For all who have been on top of the Skyward Sword trailers and game play footage that have been revealed lately, you may have noticed a man with a similar appearance to the Ocarina of Time light sage, Rauru. Now, let’s compare some of the features of the two pictures.

As you can see, while their beards are similar, the unknown man’s runs across   his head in a somewhat V-like shape, while Rauru’s does not. Rauru is also a bit bulkier than the unknown man, as well as shorter in appearance. If you look at their clothes, differences are quite noticeable. The unknown man has a gold crest across his upper chest, while Rauru does not.

Some similarities are the color of their robes being fairly close in color, as well as the color of their beards. They also both exude this type of sagely, God-like presence.

It can be concluded by most that while there are many similarities between these two characters, they are probably not the same character. What are your thoughts on this? Do you believe this unknown character could be Rauru? Do you think he’s a descendant? Comment below!

Source: ZeldaDungeon
  • Gerudo_Prince

    To me, it looks like it could be Rauru in his "youth". Or at least just a few hundred years younger. The example you made about the eyebrows. Rauru's eyebrows make the same shape, only it looks as if they are lesser, like he has lost hair over the year. The same thing about his girth and height. As time went on he got a little rounder and shorter. I think that would be awesome if this were the case. Explaining how this man came to be the sage of light. I am very excited to play this game and see what it reveals.

  • I actually legitimately think it IS Rauru, who was the past princess Zelda's father (summing up the comments above XD)
    This would also explain his closeness to the royal family…?

  • Rose De Nose

    It wouldn't suprise me if it wasn't Rauru. Nintendo doesn't exactly jump on oppurtunities to connect to other games, which is a damn shame.

    • D.A.

      Completely untrue. The tie-ins in Wind-Waker were countless. Less so in TP but still very present.

  • Lach Menel

    I though it was the king or Zelda's father when I first saw the trailer. He reminded me of the King of Red Lions in WW.

  • mini link

    it may be him, but who know mabe nintendo is messing with us…..

    • D.A.

      His Name's going to be Raurin or something. We'll never know for sure. Why, Nintendo, you tease!

  • Jotari

    The slight differences in appearance aren't necessarily proof that they are not the same person. Things don't always look the same between games (cough cough Kokiri Sword). I'm not saying that it definitely is Rauru either, I'm surprisingly indifferent about it.

  • KidGoku13

    I still think Kaepora Gaebora…compare the way his head looks upside down to the man in the picture. VERY similar looking. PLUS, Skyloft has a big thing about birds. Kaepora Gaebora was reincarnated AS A BIRD! It makes sense, doesn't it?

    • Keimori

      You certainly bring up an interesting point.

    • D.A.

      There are plenty of rumours that link Kaepora to Rauru, though. Things are getting complicated now…

  • TheMaverickk

    Also Wind Waker had a lot of tie in's with Ocarina of Time.

    So don't put it past Nintendo to make use of those tie in opportunities. Twilight Princess was kind of an odd release cause it had tie in's but since it was an alternate timeline it seemed to do it poorly. Things like the Lost Woods, Skull Kid, and even the sages, while there didn't seem to acknowledge things from OoT. Even Ganondorf didn't say or do much to connect ot OoT either.

  • TheMaverickk

    I think Keapora Geabora should be a part of this comparison if it's going to be done.

    Here's a pic for people to check out;

    If you compare Keapora to this mystery character they have the same eye brows. Between the 3 characters there are some definite connections.

  • D.A.

    Could be both… OH SNAP!

  • riley

    yeah, its probly rauru except youngger

  • JIn

    Not the first time that we've seen a character thats similar to a previous characters so I doubt it, but all we can do is wait and see. I'd be (pleasantly) surprised if it is Rauru though I'll say.

  • Scrivs

    This might just be a coincidence, but if you look at this guy's facial hair, it looks a lot like Rauru's facial hair, except upside down. (Rauru's beard is the guy's eyebrows, and Rauru's eyebrows is the guy's mustache). This is similar to Kaepora Gaebora and how he flips his head upside down sometimes.

