The official Japanese Skyward Sword website has added some new videos, including releasing the full intro (now in english) that was partially leaked just a few days ago. Other videos include gameplay from two temples and an excerpt from the first battle with Lord Ghirahim that was featured at E3.

Videos after the break.

Huge spoilers.

Update: The english version of the video has been released, making a bit more sense than a rough translation.

An evil terrorizing the land, saved by a goddess with the ultimate power (the Triforce, perhaps?) by raising the land to the sky, creating Skyloft.

Another video gives us a glimpse of the lush Faron Woods, demoing some combat, Link’s newfound abilities to climb and run up walls, and a cute creature we’ve seen before.


The last video we have for you today is of the Sky Temple, otherwise known as the temple demoed during E3, filled with spiders and other creepy things. At the end we get yet another look at the first battle with Ghirahim.


What are your thoughts about the story now that we’ve seen the full intro?

Source: Nintendo of Japan
  • LinkMasterYoda

    Sword Chords are there!!!

    • GorCoronSumo

      Skyward Chords!

  • TheIcyPhantom


  • Zane


  • omigooodddd!!! SO EXCITED FORR THIS NOWWWW 😀

  • Kyo

    Bokoblins looks dumb.

    • TnzSki

      Answer me this: When have bokoblins ever looked smart?

  • Ashmic

    what makes me confused but at the same time fascinated, in OoT Zelda mentions the 3 goddesses but it seems Skyloft only worships one,
    and the bird/crest has no triforce above it. So obviously the triforce and goddesses tie in. But Is this One of the 3 goddesses or maybe a new one (doubt it) or the 3 combines, anyway, I want this game so bad lol

  • TheMaverickk

    The most intriguing thing mentioned here was this line

    "That was, A heritage from the gods, said to grant any wish or desire, The ultimate power, inherited by the goddess from the forefathers of ancient times…"

    Now again we don't know how accurate this translation is… but this sentence here actually suggests that the goddesses had forefathers. Meaning that there was even gods who proceeded them and that the Triforce was passed down to the goddesses…. that raises questions.

    Other then the full intro and the confirmation that not only is the forest from the E3 demo 2010 still in there, but is in fact Faron Forest… there wasn't that much new info.

    • Vin

      it doesnt suggest that at all. all it means is that the three godesses left the triforce and this new goddess was using it to fight off the big evil….nothing in that sentence suggests anything about predecessors to the three godesses

  • Adam

    Shouldn't "into" be "intro?"

  • GrantBrown

    I’m still wondering… Do you start out with 6 hearts?

    • Leendy

      Yup, you do because in this game, when you get hit you lose one whole heart instead of a quarter of one.

  • EverEndingStory

    At 0:25, when it mentions the evil beings splitting forth from the earth, does any one else think that the figure on the far left looks a heck of a lot like Lord Ghirahim?

    • Alessandra

      Yep! I felt the same way when I saw that too!

  • Excellent, i can't wait anymore =(

  • zeldafan1982

    The story given in the intro looks similar with the one in TMC BS. There are some notable differences though. Hopefully if we play the full game its relation to TMC BS will become more clear..

    P.S. Great intro by the way 🙂

  • Aw, that penguin looks so cute!

    And the intro is amazing. I might post a thread in the forums about my interpretations sometime.

  • frank

    *picks up phone*
    ow dear…….
    to shreds you say? What about everyone's time line theory's?
    to shreds you say?

    • frank

      ok so i took some time watching this several times (a different version with unofficial subtitles 😉 (!).

      The way i see it. this one will fit nowhere in the "time line". This is a completely new story.

      • heroofmasks

        its not just a new story nintendo even said its the first game in the timeline next being oot this game explains the origin of the master swprds to

  • Valgaldr

    Ooooh the agony!!! Must….not….see….spoil…erssssss

  • Valgaldr

    In order to protect the almighty power from the evil beings
    She took the surviving humans on board and raised the land to the heavens…
    To a place far from where the hands of evil can reach… On the other side of the sea of clouds, to the high limits of the sky
    And so the goddess and the others wagered their lives, fighting in order to seal the evil…
    The land once more regained its days of stillness…

    So this probably means that Skyloft was a part of the land beneath, and in order to be complete and create Hyrule once more, the land down beneath has to be replenished of evil.

    The godess, maybe Zelda is a descendant of the godess and that might also be an explanation to why she has divine powers and maybe Link as well. To me it explains a lot, I've always wondered how and why Zelda and Link hold the powers of the gods. Ganondorf probably stole it! :p

  • i have given into spoilers. i cant wait xD

  • haha zeldorks!!! i'm back!!!!!

  • Monaster

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    • djoftime

      What the heck? for real? Even people I know who are "pro gay rights" use the term in a negative since. You guys are whack.

      • djoftime

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        • djoftime

          Am I allowed to use the word "retarded?" cause that would be another non-swear-word some might consider offensive. Seriously, please let us know soon.

    • djoftime

      You guys have used the 'f' word several times in y'alls pod cast too. This is really hypocritical.

  • TheHappyMaskSalesman

    so excited! from the intro, this must mean skyward sword takes place BEFORE hyrule was founded, therefore, in chronological sense, it was the FIRST zelda game. it's a prequel to every other zelda game currently in existence…. COOL! 😀

    • heroofmasks

      yep ss then oo then split


    I skipped seeing this. I just wanted to give ZU a thumbs up for being so thoughtful and warning us about spoilers. i will never be spoiled after the 2008 Smash Dojo fiasco.

  • mmmZELDA

    so HUMANS before HYLIANS??

    • rookie

      Wait, no, you got it, "HUMANS before HYLIANS?"

    • zeldafan1982

      "Humans" can refer to Hylians as well (as in TP). So don't worry 🙂

  • rookie

    I'm still ever so slightly wary of the whole overworld=puzzle thing, but very exited to see what it will bring to the table.
    I'm eagerly awaiting november even mooore now.

  • Silver-Lynx4

    omg dude i'm goin' 2 explode. NOW

    ps. Hylians r awesome

    and it said: humans not Humans, got it?

  • neos

    wow i cant wait. i will ask for it for christmas, of coarse, and i will ask for the bundle so i can play properly with wii motian plus. so im going to have to go offline so i dont ruin the game for myself. but it will explain so many things in the timeline we will be going insane.

  • That One Guy


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