For all who have been on top of the Skyward Sword trailers and game play footage that have been revealed lately, you may have noticed a man with a similar appearance to the Ocarina of Time light sage, Rauru. Now, let’s compare some of the features of the two pictures.

As you can see, while their beards are similar, the unknown man’s runs across   his head in a somewhat V-like shape, while Rauru’s does not. Rauru is also a bit bulkier than the unknown man, as well as shorter in appearance. If you look at their clothes, differences are quite noticeable. The unknown man has a gold crest across his upper chest, while Rauru does not.

Some similarities are the color of their robes being fairly close in color, as well as the color of their beards. They also both exude this type of sagely, God-like presence.

It can be concluded by most that while there are many similarities between these two characters, they are probably not the same character. What are your thoughts on this? Do you believe this unknown character could be Rauru? Do you think he’s a descendant? Comment below!

Source: ZeldaDungeon