While Nintendo stated during their E3 press conference that Skyward Sword was going to be released this holiday season, Nintendo of Europe’s press site now claims that Skyward Sword will be released in August 2011 instead. Remember, only official press companies can have access to this page. This access comes from well-known gamingΒ  journalist Mike “TSA” Damiani. You may know him from his days on TheHylia, his current work at GameTrailers, or the ever popular GANNON-BANNED meme.

Damiani has been known as a reliable source for years so the questions emerge: Is this a typo? Is this for real? Comment below with your thoughts!

Source: GoNintendo, TSA from NeoGAF
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  • Zeldafreak24/7

    I know what I'm getting as a late birthday present. Oh mother…

  • KyleLink

    Come on Zelda, be released in August as well in America.

  • ChrisLetizi

    I hope this isn't false information πŸ™‚ August seems like a great date. I wasn't sure if I could wait much longer.

  • supergiraloz

    i really hope this is true, and that the samedate applies for US and japan, since australia is always the fourth one to get it i'd only have to wait until late september

  • Astarael


    I don’t know what to think about this. The news apparently comes from Nintendo’s European press site and the word of a well-respected journalist, but still…that’s so early!

    At any rate, I’m not going to get my hopes up. If it comes in August – well, that’d be a wonderful surprise! If not, I won’t have lost any hopes. πŸ™‚

    • So early? Hah, have you seen the gap between A Link To The Past?

      The US got it on April 13th, 1992. Us Europeans got it September 24, 1992.

      That's almost half a year D':

      Three months is nothing! |D

      (Although, I wasn't around at the time of this wait. I was born three years later hurr)

      And, I too would love it if it came out in August. It's certainly possible, as many games were released three months apart. If it doesn't, however, oh well. I'll be a wee bit disappointed, but I can still wait c:
      Patience is a virtue, after all.

    • … Ack, sorry! I just noticed that that sounded a little bit snarky D':

  • TheMaverickk

    This isn't that strange really…

    Nintendo announced a "Holiday" release. The truth is that Holiday is a very vague time frame.

    Naturally most would assume that they mean Christmas. Mind you on the flip side Majora's Mask was considered a "holiday release" even though it came out the last week of October.

    To me Holiday could mean right before Christmas, or even as early as September. So here is hoping that the game will release earlier then November… cause honestly I don't want to have to wait longer then I have to πŸ˜›

  • TheMaverickk

    After a second glance I noticed other game release dates….

    Kid Icarus says Summer 2011… it's already been mentioned that it won't be released till the end of the year and won't come out before summer is over.

    Interestingly Star Fox 64 3D comes out in September and it's not even on that list.

    Super Mario 3DS is even listed for the end of August…. again another game clearly said to be releasing at the very end of the year… if it makes it out on time.

    I think this list may be an old release time frame and in fact may yet to be updated since E3.

    • Astarael

      The thing is though, Luigi's Mansion 2 is also listed on there…and that wasn't announced until E3, so I'm not so sure that it's an old list from prior to E3.

      Unless most of the list is old, with Luigi's Mansion 2 just being tacked on at the end, I suppose.

    • cloverplayer

      they maybe changed the release dates of more than just skyward sword.

  • We will see!

  • I really, REALLY hope this info is real. I'm from Greece, so if Europe has an early release I'll be very happy. I also have my finals so I won't be able to enjoy this game until summer 2012 if is comes out in the middle of my school year.

  • mins

    Oh please don't remind me of it. D:

  • GanonLives

    Any information coming from TSA is not considered solid. Nevertheless it would be good news.

    • TSA

      I was just relaying what is still posted on NOE's press site. I am not making the claim Skyward Sword is coming out in August. I just pointed out to everyone on GAF NOE listed it as August.

  • ganonking

    PLEASE BE REAL! Im from the UK and will be summer holidays in august so I can play without interuption from school

  • I’m pretty sure the phrase “holiday season” refers to any launch of a Zelda game, whether there is a traditional holiday there or not.

    • GorCoronSumo

      "Holiday Season" refers to any time after SS is released.

  • Astarael

    For what it's worth, from Twitter:

    @onm_uk @ngamer_mag Nintendo UK press site has Skyward Sword listed for August, do your job and get us an official confirmation.

    NGamer_mag NGamer Mag
    @Nintex Nah, it's a Christmas release.

    Source: http://twitter.com/#!/ngamer_mag

    Whoever submits tweets on behalf of ngamer.co.uk seems to think that it'll be released in December in Europe.

  • WillZ4E


  • pikachu8090

    Nintendo of Europe site was hacked so this could be a date the hacker put in and that will piss people off. that may not real since nintendo of Europe's website was hacked

  • To be honest, I'd rather have it in the US at the same time as Europe, rather then stagger the releases. I would prefer it to come out in August, but if it's delayed, that's fine with me.

  • Ashmic

    Makers: Holiday

    august = NOT HOLIDAY

    simple as that y would u even put this up lol

    • August = Summer Holidays in Europe.

      August is still a holiday.

      • Ashmic

        doubt it

        • Alexandros

          In mediterranean countries its holidays already. Dont doubt it. I am mediterranian.

        • I live in England, in Europe.

          My summer holidays span from mid July til the end of August.

          The same occurs in France.

          And as Alexandros, in the mediterranean countries, their holidays have already started.

          You have no reason to doubt what I say. I know what I'm talking about, since, well, I live here 😐

          • As Alexandros said,* orz

  • theONLYzeldaFAN


  • Tsubasa_zero

    Not to mention al the other great game we didn't get or had to wait half a year for.

  • Poe Princess Mara

    I hope this real! But I shouldn't get too excited even though I will anyway.

  • zeldalover

    yes europe gets it first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The release of Skyward Sword IS a holiday. Duh.

  • FlySkyHi

    I will be SO happy if this is true!!! πŸ˜›

  • All I know is that I hope that it is true!!!

  • mini link

    plz let it be in august!!!!! even if its in europe, still means america will get it soon too!!!

  • KingDodongo1

    If this is true, and it still comes out in December for America, I'M GOING TO EUROPE!

  • xxx

    this calls for a long drink.

  • Lucas

    Although I seriously hope this information is real, and if so it will have made my whole day no my whole summer. But the thing is I actually think the long dreadful enduring wait is a good thing. Its like when you get stuck in the actual game once you finally get unstuck it makes the experience much better. So what I mean is once the dreadful wait is over the experience will be even better to finally hold the game in your hand (goosebumps) after the wait is better than just right away… does that make sense? Anyone else feel the same way?

    • mini link

      sounds good but i have waited long enough!!!!

  • Nichyevo

    Hey, that's my birthday too. -You see, if all of this is true (not getting my hopes up), it would follow Nintendo's tradition of wanting to release things on Sundays. -Of course, I live in the US, but that's of no circumstance. Europe has had Sunday releases too.

  • ANdom


    theres a dude who claims this is confirmed. somebody with IGN forums account go ask his source?

  • Josh

    If Europe get it early, I'm fine since we use the PAL format here in Down Under.

  • Linkwise

    In Japan there is a long "o-bon" holiday in mid August that they could have been refering to.

  • GorCoronSumo


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