Despite the fact that I feel that Nintendo has jilted me these past few years, there’s still a not-so-secret place in my heart for the lover I once had.  And certainly despite my attempt at aloofness, I still eagerly look forward to Nintendo every year at E3, at the Tokyo Game Show, at Christmastime, and on the other videogame blogs to catch any whisper of news that Nintendo might be changing its heart and coming back to court me.  Given the sheer magnitude of an impact that Operations Rainfall and Moonfall have made of late, it’s definitely been encouraging to hear gamers challenge Nintendo, to ask their long, lost lover to come back to them one more time and see that our favor is still true.

And so with as much encouragement as I hear from all the fans out in the Zelda community, I figured I’d toss in my hat to remind Nintendo just how much Majora’s Mask meant to me as a gamer and a game maker.

No matter where Majora’s Mask ranks on your list of favorite Zelda games (or even favorite games full stop), every Zelda fan has to admit that it’s a rather unique entry into the series.  In fact, I’d actually have to say that the game was almost ahead of its time.  In a world where development cycles for games range in the ballpark of two years at a minimum, Majora’s Mask was developed in a scant year, the second fastest dev cycle for any Zelda game, losing only to The Adventure of Link.

Yet despite how much content was physically lifted from Ocarina of Time, there are so many elements that are completely distinct in Majora’s Mask that it’s actually quite amazing that they managed to finish all of the gameplay and artistic elements within a single calendar year.  There are actually quite a few technically advanced achievements that went into the creation of MM.  First and foremost, you’ve got the three-day cycle.  While this doesn’t seem like an amazing technical feat at first blush, it’s actually quite an accomplishment—with such limited space on the cartridge—to not only remember the location of every NPC at every given point during the 72-hour period but to also know where they are based upon the events that you have performed thus far over the course of the current iteration.  While I will admit that most of the NPCs have a tendency to remain in place for the most part (and only warp to new locations at dawn and dusk), the same is not true for many of the major characters like Anju, Kafei, Romani and Cremia, and the Postman who physically wander about the world as time passes.  Sure, it may just be a state machine like any other game, but it’s definitely fairly robust for its time.

Second, there were a host of new controls and gameplay elements that had to be prototyped and developed.  Being able to control Deku Link, Goron Link, and Zora Link (not to mention Fierce Deity Link) would not have come in a day, especially considering that some of Link’s various forms controlled extremely differently.  No two characters ran quite the same way nor had the same sound effects for them.  And each of Link’s forms interacted with the environment in drastically different ways.  Zora Link would smoothly glide through the water like a dolphin whereas Goron Link would flat out drown.  Deku Link would practically skip like a stone for a few precious hops while Link himself would be able to temporarily dive underwater.  Goron rolling across the landscape became my preferred way of travel, but no doubt that had to be perfected when navigating those tight corridors in Snowhead Temple and on the Moon.  And with the ability to both fly and swim with relative ease, it’s no doubt that the dungeon design of MM had to contain radically different scenarios than anything OoT had to offer in order to provide the proper level of challenge.

And speaking of dungeons, they didn’t make any of them a simple walk in the park either.  Despite having all of the advantages of Link’s Deku, Goron, and Zora forms, having the 108-minute time limit in tandem with some wickedly devious puzzles made defeating them a heart-pounding, gut-wrenching, mind-numbing experience.  It had everything from Woodfall’s pitch-black corridors and poisonous floors to Snowhead and its mazelike tower and ice-laden traps, from Great Bay with its one-directional passageways and Rube Goldberg physics to Stone Tower’s epic temple inversion mechanic.  Speaking of, Stone Tower needs a very special callout; coming up with that can’t be easy; that’s just not something you can sit down at your desk with some quadrille graph paper and go to town on.  Those puzzles were extremely well designed and a testament to the development team to conjure those devious puzzles in just a year’s time.

And if that wasn’t enough, the bosses would certainly be the game’s coup de grâce.  While Ocarina of Time had its sizable bosses, they hardly compared in stature to MM’s monstrosities.  I remember jumping in against Odolwa as the first boss, and I still recall how worried I felt by how gigantic he was in comparison to scrawny, 10-year-old Link.  And yet in many respects, Odolwa was the most forgettable of the remainder of them.  To this day, Goht remains the most fun boss I’ve ever had the pleasure of fighting (though Stallord in Twilight Princess came extremely close), Twinmold goes into the record books as the biggest of all the Zelda bosses ever, and… The Evil Fish of Doom™ can forever die in a fire after how many times he killed me and how much I panicked that I was going to run out of time during the third day when trying to slay it.  To see bosses that massive was incredible for its now obsolete hardware, and it was not until Shadow of the Colossus did I ever think that bigger was possible.  All in all, each dungeon completed left me completely satisfied and eager to rewind the clock so that I could find out what awaited me next.