  • Mucrush

    I think its him. I mean, come on! Why judge on the height and clothe design? You do know Skyward Sword is before Ocarina of Time, so of cause he would be higher because he is younger (people can shrink when they get older) and do you really think a person would wear the all exactly same clothes for 100 years?! No way!

    If not him, then they clearly stole some parts from him xD

    Btw. some Zelda characters, which has appeared in some old games, has gotten redesigns in their newer appearenss 😀

  • What if Rauru was the old man from Zelda 1? I know I'm a bit off topic, but I thought it would be interesting.

    • Perhaps more interesting, what if Rauru was the old man guarding the Triforce of Courage in Zelda 2?


    that is all

  • Spire

    A certain Gossip Stone in Ocarina of Time says that Kaepora Gaebora is a reincarnation of an ancient sage. In OoT, Rauru tells Link, “I am Rauru, one of the ancient Sages… Ages ago, we ancient Sages built the Temple of Time to protect the entrance to the Sacred Realm…”

    I’m banking on this man either being Rauru or Kaepora Gaebora. If he is Rauru, then Kaepora Gaebora is the physical manifestation of Rauru within the confines of Hyrule. If he is Kaepora Gaebora, then Rauru’s sense of fashion derives from that established (or continued) by him.

    This man straight up looks like an owl, and seeing as how Skyward Sword isn’t going for the quasi-realistic look of TP, characteristic distortion would certainly be implemented in design to convey such concepts. It is not a far cry to assume this man was designed to look like an owl for a specific reason.

  • Aivatrix

    I think it may very well be Rauru. Nintendo might have skyward sword building dirrectly into ocarina of time.

  • Jailin

    It could actually be likely if he's Zelda's father and Rauru. With the reasoning you stated yourself, if he's both of those 2, he will automatically become the other 2 also, making all 4 possible. So if you think of it that way, it could be a good guess

  • You have a point, but Tetra and Anjean were best friends, so it's not like they're completely unrelated unless you're just talking in familial terms.

  • Jacob Graham

    I'd love it to be Rauru, but I'm not sure if Nintendo would think to bring back a character from such an old game…wait, what am I saying? Ocarina of Time is soon to be rereleased, it's the most influential adventure game in the world, and they did the same thing with Skull Kid in Twilight Princess and Deku Tree in Wind Waker. It's totally Rauru!

    • alrightmullet

      skull kid in twilight princess?!? did i miss something?? or have i forgotten something… 🙁

      • IcePhantom

        Sacred Grove…? Did you just have a herp-derp moment?

  • Navi

    It all means that it was Navi the one. Because it did, but otherwise. However, Rauru.

  • Quelorie

    It is definitely Rauru, I am actually kind of disappointing with your article as well. Firstly it was very unbiased, and secondly you are not taking into account lore, time nor graphic art style in the game. Did the Deku Tree in the Wind Waker look like that of Ocarina of Time? Sure they were different trees, but they were a completely different art style. How about Great Fairies? They all ways look different due to art style. These characters look so similar, it is actually very strange that you would doubt that it it is Rauru, more than anything, his eyebrows/hair support the Rauru-Kaepora Gabora theory than anything.

  • justhadtosayit

    guys it's not rauru… it's Tom from marketing.

  • I don't think this is Rauru, or any ancestor. Just similar artwork.

  • If its really Rauru he’d have that giant triforce mark on his head.

    • Craig

      He wouldn't if the Triforce isn't as much of a big deal in this game. Triforce is directly linked to the powers that created the land of Hyrule (below the clouds) and not Skyloft.

  • mini link

    he kinnda looks like king of red lions…..

    • cloverplayer

      red and gold is generally the color scheme of hylian kings

  • HeroOfWinds2

    Umm maybe the differences come from the fact that… Oh I don't know… completely different graphical style and power, plus the fact maybe they just wanted to make him look a little different?

