Lately, the Zelda community has been full of fans calling for specific Legend of Zelda games to be remade. It isn’t unusual for fans to want their favorite games to be made available for the latest gaming platforms, but the recent overhaul of Ocarina of Time has made the cries louder than normal.

The loudest noise is coming from Operation: Moonfall. The operation seeks to have Majora’s Mask receive the same treatment as Ocarina of Time: a Nintendo 3DS remake with enhanced graphics and an updated interface. They are encouraged by Eiji Aonuma’s recent comments stating that Majora’s Mask could be remade if enough fans wanted it.

Another group of fans has started a similar operation for The Wind Waker, and Shigeru Miyamoto’s comments about wanting to remake A Link to the Past have excited fans as well.

I’m extremely excited about the possibilities, but I’m not convinced that remakes of Majora’s Mask, The Wind Waker, or A Link to the Past are what the Legend of Zelda series needs right now. Instead, I think it’s time Nintendo revisited the games that started it all.

Nintendo should remake The Legend of Zelda and The Adventure of Link.

Learning from Metroid

Remaking the NES Legend of Zelda games will be completely different from the recent remake of Ocarina of Time. Even so, Nintendo already has experience with extensive remakes. In 2004, Nintendo released a remake of the original Metroid game (which just happens to have been released in the same year as The Legend of Zelda) called Metroid: Zero Mission. The game is a complete reimagining of the classic NES game. The characters, setting, and story are familiar, but the gameplay has been updated for the 21st century.

While the story is familiar, it has also been greatly expanded. A whole new segment was added to the end of the game, and the story now feels like a true part of the Metroid timeline (which is infinitely less complex than the Legend of Zelda timeline).

The Legend of Zelda and The Adventure of Link are both great games that have served as the basis of the Legend of Zelda series for twenty-five years, but despite being revolutionary in the 80’s, the games were limited by the technology of their time.

Remaking the games for the 21st century would benefit the entire series in many ways, but I think the story is the most important.

The First Shall Be Last…But Why?

The Legend of Zelda timeline is a never-ending debate. Shigeru Miyamoto and Eiji Aonuma have been a little more open about it in recent years, but most of the information we have comes from the games themselves, speculation, and constant discussion. One thing that is clear is that The Legend of Zelda and The Adventure of Link likely happen after most of the newer Legend of Zelda games. While this is generally agreed upon, it is based on only a few developer quotes and the location of other games on the timeline. The games themselves offer little information to help place them on a timeline of events.

Both games have stories, but they were fairly basic compared to the stories in video games today. Furthermore, the stories cannot be found anywhere in the actual games. To get a full understanding, you have to read the instruction manuals.

Remaking the games and retelling the stories would help clear up the confusion. This could mean retconning some of the details, but it could also allow more context for placing games before and after on the timeline.

However, as interesting as the timeline is to some fans, “we need to remake these games so that the timeline makes sense” is not a convincing argument. The Legend of Zelda and The Adventure of Link are video games and they need to be fun to play. The gameplay should be updated to match what gamers expect from a game in the 21st century.

Beyond Metroid: Zero Mission

I previously said I wasn’t calling for a remake like Ocarina of Time 3D, but I’m also not calling for a remake like Metroid: Zero Mission. The Legend of Zelda and (especially) The Adventure of Link need to be completely reimagined as modern Legend of Zelda games.

The once revolutionary gameplay is now severely outdated. For example, the very first puzzles in the first dungeon (Eagle Labyrinth) in The Legend of Zelda requires that you push a block to open a door. That’s it. You don’t push the block to hold down a switch or to create a platform to jump on. You just push the block.

That kind of puzzle design wouldn’t have been acceptable in 1998 when Ocarina of Time was released, and it would be video game suicide if it were done in 2011. The dungeons need to be completely reimagined.

The Adventure of Link doesn’t even play like a traditional 2D Legend of Zelda game. I’m going to make some fans upset by suggesting it, but a remake of The Adventure of Link needs to ditch the unique game style and make the game play like every other game in the Legend of Zelda series.

Once completed, the remakes I’m suggesting would look a lot more like new Legend of Zelda games than remakes.

2D Or Not 2D

If The Legend of Zelda and The Adventure of Link are remade, the games need to be 3D. I love 2D Legend of Zelda games, but these classics should be brought into the 21st century in every way possible. Not only will the 3D environments have a greater appeal to younger gamers (who will keep the series alive when we’re gone), but they will also allow for greater creativity when redesigning the games’ environments.

