The official Japanese Skyward Sword website has added some new videos, including releasing the full intro (now in english) that was partially leaked just a few days ago. Other videos include gameplay from two temples and an excerpt from the first battle with Lord Ghirahim that was featured at E3.

Videos after the break.

Huge spoilers.

Update: The english version of the video has been released, making a bit more sense than a rough translation.

An evil terrorizing the land, saved by a goddess with the ultimate power (the Triforce, perhaps?) by raising the land to the sky, creating Skyloft.

Another video gives us a glimpse of the lush Faron Woods, demoing some combat, Link’s newfound abilities to climb and run up walls, and a cute creature we’ve seen before.


The last video we have for you today is of the Sky Temple, otherwise known as the temple demoed during E3, filled with spiders and other creepy things. At the end we get yet another look at the first battle with Ghirahim.


What are your thoughts about the story now that we’ve seen the full intro?

Source: Nintendo of Japan