Desert Colossus in Ocarina of Time

As a Zelda fan, you never forget the moment when you fight your first boss. The terrifying feeling you get as they creep up on you and the excitement when the final blow is delivered. The one boss that took you at least five times to defeat and left you feeling more victorious than ever (for me it was Twinmold from Majora’s Mask).

Categorized by traits of creativity and difficulty, as well as strategy, Game Informer created a list of the top ten Legend of Zelda bosses. The boss to reach number one was Twinrova, which is by far one of the most entertaining battles in the Ocarina of Time, in which the player reflects the fire and ice attacks back onto the twin sisters in the Desert Colossus.

Sadly, not all of the Legend of Zelda games could be included, but it does allow players to reflect on some of their favorite battles. Of course the list is incomplete without Majora’s Mask, my favorite and by far the most entertaining battle in Majora’s Mask. Players can choose to face off as Link, or collect every mask in the game to obtain the Fierce Deity mask from the kids on the moon, which transforms Link into a fierce warrior for the battle.

The boss battles will always be the most impressionable in the games and for some each monster holds a different story of pain and turmoil. I encourage readers to share their favorite bosses with us in the forum below, and I hope you enjoy the list on the Game Informer website.

Source: Game Informer