The Legend of Zelda and The Adventure of Link are classic games that some fans will not want tampered with in this way, but fully remaking the games will do a lot more good than harm. These games defined the Legend of Zelda series when they were released in the 80’s, and well-made remakes would define the series once again for a new generation of gamers.


  • SuperLinkthehedgehog

    That would be awesome if they fully remade the legend of zelda to be completely 3D and more NPCs and hopefully side quests.

    • bradley

      I just want the original 2 with BS Zelda graphics and gameplay. That would probably only take them about a week, and they could use that SNES tech demo for Zelda II. That being said, they could add stuff like Zero Mission and the GBA version of A Link to the Past.

      • bradley

        The poster is suggesting that we completely remake the game. I would support a remake similar to Metroid Zero Mission, but what he is suggesting would basically take away the identity of the game.

        • RustyKoi

          Not really. The identity of the game isn't just the camera perspective and whether or not the graphics are 2D or 3D. What a terribly shallow and hindering way to look at it.

          • bradley

            Most overworlds in 2D games just don't work in 3D.

  • Anonymous

    I don't know about a 3D remake, that is kind of pushing it. They should keep the style they were made in, OoT 3D has the same Ocarina of Time look (style) and feel and Zero Mission keeps the same style of Metroid but adds more to it and breathes a lot of life into the original. I think they should keep it 2D if they are remade. Keep the 2D sidescrolling and unique game style of Zelda 2 because that is what made it, well, unique and very fun to play but add more to it like Zero Mission did.

  • I don't think any Zelda game "needs" to be remade.

    I also disagree with the converting Zelda I and II to 3D thing. I think if they were remade, they could use a makeover, however I think it'd be important to preserve a similar feel as the original games had. I think if we cater to the younger gamers to the point were the remake is almost unrecgonizable to the original, it would disappoint many fans, myself included.

    You never know, maybe it would be cool for new gamers to have a feel of the 80's.

  • The Iron Giant

    I would love for either LoZ or AoL to be remade, but as they really are a pair, both must come into fruition as remakes if the first does. How I would love to play Majora's Mask with suped up graphics, remakes of the NES titles that perhaps contain more bearing on the story would excite me even more.

  • Something

    Those games are FUBAR.

  • JudgeRAW00

    An expansion of the story of the first two games would go a long way i think and this is more or less why I wouldn't mind seeing remakes of them. I dunno so much, though, about making Zelda II more like the rest of the games. In this day and age they can make a side-scrolling RPG type game that is as in-depth as any other genre so it could work much better now than it did then. Not to say it didn't then.

  • ALinkToTheAwesome

    Well I do understand that the games would be pretty epic if they were 3D and NPCs were added but, with the timeline in mind, it would screw everything up in the original zelda. One of the things that make it unique is the lack of NPCs. Its a pretty key point in the timeline. But then again, like OoT 3D, it would open up the classics to the younger generation. And one more thing, Adventure of Link's gameplay style should be changed. I know its unique and its the way it originally was, but it just doesnt really seem like a Zelda game. Thats just my opinion of course.

    • Keimori

      let the thorst whine, as he said, the lack of NPCs is a TECHNOLOGICAL limit, not a story based one, anyone that dives in that deep is over thinking it.

      • ALinkToTheAwesome

        I KNOW it was technilogically impossible AT THE TIME. I just mean it makes sense from them to not be there. They all went north of death mountain. And if the remake DID have NPCs, it wouldnt make any sense. If they were there, they couldnt just be running around Hyrule. There would have to be towns and then it would just become Zelda II.

  • Henry Buck

    There really isn't enough raw material in the original two Zelda games to justify remakes. A Link to the Past was basically a remake of the original Legend of Zelda, and Ocarina of Time was basically a remake of A Link to the Past. They all follow the same Link vs. Ganon outline and feature the same locales. Yeah, yeah, OoT is maybe possibly the Imprisoning War spoken of in ALttP, but details like that aren't as important as the core gaming experience. It's only afterward that the timeline really came into play and the games started to deviate from the traditional Link/Ganon/Triforce stuff. So to suggest that games like LoZ and AoL – revolutionary for their time – are outdated and need to be folded into the fabric of modern Zelda seems silly to me.

    • Azerik

      You do know that you've made a counter-argument with the same points as Joshua? The fact that there's so little raw material to work with is one of the reasons why he thinks the games need to be re-imagined.

