Revving up the hype even higher than it was this time yesterday, two new trailers for Skyward Sword have been released, this time focusing on gameplay from the game’s fire regions. We see the return of a previously-revealed area, and nearly two minutes of montage footage from the location’s dungeon. Continue reading to see the videos and a breakdown of the footage.

Beware of spoilers!

This first trailer features the Fire Sanctuary. It’s densely filled with puzzles and enemies, has a detailed architectural motif, and feautres a mysterious and exotic musical theme. Best of all–it has gigantic owl statues. The area’s introduction sequence is long and vivid, once again showing off Skyward Sword’s increased attention to cinematic detail.

Taking a lead from Twilight Princess and Ocarina of Time, Skyward Sword also contains a dungeon in which members of a race need to be rescued–in this case, the Mogma. The Mogma’s dialogue brings humor to this otherwise stressful scene, showcasing the game’s devotion to bring humor to the story.

This dungeon presents Link with the Mogma Mitts, an item which allows him to bury underground and navigate hidden tunnels. The mechanic’s top-down perspective brings diversity to the more traditional pattern of combat followed by a repeated puzzle.  The cave may just be a series of tunnels, but, know the Zelda series, it most likely a maze.


Up next is the Volcano Summit, a sub-region of Eldin Volcano (another reference to Twilight Princess). Containing mountains, a volcano, trees, bushes of grass, and a dense population of enemies, this area showcases Skyward Sword’s promise to provide richer, more detailed environments.

In place of Link’s inventory, images of Moblins have taken over the item wheel. It appears that Link’s items have been stolen, and need to be retrieved–from the Moblins, themselves. Link can later be seen sneaking up on one of the thieves.  However, without his sword, it may turn out to be a tough fight, unless another possible solution can be found.

The Volcano Summit is infested with Moblins, but none seem tougher (definitely not larger) than this one. He’s guarding a gateway entrance, which Link will surely need to enter. Featured in a previous trailer, a fight with one of these monsters will be no easy task.


The hype increases with each new trailer, and we only have a few more weeks until we finally get to experience Skyward Sword for ourselves. So what do you think–how do you think the game’s new locations are turning out, and what’s your take on new features such as the Mogma Mitts or having all of the items stolen by the Moblins?

Source: Nintendo Life.


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  • Leadfront

    Spoilers! Nononono! 3 weeks is torture 🙁

  • I am so excited these trailers are awesome 🙂

  • I'm really starting to like those Mogmas. =]

  • Ashmic

    definitely volvagia

  • TheMaverickk

    So it seems that there are various dungeons in the same area. Eldin Volcano was home to the Earth Temple, and there's the Fire Sanctuary also in it's vicinity.

    The style of dungeons reminds me very much of a mix of Majora's Mask, and area exploration from Metroid. It's a superb blending.

    The most interesting detail about Eldin Volcano's summit, is that great ball of fire/lava…. which incidentally also resembles the weird mass atop of Death Mountain in Twilight Princess. I wonder if there will be an explanation for this, or if it's purely aesthetic. Not to mention if it's purely aesthetic, why is it missing in Ocarina of Time.

    It could easily also be a part of the Goron myth that the smoke/air around the top of the mountain indicates the health of the volcano.

    Another interesting detail I noticed in the second video is the drastic increase in Link's heart count from 9 to 12… the theft of Link's gear could be an occurrence that happens on a return visit.

  • Soeroah

    "…what’s your take on new features such as the Mogma Mitts or having all of the items stolen by the Moblins?"

    Eeeeh. I dunno, it happened in Oracle of Ages with the…things. On the island. Lizard people. Who stole all your gear when you landed there.

    But I am surprised to see it in console Zelda game, and look forward to it!

  • Guest

    Getting some starfox adventures flashbacks.

  • this game such

    I hate Zelda Skywork what in the world have they done? The world feels empty (based on the horrible trailers) and the music, oh the music! There is a lot of "pum" noises, instead of a free flowing melody! The music feels empty as well! WHY WOULD YOU CHANGE LINKS VOICE is beyond me! (sounds soo Asian, does he look asian? No! He doesn't) game will be an utter disappointment! This coming form a die hard zelda fan! WHY Miamoto? WHY?

    • Hmm

      Well allrighty then.

    • MoronOfTime

      Dude, I didn't like Skyward Sword originally because of the art style (which, let's be honest, is a pretty silly reason) though I've grown to love it and am really excited for it coming out. Just give it a try? You might end up loving it to.

    • Aaron

      You sir, are NOT a diehard zelda fan, at all. I mean judging the game like that before you even played it? Nope, Definitely not a real zelda fan.

    • anon

      You do realize every other Link's voice was done by an Asian, right?

    • Leendy

      Come on,man. You haven't even played the game yet! 1) Well, you haven't played the game yet so how can you tell that the worlds are empty? 2) It's fucking orchestrated!!! The "pum" noise you hear, IT'S A FUCKING DRUM! You call orchestrated music empty?! So you call the Skyward Sword theme empty, even though its ZELDA'S LULLABY reversed?! Wow… 3) Link's voice changes every game! Even the Majora's Mask Link sounds different from the Ocarina of Time Link! The voice is always different!!!!! 3) "Sounds soo Asian" WTF? Okay, so your doubting a game because the main character's voice sounds ASIAN?! THIS GAME WAS MADE IN JAPAN!!! Are you just racist, or what? And yes, Link actually looks somewhat Asian with the Almond shaped eyes. However, it wouldn't matter either way! It was made in Japan so obviously, he is gonna have an Asian voice!!! 4) Die hard Zelda fan, huh? Well, I don't think a "die hard Zelda fan" would judge a Zelda game on silly things like music and voices; Its stupid and you are judging the game before you even play the damn thing. A REAL die hard Zelda fan wouldn't care about the little things. They would just be happy that another game is coming out in their favorite video game series; The Legend of Zelda.

      You just heard this from a REAL die hard Zelda fan!

      • TheMatrixMan

        RIGHT ON!!!!!!

    • TheMaverickk

      Troll much…….. empty compared to what? Twilight Princess' Hyrule field.

      Every video shown has done nothing but show just how much there is to explore, find and discover around this world. Whether your digging in and around for treasure, dowsing for characters, or cutting your way through spider webs as you progress deeper into dungeons.

      Also the main theme of the entire game far outshines many of the melodies from more recent Zelda titles.

      I haven't heard enough of the music from the rest of Skyward Sword, just hints of it in the background of trailers. Still what I have heard is orchestrated and beautiful. Also if you haven't noticed this Zelda has clearly taken it's visual, and sound cues from eastern culture. Cutting bamboo mini game, fighting a four armed golden statue…. it's not much different to how Wind Waker integrated a lot of Celtic style.

      I get the feeling you aren't a die hard Zelda fan.

    • heroofmasks

      you sir have no tast in games i guess we can put you in thepile of people who nagg a game becouse its not perfect well as dspgaming has said no game is perfect and the music is awsome and the graphics are a good change better than high tech graphics that halo and cod fans think makes a game so good sire i say try a game before you complaine

    • LinkFan

      He's voiced by an Asian because the games are MADE IN JAPAN! All the voices in the games are Japanese. And it's the same guy that voiced him in Twilight Princess. If you think it's going to be a disappointment, then you're not a die hard Zelda fan

  • Alexandre

    I NEED MIDNA!!!!!!!

  • Nitsirtriscuit


  • matt17

    Ok a FEW spoilers is fine before getting the game, but they just had to ruin it by showing off the new item you get from the dungeon

  • LinkFan

    hurry up, November 20

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