When Majora’s Mask came out for me, I was in my sophomore year of college.  My roommate Aaron and I were huge Zelda geeks, and we eagerly awaited the game.  And as the days towards launch day approached, we decided upon an accord.  The two of us would blow through the game as fast as physically possible (though doing our best to not let the effort into our schoolwork wane) in order to see who could beat the game first.  The winner would get… well, I don’t think we actually had any wager on it other than the having the pride to lord over the other with our achievement.

Regrettably, I lost the match, all on account of me having one more test that week than my roommate.  (Still I regret that loss and would be eager to settle the score with Skyward Sword!)  But despite my speed demon efforts to beat the game as fast as possible, something triggered in me as I played MM, something that I’d never noticed before in any videogame to that day.  And that was how closely I felt to the various characters spread throughout the land of Termina.

Majora’s Mask has always been criticized for not having the sheer length of Ocarina of Time; when you compare OoT’s nine dungeons (11 if you count the Ice Cavern and beneath the well) to MM’s four (five if you count the Moon), MM really doesn’t seem to hold up by comparison.  But whereas OoT had length, MM had breadth and depth that OoT couldn’t hope to dream of.  For the first time in any videogame, I was standing in the living, breathing city of Clock Town.  Each other denizen of Termina had an agenda and earnest emotions.  You were seeing a people buckling under their own stress and fear for their lives as they came to grips with the fact that nothing was going to prevent them from dying.  No longer did you have to go talk to the stationary NPC eternally standing right next to the village gate; you had to hunt him or her down… sometimes going way out of your way at odd points during the three-day cycle because they weren’t available at any other time.  And yet, this level of depth is a feature that most modern games still struggle to achieve.  Unless you have the crazy crowd mechanics of Assassin’s Creed or the large list of notable characters of Tales of Symphonia, every city out there looks and feels completely bland.  (Final Fantasy, I’m talking about you.)

Yet sadly, in its heyday of the N64 days, Majora’s Mask remained much more of an eclectic title, selling less than half as well as its sibling predecessor.  I remember the Zelda forums of the day quivering with trepidation over the rigid time limit, wondering if that single feature alone would make a game with Link in it somehow un-Zelda.  I already mentioned the complaints about MM’s length.  I remember the Americans’ horror at being introduced to Tingle (though I will admit, it wasn’t until Wind Waker and Four Swords Adventures when my full hatred for the other man in green had taken a firm root).  I remember my first encounter with the characters I lovingly call “the nose gods” and wondering just how much drug-laced tea Miyamoto had to have been drinking during that year of development.  I remember the disappointment when Princess Zelda had been reduced from major plot point to minor cameo.  And dear goddesses, do I remember cringing every time I set foot into the Goron hall, only to be treated with screams more annoying than baby Mario from Yoshi’s Island.

And so I have to admit that Majora’s Mask wasn’t an entirely flawless game.  I’ll admit that it took some effort to overcome my resistance to the alien world of Termina.  I’ll admit that I gave it criticism for wholesale copying and pasting character models from OoT (criticism that I now realize was entirely wrong to dish out).  And yes, sometimes I still have nightmares centered upon that Evil Fish of Doom™ (It-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named).

But I go up against anyone who says that the experimentalism and creativity that went into creating this crazy twist on the Zelda series somehow makes it a less worthy title in the franchise.

Is it any wonder why so many fans would love to re-experience it yet again on the 3DS?

Now if only Nintendo could finally figure out a way to emulate that dang memory Expansion Pak well without crashing, we’d all be set, ne?



    • Chozo Knight

      I second this notion

    • anonymous


      • You know, as much as I love Majora's Mask, I don't think that they should remake another game. Why would you take 2 years to re-make another game, when you could be making new, awesome games for the 3DS. The graphics can get as awesome as Twilight Princess on the 3DS.