      Also, people like you-who claim that one game is a remake of another-get on my nerves a bit. If what you claimed were true, then none of the Zelda games are in any way original. Yes they build off the preceding games, taking the odds and ends from the story and experience of playing the game, but thats how making a series of games works. They have to be related in some way, even if not only through story. Saying any one Zelda game is a remake of any preceding Zelda game is like saying all the Shin Megami Tensei games ( are all remakes of the preceding game, because of how many similarities there are.

      And how is suggesting that a game over 20 years old is out of date silly? Revolutionary for their time or not, the fact remains that this is no longer their time, and by the standards of games today they are very much out of date. That is a simple statement of fact, it doesn't matter how amazing and fun the games are. This may offend your sensibilities, but its true nonetheless. I will agree to an extent, that saying it "needs" to be "folded into the fabric of modern Zelda" is bit of a stretch, but when debating a point, everyone makes stretches, just as you've done in your own argument.

  • TectonicImprov

    I would MUCH rather have remakes of LoZ and AoL than a remake of MM.

  • Dasas

    These games don't need to be remade. The generation of gamers today have everything served on a silver platter to them, and LoZ was quite the opposite of that: The game threw you into a huge over world with absolutely not instructions as to what to do. The idea of free, non-guided exploration was what made LoZ so great. In order to remake the game, designers would have to change those little things like the block-moving puzzle element you mentioned, as well as the odd use of items (a ladder to cross a river, anyone?) that made this game unique. The remakes would undoubtedly stray away from its original roots, thus becoming a re-imagining of what the game was, without being true to the original.

    Same goes with AoL. That game is comparable to many, if not all, of Nintendo's main IP sequels. Super Mario 2, Metroid 2, and Zelda 2, all deviate from the original foundation built by their respective prequels. However, none can argue that all of these games weren't, and still remain great today. You can't take the RPG elements away from Zelda 2; without them, it wouldn't be Zelda 2!

    Also, there are two big reason for why Zero Mission succeeded. The first reason is because the Metroid series, at it's core, hasn't changed at all from the original. The same premise is in use: Lonely bounty hunter stuck in a *insert name of desert ship or planet*, same power-ups, same bosses, and same atmosphere. It works, and it couldn't work better. The second reason is Super Metroid, the game that completely changed the way people imagined the planet Zebes. It upped the graphics from the awkward times when Ridley and Kraid were about as tall as Samus (my guess is Samus was a giant in the first installment of Metroid, nah jk). Super Metroid created a bridge that could make a re-imagining of the the original adventure much more relateable than before.

    So I'm with Henry on this one: The Zelda series has evolved magnificently, and it shouldn't revert to what it used to be, as there is a lack of "raw material". LoZ had little to no interaction with NPCs, and the lack of side-quests makes it unlrelateable, relative to the most current installments.

    The only game which should be remade at this moment is none other than Majora's Mask. This is simply because OoT was just remade with stunning 3D graphics; MM should be given the chance too, as it the continuity is too close (reused sprites, textures, same hero, same console, etc).

    tl;dr Metroid: Zero Mission worked because it was made at a point in which the series hadn't evolved that much. Forget about remaking the original NES Zelda games. Support Operation Moonfall. That is all.

    PS: Great article though! Enjoyed reading it.

    • Ataso

      Just like to point out Super Mario 2 was only different in the West, in Japan it didnt deviate off from Mario 1. At least in any way that is comparable to Zelda I and II

  • Kaepora21

    Two quick points:

    1. Saying "make 2-D games 3-D!" Is way easier said than done, particularly when it comes to overhead games like LoZ or AoL. In fact, such a transition would be impossible without creating a completely new game that just happens to mimic the general layout of the previous game. It would ultimately not even be a remake at all.

    2. These remakes will never happen, simply because they are not complicated enough to showcase the power of the DS or any other system. These games can be run in online flash scripts, and as a practical matter Nintendo will not remake something that does not "wow" the consumer with the 3DS' graphic capabilities.

  • Justin

    the only reason I could see behind a remake of one of these games would be to make it portable, I don't feel LOZ, AoL, or particularly ALTTP need remakes, they're fine as they are, and the first two don't have enough content combined to justify remakes (not to mention, they can already be played on handheld systems). MM i'd support solely because i'd love a portable version.

  • crazymallets

    Completely and 100% agree.

