A new video from IGN takes us through the sword training sequence of Skyward Sword, explaining the mechanics of sword play in the game along with some contextual details from the story. About two minutes and fifty seconds in, the presenters confirm a left-handed mode, with Link mirroring a left-handed players preference.

Video after the break.

Some spoilers, but nothing too bad.

The video goes on the explain the importance of being precise with the Wii Motion Plus when facing enemies; waggling your way through the game will not be healthy for Link in the slightest.

What are your thoughts? Are you glad Link can return to his roots as a lefty? Will you honor past games and turn on left-handed mode even though you’re right-handed?

As for me, I am left-handed, but will probably not turn on left-handed mode. I’ve grown so accustomed to using the Wii Remote with my right hand that it would be too foreign for me to switch now.

Update: Nope.

Source: IGN