        • anon

          Dude. Grezzo is taking care of the remake. Not Nintendo. So their projects like Zelda WiiU and Skyward sword can go on as planned.

          • shooflypi

            somebody should email Grezzo and ask about Majoras Mask 3D

          • mcdude910

            Yo, check out Operation Moonfall. That's what it's all about.

          • A_LINK_IN_TIME

            That needs to happen!

        • A_LINK_IN_TIME

          Majora, we can have an MM remake and a TP style all-new Zelda game for 3DS. I believe the 3DS will see it's share of Zelda games during it's life time!

          • mcdude910

            I'm guessing, since it already has a remake, and likely another on the way (MM), I'm only expecting one game for it, two at the very most. It has to have one, though. Every Nintendo system (sans the Virtual Boy) has had a Zelda game.

        • TwiliMidona

          I'd prefer a Majora's Mask remake to another TP Graphic Zelda game. No offence to you or anyone else who favours it but in my opinion I would like Zelda 3DS to be either cel-shaded (Wind Waker) or impressionist (Skyward Sword)

  • Tsubasa_zero

    Yes, majora was en is a master piece. Friends of my got horrible stuck in the game, which doesn't happen very oftain.
    Also, Tales of Symphonia is a master piece as well, it's my faverite GC game (yes even more then WW).
    So Nintendo. BRING MM TO 3DS!

  • David

    Lovely article 🙂
    And the way you first gave out about the "Copy Paste" models just goes to show how people shoukd really give a game a chance.
    What is wrong with Tingle?? He's awesome! Weird.. but still awesome 😀
    (I'm Irish… We have a happier outlook on life n__n)

    • dnls2e

      The most fun was to pop Tingle's balloon and hear him yell. Of course he also had his famous magic words "Tingle, Tingle, Kooloo-Limpah", which he created himself and are not to be stolen!

    • Christian Schoff

      It's because in Four Swords the bastard would come in with his balloon and try to steal your Force Gems. It was annoying as hell because he always went for the biggest ones first. Also in Wind Waker he kidnapped 4 dudes, dressed them up like him , and put them to work in his tower.

  • Craig

    Hey "The Missing Link" – You have the Operation Rainfall thing wrong… It isn't Nintendo that aren't localizing them, it's actually the creator's that made the decision to not have the games released in America… Nintendo can't do anything about that, if it makes business sense to that company. Operation Moonfall is still a work in progress and is more likely to be done… but even if so, it could still take a long time. What people need to remember is that Majora's Mask has a complicated structure and not only that – but – like Ocarina 3D, it will be built from the ground up (character models, textures, scenery modelling, recoding, character animations, script input etc…) and it could take the same time or just less than Ocarina. I certainly wouldn't expect Majora's Mask to appear anytime before next Summer… It would be more around holiday next year if anything (that's what Americans call it lol we call it Autumn to Winter time.


      The Missing Link (Author of this article) should copy and paste it into an e-mail to NINTENDO so that Nintendo could read this and think about the 3DS re-make. But ZELDA FANS LISTEN UP!!!! WE ALL NEED TO BUCKLE DOWN AND SEND EMAILS/CALL/SIGN PETITIONS IF WE WANT TO SEE MM ON 3DS!!!!! SEND EMAILS ONCE< TWICE, THREE TIMES < 100 TIMES! WE NEED NINTENDO TO GET TYHE MESSAGE THAT WE WANT ZELDA MM 3DS!

    • themisssinglink

      Re: Rainfall, to say that Nintendo doesn't have any influence at all in the decision is a little oversimplistic. Nintendo actually does have a horse in the race. When a developer goes to a publisher, the publisher brings representatives from all of its regions to the meeting to see if they're at all interested in publishing in a region. And since it's the publisher that makes the actual discs for a region, the publisher has a veto power in the process for bringing the game to an area, especially since they're likely the ones to do the physical localization. While a developer certainly has some amount of negotiating power in the deal, Nintendo would be able to apply some leverage upon them to say that they should heavily consider publishing in that region.

      But the story that we haven't heard is that Nintendo hasn't claimed that their hands are tied; they're just saying, "Well, we don't have plans." Either they're protecting the developer, or they're just grinning and bearing their decision.

