Zelda Symphony

London Zelda fans, rejoice! The Zelda 25th anniversary symphony concert is heading your way this October. On October 25, just four days after the symphony plays its debut performance in Los Angeles, it will be playing at the HMV Hammersmith Apollo. Tickets go on sale this coming Monday, August 8 at 11:00am CET. You’ll be able to get tickets for either event through the Zelda Symphony website.

For Zelda fans who live outside of the United States, this announcement is very exciting because it may mean that the symphony will tour to other countries. So who’s with me in pushing for an Australian concert?!

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  • Oh wow, very tempted to skip college and head over for that…

    • RoninJonny

      Well I'm skipping 3 days of uni for it, just hoping they wont put anything important on any of those days!

  • Hombre_de_Mundo

    yeah I'm doing this

  • FierceDeity645

    One day before my birthday! Sweet! Too bad I dont live in the Uk :l

    • Keimori

      May I reconmend you ask for the ocarina of time for your birthday? that way all you need to do is play the song of time then (asumeing you got it programed for big ben) it'll spit you out at the base of big ben exactly a day before the concert! Just make sure you empty your pockets before you do such or you'll lose their contents to the…time..tunel thing. XP

  • Zombeh

    Uh.. will there be anything on the US East Coast? Atlanta? New York? Not all Americans live in Los Angeles.

    • Icy

      I know!! I'm in Alabama and there's no way I could make it to LA…can't they do it somewhere…centrally located?? Like, Texas, maybe South Dakota? (Fat chance). πŸ˜› But yeah, Georgia, New York, one of those would be okay.

  • Keimori

    which London!? D: England i asume?

    *shrug* not that I can make it to ether London i know of in october. not that it matters, they already said that they'll be hitting most major countrys and contenents, not just the U.S, that was never part of the plan anyway so this news should come as no surprize at all.
    And they're just anounceing Debut citys at the moment guys, so don't freak out, they said they'll be anounceing a full tour schedule with all planed sites in the future.

    • Zombeh

      They're doing a Worldwide tour. Why would they decide to go all the way from Los Angeles to London and then go back to New York?

      I doubt they will cover Los Angeles and New York (or other East Coast city) in the 4 days before heading to London.

      The US is a huge country.. far larger, in population and size, than, say, England. That's why it would make more sense to cover another US city in a worldwide tour.

      Australians probably also deserve two showings (one in Perth and one in Sydney?), since their country is also large, with the population being focused on the coastlines.

      • Keimori

        Agreed, but where praytell, did you get the idea that I believed they'd hit New York before London? I never mentioned New York at all.

        My Main point was: From what I've heard, this is not the main tour, Just some early showings at Major Hubs, like LA and London, the other tour dates and Citys will be anounced in the future as I believe the tour is planed to run into 2012.

        Now If I'm wrong thats fine, I'll retact my statement, but thats what i've heard.

        Besides, I'm Canadian, I need something closer to home than London England or Sydney Austrailia. Preferably Vancouver.

        • Zombeh

          I know you didn't say that, and I really wanted to rephrase this "Why would they decide to go all the way from Los Angeles to London and then go back to New York?" just after I posted it, because you didn't say it (sadly, there's no edit option).

          And I don't believe you're wrong on anything you've said.

          Basically, my main point: Will the orchestra also conduct a performance in an East Coast US city?

          I mean, worldwide tours tend to follow a path around the world, making stops along the way. Worldwide tours don't usually backtrack all over the place, as it would be a waste of time and money.

          So, with that in mind, they'd have to make a stop in New York after Los Angeles but before London.. all in a 4 day window.

          I've no doubt it can be done, but are they willing?

          Also, I live nowhere near New York, but I think it would be rather silly to miss such a large population.

          • Keimori

            Okay, thanks for clearing that up. ^_^ I defenly understand what you're saying, but heck, there must be some sort of method to this proceved madness, after all, i believe this group has done tours like this before.

          • zoraluigi

            I'm hoping for one in the DC area. Hell, I'd go to Maryland for this (about the only time I'm ever going to say that.)

  • no u

    Why not Canada? Seems like we always get the shaft for good things like this…

    • Josh

      Tru living in Australia.

  • Icy

    Even if I lived in London, I don't know if I'd go. October 25th…Battlefield 3…how could I possibly miss either one??? I guess I'd have to let BF3 wait a day…more like a few hours. xD

  • Hussain

    I'm happy for you, English Zelda fans, but no Canada?

  • Hmm London may be tempting, but I can't afford it and I have Ocarina of Time OST, so probably not.

  • Josh

    I second the Australia idea πŸ˜‰

  • aaron

    i got my cd today!!!

  • Carty

    aww i so hope this comes to canada. and not just ottawa or toronto..

  • Merq

    Oh for Pete's sake Nintendo just release the full tour dates already, enough with the teasing! I wouldn't mind the wait if I thought there was a chance they'd bring the tour here, but I'm 99% sure I'll have to travel out of country for this, and I'd like to know when I'll be doing that. There's plain tickets and hostels and stuff to think about.

  • garrett

    come on come to nebraska.

  • twilightlord

    i hope they release another date for london, i can justify the £38 tickets but not the £62 πŸ™

  • RoninJonny

    I'm so excited by this, got my tickets, flights and hotel all booked πŸ™‚

  • Aise

    Nintendo's website says this is the only European date… So, there will not be any other concerts in Europe?