Nintendo’s 3DS conference took place earlier today in Japan and seems to be more or less the prelude to the Tokyo Game Show taking place later this week.  And what better way to start off Nintendo’s 3DS conference than one of the most anticipated games for the… Nintendo Wii.  Well, who cares if it’s not a 3DS title?  We’re more than happy to take ANY Zelda news we can get.

Beware, minor spoilers within.

And there are a few tidbits today that will really whet your appetite.  The first offering is that GameInformer, in honor of Skyward Sword being the cover story for their magazine this month, has scored some sweet videos about the game that show off as of yet unseen areas of the game.  Today’s video sounds like it’s going to be the first of many, and they have a video on their site that drops Link (quite literally!) in Eldin Volcano.  Could this possibly be the same sort of place as was found in Twilight Princess with Death Mountain over in Eldin Province?  The naming does seem rather coincidental, and the geography is highly suspect as well.

The video shows Link leaving Skyloft by jumping off the familiar bridge and summoning his bird to take him off into the distance.  From there, as Link travels through the clouds, you can make out a pillar of red light shining off in the distance, and so Link heads off in order to investigate.  Then, with sheer bravado, Link takes a leap off of his bird and barrels down at top speed into the volcanic area, slowing his fall at the last minute by a makeshift parachute.  Phi comes out from the Master Sword and mentions that the volcano is rich with the power of the earth as the camera begins to pan upwards towards the volcano’s peak and the few trees overhead.  You can check out the video of the new location on GameInformer’s website.

The second interesting tidbit is the announcement from Shigeru Miyamoto himself that the game will have somewhere between 50 and 100 hours worth of gameplay.  Now I’ll be the first to say that that’s a huge range, and it probably won’t be quite that dramatic or extreme; one hundred hours seems a little on the tall end to be totally reasonable.  Miyamoto is probably padding the number just a little bit here.  However, Twilight Princess claimed a little under 40 hours of my time in the first play through (granted, without all of the side quests finished), and Miyamoto mentioned that the 100-person staff for Skyward Sword spent five years on the project, so having a 50-or-more-hour game definitely is a possibility!

The last little piece of news is a little more disheartening at least for me.  If you remember the Super Guide features that were found in games like New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Super Mario Galaxy 2, well, it has decided to rear its head in its first Wii Zelda game.  Apparently there will likely be some sort of helper system in much the same fashion in Skyward Sword.  It’s currently unknown if you’ll be able to turn these features off permanently or (what is more likely) if you can just constantly say “no” or ignore the prompts for help; after all, when it comes to actual puzzle solving, once the solution of the puzzle has been shown to you, you can never physically solve it yourself ever again!  Hopefully there’ll be a few more details about this system in the final weeks before launch.

Source:  GameInformer, Kotaku
  • TheMaverickk

    "Helper Feature" Is most likely something similar or akin to the Shiekah Vision stones in Ocarina of Time 3DS. Probably more naturally implemented.

    Maybe there is a fortune teller in Skyloft and you can either get free spoken cryptic hints (similar to finding the locations of heart pieces or hints on where to check next) or for a small Rupee donation you can get a visual hint in the form of a video that literally shows you how to do it.

    That would be the best way to implement the system. or have a sort of guidance stone you can call upon if you need a hand figuring something out.

    Mind you there's always been a guidance system in Zelda games… whether you had Navi, Midna or someone dropping hints… so I'm not too concerned. Not to mention there has been Super Play modes in Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Donkey Kong Country Returns, and they never spoiled the game or solve it for me. They were easy to not use.

    • san

      yo acabe el zelda en 6 horas

  • Mork

    The bandages, the crying eye symbol… I do think that's a mysterious Sheikah at the end of this video. Exciting!

    • zzz

      omg that was some epic unseen footage of skyward sword in the end! there should be a seperate artical about this one!

      • zzz

        i might add that it has some spoiler e.g it shows a new item

    • MDH

      The new character's tall, slim build, tight clothes and long hair rather remind me of Ghirahim. Maybe his counterpart, so to speak?

      • Aise

        Maybe his boyfriend.

    • IAmTurtle

      OMG that roller coaster part looks so much fun and the *SPOILERS*
      double hookshot animation looks amazing!

    • MillThrush

      I think I just died. I am so excited for this game.

  • Ironspy

    50 to 100 hrs? I believe that's what they said about Twilight Princess (60-70 hrs) and that was a total lie, lol. I hope they are right, because this game is looking good!

  • aaron

    I completed twilight princess 100% in less then 18 hours!

    • Twilit_Dragon

      yeah and i completed it in less than 10 hours

      the least you can complete it in is like an average of 28 hours 100 percent, i've made a post about this a long time ago.

    • zzz

      on your first time playing it and without any guides? if not then its hardly impressive

    • Weeee!

      I beat Twilight Princess on my first play through in 50 hours, and I did about half of the side quests. It's probably just because I'm one of those people that likes to look at everything in a game and marvel at it. XDD

    • paddotk

      yeah, right.

  • Skyward Sword. Phi came out of the Skyward Sword not Master Sword.

    • ChainofTermina

      They've been confirmed to be more or less the same thing. SS turns into MS.

  • Notice how Phi called Link "Master." I think that's a great inference of her ultimate fate on Nintendo's part.

  • MDH

    Remember, Super Mario Galaxy 2 had the help feature, but it also had some hellishly difficult levels in return. Such a feature is ideal to implement really hard gameplay without alienating more casual players.

    • Wackawacka

      I didn't even know there were a Help Feature in SMG2 😮

  • Frances

    Well, it actually took me 90 hours to reach a 100% completion in TP. I didn't use a walkthrough or any sort of guide so it was a pain in the ass to find all 100 Poes which come out ONLY at night and that hellish mini-game at the Fishing Hole. That and I spent hours fishing (I found it so addicting). So far, Miyamoto is stating that this will be the lengthiest Zelda to date. I wonder how long it will take me to finish everything. Hmm.