      As for Moonfall, yes, I'm aware it will take a while. I actually estimate that it would take somewhere in the ballpark of 7-10 months to bring MM3D to the 3DS if it hasn't yet been started. They've got the technical knowhow to port an N64 game to the 3DS, and since MM was built upon OoT's engine, that will certainly expedite the delivery, but every time MM has been ported to another system, it's been buggy and susceptible to crash, so it will yet require engineering effort. I reckon they'll also want to spruce up the game just as they did with OoT3D, and as such they'll replace a bunch of the art assets in order to make that happen.

      The real question boils down to when Nintendo STARTS development on it (if they do). Once you do that, you start the clock. If they started today, the earliest you'd see the game is spring 2012.

  • The Doctor

    GYORG! Evil fish Gyorg! 🙂

    • Begclawmrf

      oh and i never played MM but i might on the 3ds…

  • Begclawmrf

    SHMORGISHGYORG! Evil masked leftovers?

  • supergiraloz

    it rocks,
    'nuff said.

  • mason

    ya well skyward sword is gonna be way better than majoras mask but majora is pretty good but the items in the game were basically simple which i'm not a fan of i like unique items.

    • How can you say that? Even if you have the classics (bow, bombs, hookshot) there were some very unique items, particularly with the masks. The Deku, Goron, Zora, and Fierce Deity masks completely change Link's movement and fighting mechanics.

    • Talon

      the 3 main masks were unique items in themselves.
      also the swords were cooler than any other Zelda.
      the other items arent always supposed to be unique..
      Link not having a hookshot for example just isnt right.

    • Krut

      you are an idiot mason.

      • avert_from_the_norm

        indubidably and without fault your arguement is illogical and flawed. Snobby british voice and attitude asside, Yes, Skyward sword is, in a manner of speaking, going to be better. But it will only be better due to the fact that it is coming out well over a decade later. If you were to have majora's mask done for the first time(as if it had never before been a game released) on wii after the exact same dev. time as the new SS It would surpass it. Besides the obvious improvements, there are less obvious and albeit unbeknownst things that would be added. So basically, take all the Good stuff, extract the old and bad, and add in content galore it would (speculation and opinion of course until SS has been released) far surpass skyward sword because of it's revolutionary additions to the zelda series that has nary been seen on consoles before or since in the level that was on MM.

        Big reason being, save land from threat prevalent to all, npc's react, world extremely believable and engaging, mask mechanics adding umpteen additional fighting options and tactics, ect. in adnauseum. and yes, my whole arguement was about it being made for the first time here and now, but that was to say that It would then actually dwarf it's predecessor OoT in majority opinion, as it should. However, it still remains in the top 3 zelda games PERIOD to date, ranking in most people's opinion at 1 or 2 and very likely will continue that record after SS. It's variety is what makes it shine so much!

    • avert_from_the_norm

      oh, and simple items, are you F$#@ING S^&$ING me. and this kinda applies to the rest of you. the 3.5 transformation masks (.5 being fierce since only usable gainst bosses) are technically items. Yet, if you discount those, you cannot discount the 20 ADDITIONAL COLLECTIBLE ITEM MASKS. Honestly, when you include those, it actually had the biggest item set, even though some of the masks were very specific and pointless to a great deal of the game, many of them had fun, powerful and important uses. plus, ice arrows freezing water. and sometimes, simple is best.

  • I know. It's really amazing how they made a direct sequel into a comlpletely different game! And these graphics were probably the most advanced for the N64. They used the same game engine as Ocarina of Time, yes, but I bet they touched it up a lot! But who cares about graphics, I only care about the gameplay, story, and music.

    • Keimori

      I Agee, But I also think good graphics are like the sweet preaty icecing on the cake, I think everyone can agree that theres no better game than a game that is fun to play, listen to and look at, all at the same time.

    • avert_from_the_norm

      You know what, i don't know off the top of my head right now since i'm tired, but if MM is officially called a sequel to OoT then i think that that is not actually accurate or true, It is more of a spin-off and side-story. Honestly, only a few things at the begining truly connect it to OoT, but in no way does it significantly follow up to the ending and story of it's predecessor. I think that actually calling it a sequel in a way diminishes it.

