Skyward Sword Limited Edition

Since the release date of the Skyward Sword bundle, the orders have turned out better than expected. This past week, the box set has made its way to the top of Gamestop’s pre-order charts! The bundle includes Skyward Sword, a Hyrule Symphony music soundtrack and a gold Wii Remote for the price of 69.99$.

Have you already ordered this awesome bundle? Leave a comment!

Source: My Nintendo News
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  • Guil.

    I preordered mine yesterday when it came on Amazon uk. I knew something like this would come out since it was anounsed that the game would need the motion plus controller so I waited just for this bundle to come along. Nintendo always makes a bundle like this so it was expected. And I still don't have a motion plus controller so I needed this one. 🙂 And it will come straight to my home and not to some store from where I have to pick it up.

    And the concert CD is an awesome plus to the deal since the concert isn't most likely coming to my country and I don't have money to go see it somewhere else.

  • Shaelyn

    I tried to switch my preorder over to the bundle at gamestop, but they told me it wasn't in their system. I just canceled my preorder til I got more info.

  • MoronOfTime

    I just pre-ordered mine at Game (Probably the Europe version of Gamestop?). I was going to go camp outside the night before with my friend but I don't want there to be a chance of missing out on the bundle ^^'

  • mikeypizzalover

    ACK!!! I have to go to Zellers (Canada's Target) today to pre-order it, then!

    If I want it before Christmas, and the CD, of course.

  • Sweetlie

    Pre-ordered it at EBGames a couple of days after it was announced.
    I just really want that Wii Remote!

  • I got my gamestop pre order! SOOOO STOKED!

  • Deffpoised

    Yeah I've pre-oredered one Swedish copy for a friend and one for me. Then also the english version from Amazon!

    • mkd

      first, why does he get a thumb down?
      2nd, why Swedish and English copy?

  • Aise

    Still no preorder options on Gamestop Italy… Did they announce this bundle only for UK or all Europe? Still no news about it on Nintendo Italy website too…

    • Anon

      The USA got it too. I hope you get it!

  • princess ruto

    just pre -ordered it like 15 minutes ago

  • justdealwithit

    I want it, but there´s not preorder for Finland : (

    • Merq

      GameStop has it for preorder in Finland too, but they want about 100€ for it. Puolenkuun Pelit and CDon also have it. Anyway, I agree with Guil, ordering from Amazon is waay cheaper.

    • justdealwithit

      okay thanks : )

  • Geofff

    I pre-ordered from Amazon US. They said I would get it until November 23rd, but I am willing to bet that I get it Nov 21st.

    Like other commenters, I lack a motion-plus controller so this was an obvious buy for me.

  • Guil.

    I live in Finland, but I preordered mine from Amazon uk. It's cheaper to get games from there than to buy them from Finland. Amazon uk has the same PAL region games that we do so just order from there. But make sure it's the UK site, because American games aren't PAL games so they wont work on our Wiis.

  • Lani

    Pre-ordered as soon as my GS had the bundle in their computers; which was the day after the announcement. This announcement was right on time, as I considered finally caving in and buying one when it popped up. 🙂

  • Dan

    I live in the UK and have only found it on two websites, Amazon and some obscure store I found through Google shopping. I'm gonna wait until it's on more sites so I can compare more prices. I won't be preordering it from a shop as it's generally more expensive and the chances are that an online store will send it me before the release date anyway (they have a habit of doing that over here).

    And Game isn't the UK version of Gamestop. Though I've only ever seen one Gamestop in the UK, it's near Birmingham New Street train station, in the bit of Pallasades leading to the Bull Ring.

  • DragonChi

    Pre-ordered my Bundle a day or so ago. Had to wait until GameStop had it in their system at the Canadian locations. I seriously can't wait for this Legendary experience. So Stoked!!


