Desert Colossus in Ocarina of Time

As a Zelda fan, you never forget the moment when you fight your first boss. The terrifying feeling you get as they creep up on you and the excitement when the final blow is delivered. The one boss that took you at least five times to defeat and left you feeling more victorious than ever (for me it was Twinmold from Majora’s Mask).

Categorized by traits of creativity and difficulty, as well as strategy, Game Informer created a list of the top ten Legend of Zelda bosses. The boss to reach number one was Twinrova, which is by far one of the most entertaining battles in the Ocarina of Time, in which the player reflects the fire and ice attacks back onto the twin sisters in the Desert Colossus.

Sadly, not all of the Legend of Zelda games could be included, but it does allow players to reflect on some of their favorite battles. Of course the list is incomplete without Majora’s Mask, my favorite and by far the most entertaining battle in Majora’s Mask. Players can choose to face off as Link, or collect every mask in the game to obtain the Fierce Deity mask from the kids on the moon, which transforms Link into a fierce warrior for the battle.

The boss battles will always be the most impressionable in the games and for some each monster holds a different story of pain and turmoil. I encourage readers to share their favorite bosses with us in the forum below, and I hope you enjoy the list on the Game Informer website.

Source: Game Informer
  • In no particular order:

    1. Zant
    2. Stallord
    3. King Dodongo
    4. Twinrova
    5. Ganondorf TP
    6. Ganon Beast OoT
    7. Molgera
    8. Odolwa
    9. Fyrus
    10. Goht

  • moo

    I love the list but no Goht? That guy was unbelievably fun to beat. Maybe I just liked rolling around as a Goron. Who knows. And I'm surprised Zant wasn't on the list. Oh well.

  • TheMaverickk

    Interestingly enough the Game Informer list of top 10 boss battles has several bosses which are actually repeats of each other.

    Phantom Ganon(Ocarina of Time) is based on the same fight mechanics used for Agahnim (A Link to the Past) . They are very similar boss fights in that respect, although Phantom Ganon gave us the horse shooting, which to me puts it an inch above Agahnim.

    Similarly Twin Rova is actually based for the most part on the Trinexx battle from Link to the Past. Where you need to use fire against the ice head, and ice against the fire head. Trin Rova again though has a much more memorable character mind you over Trinexx.

    I just would've made a list personally that didn't include boss battles that were in some ways repeats over past Zelda battles.

    Personally some of the better boss battles actually include the likes of Helmasaur King, or even the battle with Helmaroc.

    Or what about Blind the Thief… the genius of that boss battle hasn't been revisited yet. You rescue a girl in prison only to discover she's the actual best terrorizing people and ruling over the local minions.

    Twinmold or Molgera would be another choice on my list personally.

  • Mr.Linkypoo

    I'm very satisfied with this list.

  • Ashmic

    ganondorfs mommies!

  • For the most part, I agree with their choices, however I totally disagree with their choice to make Twinrova #1. That was one of my least favorite battles in OoT.

  • ChainofTermina

    I don't know what my favs would be, but some boss battles I thought were really REALLY fun were Stallord, Morpheel and Aragok.

  • So I've no way of numbering these since they're all awesome in different ways. Here we go.

    Twinrova: The battle dynamic I find to be fun as is, PLUS her theme music is by far one of my favorite songs ever, even outside of the gaming world. Also, I find her so funny! She goes from nasty old twin hags, to some silicon sporting harem witch thing that would be sexy were it not for her comical gerudo beak lol. & then post battle, you get to laugh at Koume & Kotake arguing over who's the youngest & what not.

    Stallord: This entire temple imo was a masterpiece. One of the first places in a zelda game that truly creeped me out. So when the boss fight turned out to be some ass high speed spiral battle against some dino-skull? Aww hell YEAH! Awesome battle. So engaging & different than your usual Zelda encounters! Loved it, even though imo, it was fairly easy.

    Goht: This boss gets props just for being so bizarre looking. That face is beyond strange and intimidating in appearance. Getting to roll around and kick it's ass didn't hurt either. Love the high speed chase quality of the battle. Loathed thoroughly the bombs it'd drop however.

    Blizetta: This battle totally threw me through a loop. The music, the environment, the boss's attack style, everything was beyond intense. While I cursed repeatedly whilst trying to slay the demented eskimo-ape thing (or at least I think that's what she looked like, it's been quite awhie). Very fun battle though & the sense of accomplishment after was well worth the sweat.

    Dark Beast Ganon: Must I even explain why this battle was on the list? Tearing into Ganon in a grisly beast on beast fashion was very satisfying. I know I've lots of TP bosses listed here, but I haven't played many of the old-school games, nor have I completed WW or PH so I don't have a huge scope to work with here.

