Also, the Deathly Hallows are made of people. You're welcome.

We'd never spoil anything like this for you.

If any of you are like me, you’re hoping that October and early November to pass extremely quickly because, well, Skyward Sword is coming out and you’re eager to play!  But if you’re really like me, you’re also hoping that they’ll pass quickly so that, in these critical weeks before the game comes out, you’re deeply contemplating whether or not to become a complete Internet hermit because of all of the accidental video leaks, bonus trailers, and… eventually… actual discussion about every last fine detail in the game.  Maybe you won’t be able to get the game on launch day?  Maybe you’re asking for the game for Christmas and won’t get it when everyone else does?  Maybe you’re going to be on vacation when the game hits shelves?  The last thing we want you to see when climbing on the Internet is that Ganondorf’s uncle-mother is the super ultra final hyperboss and that his final form will be a duel to the death in an underwater basket-waving competition.

Perhaps unfortunately for people like you, Zelda Universe has to cover every last morsel of news for those of you who are more… hmm, what’s the word for this… spoilerly enthusiastic.  But what we can do is to give you this solemn promise:

Every news topic or article that discusses Skyward Sword spoilers will be clearly marked, and you shall not be spoiled by visiting Zelda Universe’s main page.

Now obviously, if you click on an article that’s clearly marked [Spoilers!] and read all the juicy goodness underneath the story’s cut, well, then our promise is null and void.  But we’ll do our best to let you keep checking Zelda Universe and being a part of our community!

We also resolve that we will mark every spoiler up through January 31st, 2012.  So even if you’re getting the game late, you’ll still have an opportunity to work your way through the game before the spoilers under the bed come out to attack you while you sleep.