    • A different Josh

      There were 60 poes.

      • Frances

        Oh yeah. I was thinking of the 100 Gold Skulltulas lol

    • I've played TP for over 200+ hours!

  • qqqqqqq

    hopfully its long as shit

  • cloverplayer
    • Alessandra

      I saw that in the footage! Also, there's one item that comes from the Minish Cap that's also in Skyward Sword! It's that jar that sucks stuff, I forgot what it's called but it's in this game, I saw it in the video, I'm really excited! 🙂

      • GorCoronSumo

        The Gust Jar?

  • IAmTurtle


    • Alessandra

      I just saw that! wow! I wonder what name does that shield go by? That's probably the Skyloft Shield or something as it has no bird in the middle like the Hylian Shield does.

      • avert_from_the_norm

        the bird and triforce is what it's missing, which indicates that the triforce hasn't even been discovered or heard of by skyloftians yet.

  • x4Dennis24

    Does this 50-100 hours thing mean the main quest, or with sidequests included? most likely with side quests, but it would be great if it was main quest. November is gonna be sweet, Uncharted 3 and Zelda SS FTW

    • avert_from_the_norm

      It's probably meaning main quest. or it's saying that the main quest will be upwards of 50 hours, and with side quests it will go up to possibly 100.

    • Drake (Uncharted) is SOOO WIMPY!!!

  • x4Dennis24

    Also, did anyone else notice how close he is to the ground when he opens his parachute lol

  • Monkeh

    For some reason I'm afraid the overworld will suck. I always just love exploring the world, but it seems to me like you can only 'explore' the sky world and drop down from portals into the world below.. Doesn't seem like there's any on foot exploring in the world below (well except for the exploration within that particular part of the overworld).

  • GorCoronSumo

    Could that small statue in the corner at Eldin Volcano be the help feature?

    • DekuSprout

      No. They have been confirmed as savepoints/portals to skyloft.

      • Random person!

        Oh no….. please don't tell me they're using the Majora's Mask save system… >_>

        • LinkFan

          I hope they don't, at least there's no time limit

    • VIoMan8

      I doubt it. I've seen the statue before…0_0

  • GorCoronSumo

    Love the Eldin Volcano theme…

  • falconfetus8

    100 hours of gameplay? The only way you can achieve something like that is by making the player do tedious processes for extended periods of time. If this is the case, then I'll have lost faith in Nintendo. I'd rather have 2 hours of fun than 100 hours of work.

  • Moose

    Does anybody recall how long Miyamoto said TP would be? I think he said about 60 hours, but I'm not too confident in that number.

  • TheMaverickk

    WOw Zelda Universe is really slow on the Zelda news this week.

    TGS has revealed a crap load… the hint system is a watchable video' thing (basically the same as the Sheikah Vision stones)…. there's a whole bunch of trailers (3 to be exact)…. one that shows a lot of new areas and moments in the game.

    In fact you get to see Link fighting the beast that ate Zelda in the E3 trailer (it's not the Wind Fish… but a bi-pedal type scales big mouth creature)…. and there is some flying monster whale (maybe a type of Wind Fish??). The area from E3 back in 2010 is still in the game (big mushrooms and everything… not sure about scorpion boss). They showed new items like the Gust Jar…. and they showed the upgrade system. How the sword hunts for secrets….. it's all out there and not on ZU yet.

    There is also going to be 100 minutes of cinematics in the game… so basically

    If anyone wants to watch themselves look here;

  • chancho

    i hope they still have a large overworld with the feild or something not just the sky but still looks really awesome

    • TheMaverickk

      Well there will probably be field-ish area's.

      Remember that one of the goals of this game was not to have clear cut definition between field and dungeon areas. That they would be blurring the lines. Perhaps the volcano is a field area…. or perhaps it's actually a dungeon.

      Just like how that forest with mushrooms may be a part of a larger field… or it in itself may just be a dungeon.

      Although I think it's safe to say that the sky is for the most part the field area since it's where you access all these area's from. Not to mention there are various lands and villages and sky islands above the clouds.

      I'm just thrilled entirely by the set up.

  • DaronB

    The music from within the volcano is Goron-ish.

  • JuliiD

    Hope they put other 5 exclusive videos from Game Informer too =]

  • 100 hours of game play sounds fantastic .. probably has lots of side quests I cant wait !

  • I’m glad that they fixed the graphics! 😀 (Even though Link looks like a ‘girl’) 🙁

  • TheMadFapper

    This is a zelda site and the helper system is news to you?

    We knew zelda was going to have that shit years ago, way before it was ever announced for a mario game. Kotaku first found about the autoplay helper system because shigsy patented it for a zelda game.

  • VioMan8

    Please don't have 2 hour fishing, please don't have 2 hour fishing.
    (Fishing is from Oricana of time.)

  • Thea

    Honestly, it only took me about 39 hrs to complete, side-missions and all. The part I always look forward to at the end of every adventure game is the free-play mode where you can go where you want and do whatever, like at the end of Starfox Adventures just before the space battle with Andross. There's no objective and you just keep fighting and collecting rupees. Unfortunately, Skyward Sword doesn't have that option, but instead you have hero mode. In hero mode, you lose hearts twice as fast, the sheikah stone give you all the hints (since you know how to do all the puzzles already), and a few other differences, but you still are forced to do story mode. Other than that, the only other bad thing is the glitch with Goro that doesn't allow you to continue the story, which I ran into TWICE. Besides those two things, my favorite game over Super Smash Bros Brawl.

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