      Now don't rage at me, just my opinion, and i am feeling the room spin a bit, so i could be a bit delusional, but just think about it(no, i'm not high or drunk and not THAT tired or loopy, just a bit, getting worse, rambling…). Where wa-ZELDA'S BELLYBUTTON RING WHAT WAS THAT!!! sorry, couldn't resist. done…for now 3:D MUAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH

  • robotortoise

    Okay, If Nintendo makes this for the 3DS and puts the Goron baby sound effect in with the 3DSes surround speakers, I will eventually end up throwing my game system on the ground…..or at least turning the volume off. And Tingle in 3D…. well, let's just say my dreams won't be as pleasant as usual.

    Other than that, it's an AMAZING game. Majoras's Mask 3D FTW!

  • mikeypizzalover

    This was a good read to wake up to. I was disapointed when Grezzo left out Jabu-Jabu's mouth opining sound effecct. It makes me think if the DO make MM3D, what sound effects might be left out. Perhaps like, the earth quakes during the third day? I dunno. I hope not, though.

    • Keimori

      the left the gorons secondary " Gooooorrroo" out of it too. that kinda disaponted me, but it didn't ruin it. But I doubt they'd leave out something as Important and atmopheric as the earthquakes on the third day.

    • Sage of Hyrule

      I was disappointed too when I couldn't hear Jabu-Jabu breathing when you first walked into the fountain. A small detail, yes, but it was part of the nostalgia to me when I first played it and will remain so, if only in my imagination.

      Yeah I doubt they would leave out the earthquakes… That was an important part in trying to get the player to realize "hey, buddy, you really don't have much time left." I wondered if they had forgotten about those sounds in OoT, because they really were minor. I'm surprised I even noticed!

  • RurouniRinku

    Y'all need to stop hating on Tingle. I'm from Tennessee and am more redneck (though more educated) than most Tennesseans, and I find Tingle to be a most eccentric and enjoyable character, and he most definitely isn't gay, as his motivation for most everything he does is usually in hopes of gaining the interest of women. Tingle is kinda like everyone's lovable bachelor Uncle Ned, who is the biggest dork in the family, but no get together would be complete without him, 'cause even though he grows older, he never grows up. We all have a relative like this, and even though we would never be them, we love them.

    Or maybe it's the just Irish in me talking

    • I agree with you. He's eccentric, but lovable. I thought he was creepy at first, but after getting a few maps from him I started to see him as silly.

      Tingle is huge in Japan–he has his own games there. But a lot of Americans don't like him, so they never ported those games to the US.

  • zeldafreak1997

    if you think majora should be brought back and remade on the 3ds read and watch this

    • trolol


      • GorCoronSumo

        You shouldn't have done that.

  • TwilightEchoes

    they really need to bring it back! i want to play that game so bad but nooo, my stupid brother let a friend borrow our nintendo 64 so i cant play it >:( but if it comes to the 3DS then i wont have to worry about that anymore!! and @zeldafreak1997, that creepypasta is amazing! watch out for BEN…. because…. you shouldnt have done that….

    • Darkstar

      You could always download it via Virtual Console or get the GC collector's edidion cd.

  • BlueRhapsody123

    Majora’s Mask is my favorite Zelda game, maybe one of my favorite games, period. It was so different and new, My favorite memory is when I was on the Kafei and Anju quest, and that hand appeared out of the toilet… I jokingly gave him Anju’s note, thinking he wouldnt take it… I didnt finish the quest until so much later… Good times…

  • Hank Hill

    that was pretty gay, i tell you what. and the game was short and unsatisfying. a good game, but not on my top 5.

  • cfhdhfv

    If only Nintendo could figure out how to emulate the expansion pack well? You clearly haven't played Majora's Mask on Virtual Console. I had no issues

    • I have it for the Virtual Console and only came across a glitch one time. Unfortunately the freeze happened as I was finishing up the Great Bay Temple and I had to start over. :,(

  • I<3DekuScrubs

    *wipes away tears* I feel in love with Majora's Mask when I was just a wee child… and I have loved it ever since. It was my second Zelda game, and even though it was different it only took me about two minutes to realize how amazing it was. Nintendo, if you can hear me, please remake it for the 3DS <3

  • Nein No Non

    A Majoras Mask remake would make me so happy. I loved that game so much. Even more than Ocarina of Time. I only played through MM twice so a remake would feel like a new game for me. I dont remember much from MM's dungeons.