    SOMEONE PLZ RESPOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i preordered the original skyward sword from gamestop in like, january. do i still get the gold bundle?:??????? i reeaally need to know, im asking everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • KingDodongo1

      I don't think so, but you can cancel that order and get the bundle

      • wtf

        holyfuck. didnt you post this in another page? no, you need to CANCEL your pre order and change it to the special edition one. its not rocket science.

  • Merq

    I've been waiting for this to finally appear for preorder, and now it's here! o/ I compared prices on a few sites and one store, and Amazon once again had the best deal. But I'll probably move to another town between now and November and I don't know my address-to-be yet, so I had to order it to my sister's address. So first I'll have to wait for the package to come from UK to Finland, and then for my sister to mail it to me. I hope I'll be too busy to notice the wait.

  • No shock that we find a Zelda title at the top.

  • brian torres

    My birthdays in novenber 20 wish i can obtain that

  • Was there any doubt it'll get to the top? I think not.
    Anyways I haven't preordered mine yet, but I will eventually. Just haven't gone down to Shepparton lately.

  • Paffe

    A couple of days ago, I went to GameStop in Oslo (where I preordered SS long ago) and asked them to change my preorder to the limited edition. Now, every night I take the preorder note out of my wallet and gaze upon it's awesomness! 😀

  • Jimez

    It's up on GAME for £59.99, which i've ordered. Need a new Wii-mote as well, otherwise cannot play this game.

  • Dan

    @Jimez – the limited edition wiimote it comes with is wii motion plus

  • Louie55

    It is also #2 on the bestseller chart, seen here:

    I hope it makes number one.

    Also, I have an Amazon Visa Card and I had enough points saved up on it to Pre-Order this Zelda: SS bundle FOR FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Merq

      I should probably get an Amazon Visa too, I keep buying more and more stuff from there.

  • Ovafaze

    I just got back from GS, I used my $5 store credit to preorder, I also sweat myself a sports bra through my shirt, AZ heat is brutal, I walked all the way there and back. I'm so excited, I have a guaranteed copy of SS with the golden wiimote and CD!


    It's GOTY 2011, what else would you expect?

  • heroofmasks

    i cant preorder since no credit card i would if you could preorder but have it shipped to the stor and pay for it then but nope walmart wount let you

  • chris

    went to gamestop on saturday and switched my regular edition to the bundle cant wait!

  • Skrivz

    HA! Take THAT, CoD!

  • Rowsdower

    Went yesterday and pre-ordered it by trading some old ps3 and gamecube games that were just taking up space. With the rewards card I managed to knock $50 total off the order! Planning to pay the final balance in November with saved pocket change. Can’t wait baby!

  • Bryan

    I am just still excited that I was the first to order at the gamestop by my house. The guy was surprised I even knew it was out because it was announced "secretly" the day before.

    • How did your comment even get thumbs down? Same with mine and apparently everybody else's. There are trolls in our midst I'd say. Awesome that you surprised the GS guys though. 🙂

  • Okay so I'm not gonna pretend I'll be playing this all the live long day since Skyrim comes out on 11/11/11 and THAT is GOTY if anything could be, but I'm still super stoked about this zelda title and ordered my bundle pack yesterday. 🙂 So psyched to hear the music in this game! Twilight Princess was cool music wise but strayed too far from the zelda vein imho. 11/11/11&11/20/11 ftw!

  • MajorLinkMask

    I Pre-Odered it like in june dose that still mean that i get the Bundle?

    • Ovafaze

      no, you need to go cancel your current preorder, and preorder the bundle, you should do it sooner then later judging by the title of this post,.

  • Pre-ordered in full! Wii Motion Plus Controller, HERE I COME 8D

  • I’ll not preorder until GAME actually updates the Zelda info. They’re always the last website I check (amongst others such as HMV, Amazon, Play etc) to actually update their Game info – And they’re a GAME website! They really need to start adding these details, or people will buy from else ware.

  • What is w all of the thumbs downed comments? Lol silly trolls wasting their time.