  • Keimori

    I think I got to agree with the" need to revamp frm scratch" argument, LOZ alone would need to see a entire story witten for it beyond "ganon has kidnaped the princess, save her link!", this'll require the addition of towns and NPCs to flush out the story and thus change the game almost entirely from its original form.

    Now I'm not going to make the stodgy old fanboy argument of "kids have it too easy these days" complaint, as really, i feel thats a silly excuse to not remake these games, In fact, i'd love to see these remakes you propose, but i also feel they wouldn't be the same.

  • Keimori

    that being said : Can I say that I wish people would STFU about a damn WW remake!? wtf is there to remake!? the graphics? so what, they'd be just a smidge smoother? they're arguably among the, if not , THE most well polished graphic on the gamecube, they fit the game like a glove and realy cant be improved upon by much at all, I understand OoT and MM because, well they are super old low poly and chunky looking graphics, MM desrves to be remade for the same reason OoT was, to give it a smooth upressed update, but Wind Waker dosn't need such because frankly, its already up ressed enough and if they remade it, I doubt anyone would notice the diferance all that much.

    It'd be like remakeing Okami, is it really needed, i think not, so what it the graphics would be a smidge less pixely, during gameplay one would not notice much.
    unlike the jump from N64 or NES to lets say 3DS or Wii/wii u, the gap between Game Cube and Wii/ Wii u, is..notable I'm sure, but would it be all that notable with the likes of cel shadeing?

    Honestly, I don't think so.

    • TrustMe101

      I don't understand why people want WW remade either. It's great already.

    • Merq

      The only reason I can think of to want a remake of TWW is because it would look really great in real 3D on the 3DS. And well, maybe they could add the dungeons that were dropped because they didn't have enough time… But yeah, TWW is amazing as is and a remake is completely unnecessary.

  • This article is way past overdue! Though I would kill for MM3D, the original Zelda games would be ineffably better, considering that they are almost painful for newer fans like me to play (who started with WW and slowly picked up more and more titles).

  • G.M.

    If they remake TLoZ 1-2 with 3D graphics, I won't buy them. They are 2D games, and 2D games they must remain. A 3D graphic would ruin the games' feels. Without counting that the gameplay would be expanded and the rpg features of the second title would be changed. Plus, they don't have a reason to remake them. Instead of speaking of possibles remakes, we should support Operation Moonfall that is working to bring us a remake of one of the most beautiful titles of the Zelda serie: Majora's Mask.

    P.S.: There's no reason to remake WW, it have a beautiful chell-shaded 3D graphic, and plus one can play it on the Wii/Gamecube.
    P.P.S.: Sorry for some english mistakes, I'm italian.

  • Poe Princess Mara

    Sorry and I know I'm going to get marked down for this, but I'm getting really fed up with hearing about remakes. I want a new game. Can't people just be happy with the way the games were originally?

    • Darktoonlink88

      You'll get marked up by me! Like I said in my own post, I also don't get why people want so many remakes…

  • Dan

    Everyone has forgotten something: LoZ was remade. BS Zelda for the Satellaview (a Japan only accessory for the Super Famicon) featured 2 LoZ quests (1st and 2nd) with SNES graphics (think Super Mario All Stars). The map was slightly smaller and the dungeons were redesigned (and one removed), but it was a remake nonetheless.

    If anyone is interested about these games, you'll find this video very helpful:

    I'm all for a SNES style make-over of LoZ and AoL.(I'm hoping that BS Zelda will find it's way onto the VC on day. Maybe they could do a more exact makeover of LoZ with SNES graphics.

    I'm up for these makeovers to flesh out the story a bit more and add a ALTTP style map. This will eliminate the need for the manual, something as a VC owner I found unhelpful when I first got these games (I'd never played the orignals).

    Changing it from 2D-3D are removing side scrolling from AoL (as hard as I find it) are terrible ideas. You made the point I'm gonna make in you own article;
    "Once completed, the remakes I’m suggesting would look a lot more like new Legend of Zelda games than remakes.". Then, why don't they just make new Zelda games?

    In conclusion, I'm up for a makeover, fleshed out story (but no added story, just include the things in the manual in the game), and ALTTP style map of the overworld. These things will help make it accessible to new gamers without fundamentally changing the game.

  • DekuSprout

    Nonononononono… Fully 3D remakes would never capture the original novelty of these games….

