins have taken over the item wheel. It appears that Link’s items have been stolen, and need to be retrieved–from the Moblins, themselves. Link can later be seen sneaking up on one of the thieves.  However, without his sword, it may turn out to be a tough fight, unless another possible solution can be found.

The Volcano Summit is infested with Moblins, but none seem tougher (definitely not larger) than this one. He’s guarding a gateway entrance, which Link will surely need to enter. Featured in a previous trailer, a fight with one of these monsters will be no easy task.


The hype increases with each new trailer, and we only have a few more weeks until we finally get to experience Skyward Sword for ourselves. So what do you think–how do you think the game’s new locations are turning out, and what’s your take on new features such as the Mogma Mitts or having all of the items stolen by the Moblins?

Source: Nintendo Life.


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