Nintendo has once again updated their Japanese Skyward Sword website with new trailers and screenshots. This time, we’ll be looking at a mountain and a fire-based dungeon. The setting is something we’ve seen before, but the trailers provide a bit of new insight.

Hit the jump for videos and some brief speculation.

*Spoilers ahead… you have been warned!*

The first video is an overview of Eldin Volcano. Once again I find it intriguing that the names from Twilight Princess are showing up in Skyward Sword. I’m going to go ahead and call this the earliest Death Mountain we’ve seen.

The video also shows the Mogma in detail. We’ve seen them before, but I believe this is the first time we’ve seen one above ground.

The digging mini-game is another new addition. We knew there would be mini-games, but it’s great to see one just the same. They are always a fun diversion from the main quest (or sometimes frustrating diversion; I’m looking at you Bombchu Bowling).

The second video isn’t very exciting, but it does show us exactly how flight works. You’ll see Link fall from Skyloft, select a destination, and return to Skyloft.

The long travel times of The Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass, and Spirit Tracks are gone. Flying to your destination looks to be quick and painless.

The third video is what I consider the most interesting of the three. It’s an overview of the Earth Temple.

Pay attention to the fight with the Lizalfos. They jumped around and dodged some attacks in Ocarina of Time, and they are doing it even more this time around. I hope this is just a taste of what we can expect from enemy AI.

The short battle with the Chu-Chu is also important. Some players (myself included for a time) have worried that fighting normal enemies was going to become frustrating because of the “puzzle-based fighting.” This quick fight with the Chu-Chu is a great example of the Skyward Sword fight mechanics being used in a way that is unobtrusive.

So far, I think we’ve just seen too many videos demonstrating that enemies can block. The videos don’t often highlight how a good player can quickly dispatch enemies once you learn how they will act.

The video also highlights puzzles using the Sailcloth, Dashing, and Bombs. It’s a very interesting video.

Unfortunately, we don’t have anything in English right now. If Nintendo of America follows their typical pattern, we’ll have translated videos tomorrow.