  • austin

    leave the classic alone it woudent be cool to have a complete 3d remake it be stupid and ruin the orginal feel of zelda

  • dad

    DON`T MESS WITH THE 1ST GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Darktoonlink88

    Why is everyone so obsessed with remakes nowadays? We don't need more remakes! We need all new games! I don't think remaking the first two games would really work. They are so outdated by now, that I've you tried to remake them, with real puzzles, more NPC's etc. you would get an almost new game. Remakes like this would take so much time and be so different from the originals that I'd be better to spend time on an all new game.
    And even if these games were to be remade, I think they should keep the 2D styles the originals had. Making them 3D would only take more time, and make the games even more different from the originals, thus making it not really seem like a remake, but more like an all new game.

  • i'd have a remake of majora's mask anytime instead of a Zelda I or Zelda II remake. remakes of those two would be great, but majora's mask simply has a special place in my heart.

  • ???

    Who the heck would want Wind Waker remake?

  • The only game I would really want them to convert from 2D to 3D is A Link to the Past. After all, it was the one that influenced Ocarina of Time and when I'm playing it and I'm the the Lost Woods in the Dark World, I really want to know what it would be like if it were 3D and I could explore the world. But I really don't get why people would remake Wind Waker. It's fairly new and the graphics are still comparable to games we have now! The sound qualities brilliant, and there are enough side-quests to fill most people's Zelda needs. But just imagine A Link to the Past in 3D. It would probably have Twilight Princess graphics because it is a dark game. And everything would be realistic even in the Dark World. Lol, I can just imagine that guy who's kicking around that pink thing on Death Mountain.

  • guest

    ds style u mean?

    • TimeIsMichael

      well it came out on the psp thats what i meant cuz i have not seen one on the ds except 3 and 4 but yeah i like all the systems but mosty nintendo and xbox. the ps3 is ok but 3d 2d style i would not mind like paper mario 3d look withexcite bike 3d's over look like the original zeldas but thats only if nintendo doesn't want to make it 3d 3d like OoT ( sorry for saying alot ) ( i hate reading ) i'm hoping for wiiu 3d or something like that

  • I have a perfectly working copy of Adventure of Link with the original instuction manual and the classic series box.God, that game is so damn annoying. Easily the most challenging game I own.

  • Marjora's Mask, great as it is on the platform games, should definitely be introduced to the 3DS. It brought out some of the best expression from Zelda, and that element would be even more expanded in 3D. Not that the current version is bland, but I would like to be shown further the depression of Termina–to experience it as if I am an actual inhabitant of Clock Town, or Link off to fulfill his mission.

    • Hey Thareous! Where've you been? There've been a lot of trolls lingering around here just savoring the moments when they didn't have a troll slayer to slay them :).

      • Hey, Majora. I know it's been awhile, but there was something I had to see to. I haven't noticed any troll posts since coming back (they all probably ran off scared), but I'll keep a sharper eye. It's time for me to savor a moment of my own, B)

  • SNOlink

    While I do think it would be a good idea to make a remake of LoZ and AoL, I think right now, Nintendo needs to focus more on new games.

  • aeolus

    Isn't pretty much every game a remake of LoZ? That would be extremely pointless. And AoL is fine by itself. A terrible evil game yes, but why remake it? I can see A Link to the Past being remade because it actually has a good story and a lot of things in it would just be awesome in a modern 3D game. Actually the entire thing would be awesome… they could go into more depth with everything. I'd actually rather have a LttP remake than a MM "remake" just because we've already gotten OoT, not that I wouldn't absolutely love to see MM on the 3DS.

  • Leandro

    I wish a Link to the Past remake, something along this style:

    • Keimori

      That style would be great! but I feel like somethings missing in that picture…. I can't put my fingure on it but it feels like it needs more pink.

    • Ya kinda gearing toward the DS Zelda titles in that aspect of 3D? I was thinking more of Ocarina of Time or Wind Waker 3D.


    No! If you remake the games, then leave them how they were!

  • Leandro

    Thats a re-release not a remake, remake always has new elements, graphics , sounds, etc.

  • Hero of Hyrule

    The Legend of Zelda: 3rd Quest in 3D?

  • Sage of Hyrule

    Good article, but I don't agree that the originals should be made. I don't think even ALttP should be remade, despite Miyamoto's personal desires. Those games are classic for a reason. Of course the newer titles are better–that's what happens with improvement in a series. If Nintendo were to take the time to remake Zelda I and II, I feel the time would be better spent creating brand new titles. The originals don't need to be made to fit a timeline, because they weren't meant to be, and that's how I think they should stay.