    Now I know this is a mini-boss, but I found the intro to the battle and the battle itself very cool; Death Sword. The spell tags being destroyed and this fearsome creature entering was just a chilling and very cool (no pun intended) experience.

    Morpheel: A lot of TP bosses, I know, deal with it. The scope of this battle impressed me greatly. I was shocked at how large the creators could make this battle feel. I also loved the rodeo feel of having to grapple onto it's backside and then hack away as it swims wildly. Definitely one of my favorite gaming battles.

    I've saved the best for last in the form of Argorok. Fighting a wicked dragon by attacking and then hauling ass between giant spires? Bad. Ass. They really blew the previous zelda games and it's boss battles out of the water when they created TP. I love all Zelda games so no disrespect intended to any of the other games. Were this a music poll, All my votes would be with OOT & MM. They all have their own strengths.

    Thanks for posting this ZU! It was interesting to see what everyone had to say.

    • *bad ass high speed

      *other zelda games and their bosses

  • wolfpack2421

    This list is fantastic and a good choosing when so many great options are available. I have only two complaints.

    1. No Majora's Mask? Already been said, but all five bosses are terrific. Even the mini bosses are fun.

    2. The Nightmares from LA. This one is just obvious. It rolls multiple bosses into one, and culminates in the waking of a deity. This boss battle is absolutely necessary on a list like this.

  • Zeldariox

    I know king dodongo was kind epic, but i dont think it should be there
    plus, Nightmare, Vaati, Majora, Goht? Where are they?

  • rulerofyourface

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  • fiercedeityfan

    1. Zant
    2. King Dodongo
    3. Morpheel
    4. Fyrus
    5. Armagohma
    6. Argorok
    7. Blizzeta
    8. Phantom Ganon (all of them)
    9. Dongorongo
    10. Malludus

  • Rust

    Almost as flawed as the gigantic cop-out that was their Top 10 Items list.

  • Rust

    Mine, in no particular order:

    Phantom Ganon (OoT)
    Ganon/dorf gauntlet (TP)

  • Ian Gilliland

    My favorite would have to be Molgera from Wind Waker.

  • Ian Gilliland

    My order would have to be
    1 Molgera
    2 ganondorf final battle twilight
    3 king dodongo
    4 stallord second form
    5 barinade
    6 Volvagia
    7 dark link ocarina of time
    8 twinrova
    9 twinmold
    10 odolwa

  • Soulless Creature

    My odd order:
    1, Tabuu (Link, Zelda and Gannondorf was in the game so I say it's a Zelda game)
    2, Stallord first form
    3, Twinrova
    4, Dark Link OOT
    5, Malludus
    6, Zant
    7, Ganon OOT
    8, The fire and ice boss from Spirit Tracks
    9, The Poes from Phantom Hourglass
    10, The snake thing with the flower on it's tail from ALink to the Past thet thing was evil. 🙂

  • Looney Link

    Here's my list in no particular order:
    1. Ganondorf (OOT, TP, WW)
    2. Ganon (OOT)/ Puppet Ganon (WW)
    3. Morpheel
    4. Fyrus
    5. Volvagia
    6. Argorak
    7. Gohma (WW)
    8. Goht
    9. Vaati (MC)
    10. Twinrova


    Twinrova shouldn't even be on the list! Such an easy boss! Bongo Bongo on the other hand is interesting!

    • *gasp* D':

      • prada

        lol, my thoughts exactly! I love twinrova

    • fiercedeityfan

      In ocarina of time 3d, my record time for beating Bongo Bongo was 28 seconds and 48 milliseconds! 😀


    ZD is still king!

  • McAilsmith

    the best ones are argorok and stallord from TP and Ganondorf from WW

  • Steve

    No Bongo Bongo?

  • Justin

    call me lame but i really enjoy defeating Gannondoarf and Gannon on OoT i cant recall how many times i fire up the old n64 just to replay that moment of my childhood. OoT has all the real cool bosses i dont know why but i didnt enjoy majora's mask's selection of bosses they could've put a little more effort into the game not saying the game was bad i enjoyed it very much but just to short. Windwaker needs to be banned from ever being played again that game didn't represent what Link was about at all and whos idea was it to take the once great story of TLOZ that sold millions of copies on n64 and fuck up the graphics and storyline like they did in Windwaker? My all time favorite challenge tho is to get a bottle of chateau milk and kick majora's ass no fairys no firece dynatsy mask. Its hard but fun!