This looks very sexy to a nerd like me!

If, like me, you’re still wiping the drool off of your chin from the sight of the magnificent creation above, then I’m afraid that I have some bad news: it’s not for sale, and it’s one of a kind. Ben Howard put three months work into this chess set and it looks like it was definitely worth the effort. The pieces are split into both good and evil characters from the series.

For a full list of characters included in this chess set hit the jump!

Good pieces
King: Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule
Queen: Princess Zelda
Bishops: Zoras
Knights: Links
Rooks: Gorons
Pawns: Koroks

Evil pieces
King: Ganondorf
Queen: Veran
Bishops: Wizzrobes
Knights: Moblins
Rooks: Octoroks
Pawns: Chu Jellies

Each piece is unique, even down to each individual pawn. Ben also seems to have used the art style from The Wind Waker for each piece, despite the fact that characters such as Veran and the Zoras don’t appear in that game (theorists could argue that Zoras appear in a different form, but for all intents and purposes…). For more images of this chess set click here.

Just as a special bonus, we thought that we would throw in this comical motion comic by Zac Gorman.

If you were going to create a Zelda chess set, what characters would you base the pieces after? Leave your comment below!

Source: The Daily What