    • Sage of Hyrule

      And I meant to add that the only reason I support Majora's Mask getting a remake is because it is similar enough to Ocarina that it would just make sense. I feel that like OoT, MM didn't reach its full potential because of the N64's lack of power. With the 3DS engine what was already a remarkable game will become even more so.

  • DragonChi

    I can certainly understand the reasoning behind a remake of Majora's Mask. It was a rich game, that deserves a graphic uplifting with some added features, that's all good. Past that, I REALLY just want new Zelda games. We have yet to have a Zelda game that is brand new and specifically built for the 3DS from the ground up.

    That to me is FAR more enticing than bringing back every other older Zelda game just for nostalgia's sake. Don't get me wrong though, I love nostalgia as much as the next person. I just am a little exhausted from buying the same games multiple times.

    At the very least, wait for Nintendo to make an original Zelda game for the 3DS, THEN ask for a remake of a highly desirable older title that would actually benefit from being remade, and not unjustifiably ruin an old NES classic. Those, IMO, should remain untouched. MM makes sense to remake. As well as maybe LttP and Link's Awakening. I would certainly enjoy those, there is no doubt. but they should be few and far between so as not to get in the way of New and Fresh experiences.

    One thing they COULD do, is make a spiritual successor. By which I mean, make a new Zelda game in the same style as say LttP. So you get a little of both (New and Nostalgia) perhaps with some cameo appearances or something. It's one idea anyway.

  • Some random guy

    Here’s a way around having these games remade in a way so that it doesn’t matter if it was outdated or not,just add remakes of the 2 as bonus content in the guaranteed original zelda game,or (if this will happen) Majoras mask 3D! that comment should stop the arguement.

  • rulerofyourface

    But the Original Legend of Zelda is like the building block for all of the future Zelda titles, so making a remake of it seems unnecessary (although you make a very valid point with Zero Mission, which was a spectacular remake if I do say so myself) The truth is, If Nintendo remakes it, I will love it, and if they don't, then oh well, there will be many more opportunities in the future.

  • Jacopo

    This games don't need a remake, they're old and a new version with only enhanced graphincs and better controls will never give the gamers what they expect for a videogame, maybe Zelda II would be more fine than the first but it has no sense to do it without the first and this one has no sense too. I think a link to the past is better to leave it as like as it is and put it into the store. And speaking of The Wind Waker I think we don't need a remake for it too, seriously is my favourite legend of zelda and I'm sure it'd look awesome in 3D but I just say that I prefer playing another legend of zelda game or better than that

    • Jacopo

      sorry lost a piece…*better than that I'd like to play a prequel or a sequel to spirit tracks, just to clearfy some more aspects of the game and make it fit in the timeline.

  • KingOfHeart

    We don't need more 3d popping remakes of Zelda. Majora's Mask is an exception for me because it does sound like it would be hard to do.

    If all they do is remakes then it will end up like the resident evil series, just making the same games over and over with tweaks here and there.

  • TimeIsMichael

    wow you guys are haters

  • robotortoise

    3D classics on the eShop would be a perfect fit for Zelda 1 and 2.

  • Hero of Light

    Why would anyone think Zelda 1 and 2 need to be remade more than Majoras Mask Wind Waker and A Link to the Past? Those are some of the best games in the series.

  • Hero of Light

    The Zelda games i'd like to see more than any are sequels to Majora's Mask and Twilight Princess i've been hoping for those for a while.

  • Zelda Paradox

    screw all this! remake wind waker just w/ same great graphics.

  • falconfetus8

    There's no way you can remake the NES games and update them with a story without completely changing them. I'm sure that if they are remade, nobody will notice because it would be too different from the original.

  • Those games are so simplistic that if you were to remake them, but change major elements, like dungeons and genres, they’d be new games. Hey, PH has puzzles that involve stepping on a switch to open a door. AoL has to be kept the same genre or it’s a different game. Maybe it could be a sidescroller with 3D models, like New Super Mario Bros.

