While this is a very atypical type of article written here on Zelda Universe, we thought it would be pretty cool to do a sort of art spotlight on an amazing fan art picture of Lord Ghirahim/Debbie.

Made by DeviantArt user, Mudora, this picture is quite an accurate representation of the current Lord Ghirahim and really, if we do say so ourselves, makes him look quite fabulous.

(Click on the image to get full size)

Source: Mudora, DeviantArt
  • Danimus

    Why are we still calling this freaky guy Debbie? It seems his real name is Ghirahim, so…

  • Why does always Ghirahim reminds me of Magus from Chrono Trigger?

    But I agree he looks as fabulous as ever.^^

    • Keimori

      um..becauses they're both grey with red eyes and white hair?

  • adam

    It's pretty awesome, but he lost his faboulesness….

  • SheikfreakIvan

    I wouldnt call this fantastic, its good but not THAT good.

  • Mugen K. I. Kagemaru

    Hey, Mudora! Try Phi next if you haven't already!

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