Operation Moonfall continues to gain momentum. We’ve been trying to gather support from those who would like to see Majora’s Mask remade for the Nintendo 3DS in the hope that if Nintendo are aware that a lot of people want it, they’ll make it happen.

Word of the campaign has reached Zelda Williams, daughter of actor Robin Williams. Not only named for the princess, she is a big Zelda fan herself and recently appeared in a couple of commercials for Ocarina of Time 3DS. Zelda tweeted that Majora’s Mask is her favorite Zelda game and that she’d love to see it in 3D:

“So wanted to tweet one out to the @opmoonfall folks. Majora’s Mask is my favorite Zelda game, I’d love a 3D version! #FightOnGuys”

We really appreciate her support. If you haven’t done so already, you can help to support Operation Moonfall on Twitter or Facebook, and by signing the online petition. And if you’d like to do so, you can follow the lovely Zelda Williams on Twitter.

  • coolxii

    Way to go zelda! Williams that is.

    • coolxii

      oh and first i suppose

      • Gavin

        You're technically second, as your comment was second :3

  • Kyou

    I'm 98% sure that Nintendo will do this.

    Now that we have Williams at our side, they can't say "No." now.

    • Ryder


  • Dom

    Given that sales of Ocarina of Time 3DS haven't been strong, I can't imagine Nintendo making a Majora's Mask version.

    • Coolxii

      What do you mean they haven't been strong? It's the top selling 3DS game. Over 1/3 of all 3DS owners own a copy. OoT has proven it's worth time and time again. Her support probably won't sway Nintendo one way or another but she is helping give more publicity to Operation Moonfall.

  • KingOfHeart

    Wow, this thing did gain a lot of popularity.

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    Yes! And so do I. Viva Operación de luna caída. (Literally moon fallen, but oh well).

    Axle the Beast of Zelda Dungeon must be crushed, Operation Moonfall forever!

  • I hope this helps operation moonfall

  • I'm having trouble believing the daughter of Robin Williams would bolster something like this. =]

    • Soeroah

      "Hey guys, remember when I did those commercials for you? Well now I need YOU to do a favour for ME!"

      • fenyx4

        I just pictured Zelda Williams saying that, and admittedly, that was hilarious! XD

        I'm so glad that Zelda Williams is supporting Operation Moonfall like this. Her devotion to the Legend of Zelda franchise is truly amazing, and it's one of the reasons I love her! :3

  • Vic George

    Robin Williams as Rauru the Sage.