  • Becky

    I think it's more likely to be either him younger (I can imagine a great sage like him capable of living a good while) or a descendant who has the genetic white hair and the robes could be traditional colours and such

  • jduff725

    As many people have already pointed out, there is a thing called redesign. Plus, people to tend to shrink as the get into their latter years, and weight gain wouldn't be so shocking, now would it? People change clothes. Not to mention that Rauru in OoT does call himself an "ancient sage" who helped build the Temple of Time and forge the Master Sword. Considering that this game is about the Master Sword's origin, this theory isn't going too far at all.

    But there's one more thing we haven't considered? Why is Nintendo releasing a remade Ocarina of Time game shortly before this one? There are a couple of reasons. One, it's an absolute classic, like Starfox 64 and a few others that they are remaking for the 3DS. However, consider the fact that there is an entirely new generation of gamers out there who have never owned a Nintendo 64. There are countless people who have never played Ocarina of Time. Don't be so shocked. Remaking the game on the 3DS is going to give veteran Ocarina players an exciting time, but it's also going to introduce the greatest game ever to a whole lot of people who don't know that much about the game. They'll play OoT3D and when they play Skyward Sword when it comes out, they'll understand a whole lot more than they would had they never played OoT. These "Ocarina newbies" get the chance to experience SS the way a lot of us who have played OoT will. So if this really is Rauru, it will not only get us pumped to see the guy again, but these newbies will have the same experience! So the very fact that OoT is being released in 3D gives us reason to believe that there will be a lot of references if not cameos from people we first met saving Hyrule with our magical ocarina.

  • xxx

    F u c k i n g fanboys and their f u c k i n g zeldgarsms

  • Raaru or not, I'd definitely agree that the Skyward Sword guy looks to have been inspired by the Sage of Light.

  • My comment had nothing to do with if they are the same person or not I am just saying LOOK AT THOSE WEIRD EYEBROWS!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 2797

      Correction: EyeBROW. not plural

  • Gerudo_Prince

    Well, I think that is very interesting, because he could be very well all three. The same way Link and Zelda are a different person in each game, it is the spirit of who they are that they become another Link/Zelda. So it could be that this man, is all of them. Whether he is at once, or throughout the ages. His spirit could be so strong and powerful to the zelda world that he is in fact always there.

  • dark_link121

    someone finally pointed that out, thank you, that symbol is seen quite a lot in TP

  • dark_link121

    that would be interesting

  • supergiraloz

    it's more than likely that he is, he even says in OoTthat he was part of an original group of sages from long ago,

  • Tsubasa_zero

    I agree. I think it's the king of hyrule (well he isn't the king of hyrule jet, but you get the gist of it)

  • Saria_Forest14

    When we first had heard of Rauru in OOT, he was a sage, and thus deceased, and he even said his body was 'long gone' or something along those lines, so this mystery character could possibly be him while he was still alive. However, I find it highly unlikely, considering I can't really recall a time ANY of the minor zelda characters where repeated and portrayed to be EXACTLY the same person. Majora's mask repeated a lot of familiar faces (Such as Ingo and King Zora) but again, they were NOT the same persons, they just looked like them, so, all things considered, it's POSSIBLE, but highly unlikely.

    • TheMaverickk

      Wind Waker had lots of bloodlines stuff going on…. Tetra was a descendent of the original Zelda. The Deku Tree Sprout has become the Deku Tree in WW…. Jabu-Jabu became Jabun, or Jabun was Jabu-Jabu's descendent.

      The Rito in that game are actually technically from the Zora bloodline… the Koroks were at one point the Kokiri (further emphasized by the fact that the Forbidden Forest Dungeon is the Koroks old home which has the tribe markers on all the doors).

      There have been more drastic character redesigns in a Zelda game and yet they were still connected to OoT.

  • eliteninja23

    well… Ganondorf in OoT had black armor on, and Ganondorf in WW was wearing black robes, and had a bit of a beard. are they different people? no, it's just an artistic choice for the same character in different games. just saying, i wouldn't rule out the option of them being the same person.

  • sk8on9876

    I hope we get to see all six sages and find out how they came to be..

  • licawolf

    My first thought when I saw him in the trailer was "Rauru!", he just give me that vibe. I think the color palette is not a coincidence, it was designed purposely to be reminiscent of him, but not identical. If he's not Rauru, he may be another Sage of Light, or someone related.

