A batch of rumors are stating that Nintendo will make a big announcement on the 13th of September.

No hints have been given as to what the big announcement will be, although there are a few possibilities. A new game franchise? A release date for an upcoming console? A price for an upcoming console?

Nintendo haven’t reported anything related to this but we’ll keep the site updated for more Nintendo and Zelda news!


Source: Nintendo Life
Via: andriasang
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    I'm calling it right now: Metroid Dread, Donkey Kong Land Returns, and Monster Hunter 3D.

    • GorCoronSumo

      Monster Hunter 3D would be AWESOME!

  • scorpionz

    new franchise would be AWESOME,i'm really curious what masterpiece will nintendo do again :D.but it could also be Majoras mask 3d,something skyward sword-related,new ssb game announcement for wiiU/3ds,or a bunch of games announcements for the WiiU?

    Nintendo is the best there is to make us crazy,can't wait to know what it is.

  • floatisland

    i'm excited but at the same time worried, after seeing nintendo's recent choices in marketing.

  • imdying

    maybe its all about wii u… giving wii u a proper first showing……and price/ date… they need to show something to the marketing investors……maybe a game to show and other demos

  • I'm mostly intrigued about the new franchise. I would love to see what they could do with a new type of category for a series. So I hope this rumor is true.

  • Paffe

    If it's Smash Bros. and/or Zelda related, count me interested!

  • Kaepora21

    I find it funny that people are speculating about the contents of an announcement that may or may not happen. A rumor within a rumor…. RUMCEPTION……

    • Anon

      You just said it– it MAY happen. They're speculating what MAY happen. Your comment is a little redundant.

  • A new Zelda FOR Wii U maybe?!??!?!?!?!

  • Rachelfulify

    A new franchise would be awesome. I don't think it will be Zelda related because Skyward Sword isn't even out yet but it might be a DS Zelda game

  • lifesavers2

    4 Days before the Second Season of My Little Pony?

    • mkd

      how the f*** do you know that?

      • Khao

        You don't usually come to the internet, do you?

  • zman friman

    I hope it's something BIG! it's my birthday! I turn 23 by the way. =)

  • snuddelhund

    Majoras Mask 3D!

  • Keimori

    Ya know, now that I think of it, Ninteno has a first party title in nearly every genre, action/ adventure, platformers, fighting, on the rails space shooters, sports, party, raceing, and even an FPS, but if i recall corectly, Nintendo has never done any RPG games that arn't related to mario, now, I could be very wrong, but I don't think they have.
    It'd be interesting to see what they could do with such.

    It'd be nice to see a new female protagonist join nintendo's ranks, because aside from the odd spin-off and spirit tracks, samus is the only female you can play as among nintendos leading lady's in their main games.
    So it'd be nice to see a new one.

    If its not a new franchise, or news of upcomeing releases, like mayhaps release dates for some of nintendos wonderful fall 3DS line up, then hopefully its good news pretaining to one of the various "operations" that're floating about the internet.

    I'd love to hear that the suport of fan and rather good sales of Xenoblade in europe have lead nintendo to decide to localize atleast it. or that a MM3D is underway at grezzo.

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