Ladies and gentlemen: Creative ZU member [email protected] has recently announced the next part of his 3D animation Past and Present with a very exciting trailer. This next action-packed episode promises to have a few surprises and continues to make its way towards making a very thrilling fan-made series. View the trailer after the jump!

If you’re dying to know how Link of Twlight Princess got to meet the young version of the Hero of Time, head over to [email protected]’s youtube channel to get yourself ready for the upcoming episode. And if you are a youtuber, do him a favor and subscribe!

Thanks, IGNIS, for the tip!
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  • tenacioustwitch

    Cool! haha first! 😀

    • xxx

      An idiot commented he was first, wow, such an event.

      • Celesteon

        you seem so sarcastic. We should honor and congratulate this brave warrior for being the first….

      • mcdude910

        So, he said first, why do you care? I say first when I get it, too. It's pretty exciting! 😛

    • What an accomplishment! Who would you like to thank while accepting your award?

      • tenacioustwitch

        I guess I would like to thank nintendo for making Zelda such an awesome series! Sincerely my favorite of all time!

  • There were some serious animation issues but it still looks flippin' awesome.

  • Bingo

    As much as I want this to look cool, like the previous commenter said, there are some serious animation issues. I'm hardly in the place to criticize, but it might be worth the creator's while to work out the kinks on some of those animations before releasing this.

  • Cinder

    It looked awesome!

  • This Trailer looks epic!

  • #1 Zelda Game Lover

    I LOVE IT!
    He has inspired me . . .

  • Xdddxdd

    Nice… this probably runs at 5fps



  • textbookleftovers

    This looks pretty freaking epic.

  • #1 Zelda Game Lover

    This guy is the next Miyamoto.

  • SpiritOfBelief

    WOOOOOOAH I can't wait!!!

  • Euro-Link

    The trailer looks magnificent, and I'm looking forward to watching Part 2 of [email protected]’s animation 'Legend of Zelda: Past and Present', but I hope his English dialogue has improved since Part 1 as it detracted from an otherwise excellent piece of work. However, having said that I have to admit even with it's flaws his English is 100 times better than my Japanese! Will Zelda Universe be posting a link to the video when Part 2 of the story is ready?

  • Guest

    His first language is french if im not mistaken
    He made a couple of comments in french that were better than his english dialogue

  • Drizzt

    ummm.. HECK YEAH!

  • Paul
  • royen

    is this a game or a movie? for it looks like a movie type xD

  • nintendude

    I think that the framerate for this video is really glitchy and budgy

    • nintendude

      or is it, my laptop?……….