  • alrightmullet

    my bad, Rauru IS an ancient sage. so yeah, id put money on this being rauru and he and the ancient sages potentially forge the sacred realm in SS!! oooh now THAT would be epic!

  • #1 Zelda Game Lover

    I agree. He does look kingly like. even though there is no royalty shown in this game. He does look like he could be Zelda's father.

  • TheMaverickk

    There is no way to be sure…. Zelda has had many care takers over the years. Impa for example hung around Zelda a lot, but she wasn't a relative, just a care taker and someone who guarded her on behalf of someone.

    Ruaru could be filling that role in this game, hence why we see him a lot.

    Mind you I think he's a Sage, and he organized the bird race thing for the bird statue, which is apparently a ceremony. To me a ceremony to me implies something religious, and he's ust an overseer of it as a Sage.

  • arroba

    Have all the zeldgasms you want and remember them well, that way it'll hurt more when none of them proves right once the game comes out.
    Nerds… they're pathetic.

  • cloverplayer

    I can't believe I didn't realize this before, I know it probably doesn't have anything to do with anything but:

    In super smash bros melee/brawl, the "temple of time" stage is in the sky on a floating island. Maybe the temple is created in the sky and eventually is brought down to hyrule along with the other floating islands besides the Oocoo village?

    • Banooru

      Thats an interesting observation, but another reason (other than hinting at where the temple of time was made) for them to make that stage in the sky is so players could die by falling.

      • GorCoronSumo

        The stage is called "Temple" not "Temple of Time"

  • wolf pack rules

    ……………….Gosh……… its the Vaati / Ghiraham(Debbie) thing all over again…………………….

  • bully

    Don't you think that not only this *new* old man is resembling someone in past Zelda games? This young guy with long, white hair remembers me of Scarblade from The Minish Cap. I know their does not have to be a connection, but it's something that stroke me.

  • Banooru

    I've never felt too compelled to play AoL before I read the comments from this article. Now I want to really bad since it seems to have so much content.

  • 2797

    OMG!!! you guys! the eyebrows! Ganondorf eyebrows! i know that this guy dosent seem evil but we cant rule out all possibilities (did i spell that right?) and this is 'the oldest Zelda and Link' so could we really rule out that this guy is eventully (did i spell that right?) evil?

  • Has anyone else noticed the man with the long white hair standing next to Rauru (or whoever it is) during gameplay looks similar to the Rito Chieftan from Wind Waker & the Shaman from Twilight Princess?

    Here' a comparison picture:

  • Pantalones

    Makes sense for it to be Rauru. He appears to have given Link the clothes in Skyward Sword. In Ocarina of Time, Rauru is the one who provides the adult Link with the green tunic.

    The color scheme of his robe matches that of Rauru, and add quite a few years, the height and difference in facial hair make perfect sense.

    • UltimaHedgie

      I don't really see where you get the notion that Rauru gave Link his tunic. Link was wearing it from the start, and it still has the name "Kokiri Tunic" even as an adult. It basically "grew" with him when Link got older.

  • goronking

    they said in ocarina of time that rauru was a ancient sage.

  • Lames

    AoL may have been released way before OoT, but it takes place later in the timeline so the towns would have been named after the sages.

  • UltimaHedgie

    There's a huge belief out there that Rauru himself is Kaepora Gaebora, as well, guiding Link throughout his quest (though unlike in the case of the King of Red Lions, its never directly revealed if Rauru is actually Kaepora Gaebora or not). Several factors call into play. A gossip stone (not sure which one) seems to indicate that Kaepora Gaebora is an Ancient Sage. Rauru introduces himself as an Ancient Sage. Rauru is also the only sage who seems to be incapable of leaving the Sacred Realm, likely due to him just being a lingering spirit (so as such, he guides Link in the form of Kaepora Gaebora).

    The fact that this guy both resembles Rauru and Keapora Gaebora is very interesting.

  • UltimaHedgie

    Ancestor. The proper term is "Ancestor." At least you were closer, though. Everyone else seems to keep saying "Descendant"… -_-

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