  • Subrosian

    The Legend of Zelda HAS been remade. It's called The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. Anyway, YES, remake Zelda II PLEASE. Make it a little more forgiving at least, so you start in the last town you were in when you get a game over instead of sending you to the beginning…

  • 3D Dot Game Heroes managed to retain a lot of elements of games like (and let's face it, mostly) LoZ and it was in full 3D, as for buffing out the story I'd worry about losing the great feeling of the original game, I don't want some companion constantly telling me what to do like…

  • remake of AoL coul dbe quite possibly the greates thing ever made. all that needs to be done is add a little more complexity to the dungeons and expand on the story say like a half dozen more dungeons and a larger overhead world. the same should be done for the 1st. they are both the greatest games in the series and the young fans that play zelda now deserve a chance to expireince the greatness that is nes zelda.

  • ZeldaFan1414

    Technically, while Oracle of Seasons was originally planned to be a LoZ remake, it was changed near the end of production to make it a different game. And the young fans can, if they want, play all the old NES and SNES games on the interwebs.

  • I think that if AoL was remade, it should be given a treatment similar to the one Cave Story received to keep it side-scrolling but taking it to the 21st century correctly. But the one game I think really should be remade in full 3D is The Minish Cap. Words cannot explain how much I love that game.

  • Adam

    I honestly find this article to be quite a bit disturbing, and very telling of the current generation of gamers' mindset. I'd be willing to bet those that grew up with Ocarina of Time or later.

    A huge red flag for me is this bit:

    "The once revolutionary gameplay is now severely outdated. For example, the very first puzzles in the first dungeon (Eagle Labyrinth) in The Legend of Zelda requires that you push a block to open a door. That’s it. You don’t push the block to hold down a switch or to create a platform to jump on. You just push the block."

    My response to this is, holy hell, you actually believe that ridiculous tripe about Zelda always having been focused around 'puzzles'? Please please PLEASE tell me you don't believe this. Please tell me you don't believe any of the block pushing or wall bombing or bush burning in the first Zelda was meant to be a 'puzzle' in any way, shape or form.

    Good grief, after learning about the first block you could push you knew that all of them had the potential for it. It was simply a matter of logical deduction to figure out when the moment to push any block was. Although, I suppose the fact it actually took logical deduction already makes it more of an actual puzzle than any modern Zelda can hope to spew out.

    The Legend of Zelda, and The Adventure of Link were about being on a grand adventure to overtake a very strong enemy with your raw skill and brain power (and no, said brain power has nothing to do with figuring out how to make a stupid door dizzy). Growing stronger as you were able to overcome these enemies and obstacles and gather things to help enhance your skills. They were NOT about talking to a random plot of idiots to find your way to a 'puzzle' room to obtain a 'puzzle' key (now days known as an item) to get to more puzzle rooms and hopefully a 'puzzle' boss. You're damn lucky if there's even one enemy in these rooms, let alone one worth fighting.

    Actual skill was required in the older games, but I suppose that's the problem isn't it? The first two games really aren't unfair at all, in fact I've been playing through the first again lately, and it's very fair. You just have to actually GET BETTER. Same goes for Zelda 2, which is possibly the most epic Zelda there is, adventure-wise and in terms of feeling accomplished when you manage to complete something.

    Don't misunderstand me as an 'old-schooler'. Though I did grow up with the first two games, I enjoyed them all (yes this includes the puzzle fests) until recently. Something in Zelda has been dying, even the most diehard fans feel it. And it's because something from these older games is slowly being erased from the series, and replaced with something else. Perhaps it's gone entirely with Spirit Tracks and Skyward Sword. Even the proponents of these two games can't deny there's no real excitement for them. Especially Spirit Tracks, which is why it's in the bargain bin.

    There's something lost, and it disturbs me to see an article like this calling to even erase it from the two games that made the series possible at all.

    Perhaps if you play these games without any strange goggles on, you'll see that they are what they meant to be. Not a small, first attempt at the vastly different Zelda we have now. And maybe, just maybe, you'll discover what's become missing within our modern Zelda's.

  • TriforceGod55

    A remake of the first zelda would be good…..but in 2D. However, I would rather have a remake of ALttP then LoZ. If they went so far as to make them 3D, I'd rather have a new game with a new story since if they made such drastic changes it wouldn't be the same game at all except for the story. So I'd rather have a new story then a remake if they made them into 3D.

  • anon

    I personally dont think they should change Adventure of Link in the way mentioned in the article. I think it should stay encounter based. The battles could easily be altered into a style similar to the Tales games crossed with smash bros. (Link fights oh so well on 2d planes). (Plus to be honest, the battles often make me consider the Tales system may have been influenced from this).

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