    On a side note, the thumbs up thumbs down system on this website is misused. Ive noticed anytime someone posts an opinion they get thumbs down. But when someone says something brief and agreeable, no opinions included, it gets a thumbs up. Realize people that opinions are just that, opinions. Everyone is entitled to their own whether you like it or not. This may be a place for Zelda fans like myself, but you cant like something just because it says Zelda in the title. Be considerate, analytical, and form your own opinion. Thanks for reading.

  • Ashmeee

    I agree 100%. I think the one main thing Majora's Mask topped Ocarina of Time with was not only its depth, but its side quests. I'm not saying OoT didn't have a wide variety of fun, optional side quests, but MM really kicked up the notch. It makes up for the length difference, if you ask me.

    • Darkstar

      MM in it's entirety was a giant side quest.

      • avert_from_the_norm

        um, no, how do you figure that?


    Nintendo is still good nowadays! Just leave behind the Mii franchises and return to your home: Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Donkey Kong, Kirby, Luigi's Mansion, Wario, Kid Icarus, Smash Bros., Paper Mario, Mario Kart, Mario and Luigi, etc.

  • M3tz



    • Trolldad

      But buying 5 copies make you look like a insane fan rather than a true fan.
      If you DO buy 5 copies you could give some to your relatives or friends

  • wind wish?
    is theat the voldi…*gets struck by random a lightining bolt then rained down apon by hundereds of shibon needles and dies

  • My money is ready anytime for this game. C'mon Nintendo, I'm waiting!!!

  • Flare

    Whenever I'm asked what my favorite Zelda game is, I always answer Majora's Mask. I loved OoT (it's actually what brought me into the Zelda series) and Twilight Princess, and all the other games. But there was just something special about MM. Fighting the aliens with Malon. Or rolling around as a Goron. Or swimming as a Zora. Everything was so unique and original – completely different from all the other Zelda games, and yet… entirely the same.

    All this talk of it recently really makes me want to break out my N64 and replay it.

  • zachdavis19

    I love MM so much. It's depth and innovation, while odd and off-putting in the beginning, were the things that made up for a shorter main story. I found Clock town to be the perfect hub: close enough together to navigate but deep enough to explore throughout the game; something I found true of the story, the dungeons, the worlds of the game, and the characters. Plus, MM is one of the most thematically significant games I've ever played. MM wasn't epic in scope, like OoT, but in depth, and in that way I think it surpasses OoT.

  • poesister89

    Majora's Mask is definitely one of my top 5 Zelda games, right next to Ocarina of Time! Majora's Mask added a depth to the series that seemed to be lacking before. Everything seemed more 'alive' and the world almost became more dimensional. I loved the mask aspect and the detailed interactions with characters. What a wonderful jewel in the Zelda series! 🙂

  • noone

    I hate Majora's Mask, it is tedious, repetitive, and annoying. What is with the fetish the Japanese have for masks anyway?

  • Apollo

    Are you from Britain? Just wondering.

    And I agree with you, Majora's Mask was an excellent addition to the Zelda series and I think sometimes people don't realize that. They tend to put it in the same boat as Adventure of Link and Faces of Evil and Wand of Gama-whateveryoucallit! But it's Not! It's an amazing game! And I hope to see it on the 3DS!

  • Cloverplayer

    Majora's Mask is one of the best games ever. Period.

  • Jotari

    This time round I want all the characters to walk in doors as night approaches. No warping. Who agrees with me?

  • pve

    majora's mask was better than ocarina of time.

    when ya think about the stories of each of the games, majora's mask has a much better story.

    the ocarina of time story consisted of: ganon is coming. quick, open the temple of time, get the sages to do something. woops ganon got into the sacred realm. now hes taken over hyrule. killl ganondorf.

    majora's mask has much more dept and sophistication.

  • Ty S

    I can't properly describe here what a huge disappointment this game was to me, but, TML, you already know a bit about my feelings on the subject.

    Frankly, I think the whole thing is the result of a lateral shift in the dev team's approach. When you can't bulk up the engine for the usual "The same, only more and better" style that so many favor with sequels, you have a lateral shift.

    They couldn't push the primitive N64 hardware to do too much outside of OoT, so they messed with the gameplay and world elements. I think a lot of what was done to make the game differ so drastically from OoT was simply done in poor taste and as a rush job in an attempt to make something different.

    Oh, and apparently my name is too short to post? Great, I haven't seen that since I bought flight tickets online back in 98. Thanks for taking me back, ZU.

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  • Okami

    If only…