Greetings Zelda Universe!

If you’re seeing this, that means that we’re finally through the worst of the problems that have been plaguing ZU for the past week, and this is good news for you and us alike!

If you hadn’t heard the stories that have been taking place via our YouTube channel or Facebook or Twitter streams, essentially what happened is this:  We transferred server companies and finally got a brand new, shiny server.  But due to a clerical error somewhere along the way (which could have legitimately been our fault; we’re past pointing fingers now), Zelda Universe was installed onto a server box that really couldn’t handle both the size and the popularity of ZU.  And so you might have noticed that ZU was running doggedly slow for the better part of a week, and there was little that any of us on staff could do to resolve the problem.

Since then, the webmasters and the new server company have been working tirelessly in order to figure out what went wrong and to figure out precisely how best to fix the problem.  And so… after a few days, we’ve finally got a functional website again!  Of course, along with the server move came a few other interesting… “quirks” that sprang up along the way.  (If you saw the front page completely filled with “Auto Drafts,” you know what I’m talking about.)  We’ve battled data issues one by one and finally have things more or less running smoothly.

There are a few known issues still left unresolved.  We’ll still be working to fix those up, but in the meantime, we want to apologize for the downtime and for making you–I dunno–having to go outside in order to have fun.  (Gee, what did people do for leisure before the Internets?  I have no idea!)  Also, thank you very much for returning.  We’ll be catching up and getting this ship rolling very soon!

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  • Acostar62

    Great job ZU, i want to say that i really appreciate that you guys continued to work on the problem for days to bring back this amazing website for the fans and i can't thank you enough.
    P.S.: First ;P

    • A different Josh

      First first comment I've seen with thumbs up. Congrats.

      • QueenxLink

        Woah, Ikr? It's about time…

  • This is great.
    It was weird seeing all the Auto Draft things…

  • Silver Scale

    This message brought to you by Auto Draft's shadowy twin, Manual Draft!

  • Casual Vader

    What did people do before the internet? They played with a stick and a loop of metal. Hot diggity!

  • Super

    It's too late to apologiiize, it's too laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate.
    I said it's too late to apologiiize, it's to laaaaaaaaaaaaaate woah woaaaaaah.

  • mcdude910

    Woo Hoo!! ZU is back!! I just want to tell you guys, that throughout the entire week, I did not visit ZI in your absence. I have remained pure.

    • hy-rules

      I did. they all sorts of new ss vids and stuff. you're missing out if you haven't gone to look

    • Even before ZU went down, they were way behind on all the SS happenings. I guess it's your loss. 🙂

      • kong

        shut up nate

      • DFM Marlink

        Aw, look, here comes the head troll from Zelda Troller–I mean, "Informer". Isn't it cute? Don'tcha just wanna pinch its chubby li'l cheeks?

        • DFM Marlink

          (And yes, guys, I'm fooling around. :] Though it's no secret I'm no fan of ZI or its webmaster.)

    • hyrules

      i did- they have all sorts of interesting articles on there and info about skyward sword. you were really missing out if you didn't go check it out!

      • kong

        yea playstation informer kicks soo much ass! haha wait huh

        • hyrules

          ew who owns playstations

  • Knew you guys could do it. Congrats. Party time! <|8P

    Also, I forgive you.

  • Keimori

    Good to see you guys back up and running!

  • maikeru1992

    happy to know that the problems are fixed

  • Why is half of it blank? It's also really long -not content wise but in actual inches so to speak

    • Keimori

      I'm not sure myself but the articles have been streaching like that for months now.

      • Look Skyward!

        I noticed that too. I wonder if they realize its there? I just wish we didn't have to break our mouses scrolling down so much.


    Still not up yet….

    • A different Josh

      You… You're on the site now…

  • Insekticide

    It seems that everyone is having problems when moving to a new server. ZeldaWiki has the same.

    • Guest

      No….just sites run by Jason.

      • hyrules

        you mean the cartoon character on adderol?

    • Snow_Leopard

      ZeldaWiki and Zelda Universe are both on the same server.

  • Snow_Leopard

    The forums are still painfully slow…