GamePRO in Germany has recently uploaded some new Skyward Sword footage. What’s different is this is the first footage to really show players what the game sounds like. Normally, videos posted focus on the visual part of the game much more than the auditory. In this footage, you really are able to hear what the game sounds like. In this video is some birdriding, some parts of the Sky Temple, and the full Ghirahim battle. So, don’t watch if you dislike spoilers!

P.S. It looks like some idiot thought it would be funny to wave their hand in front of the camera. Sorry about that.

-spoilers ahead, don’t watch if you’re afraid of Ghirahim’s seductiveness-

  • Labrynian Rebel

    Phi sounds awesome! The golden ratio of awesomeness

    • Silver-Lynx4

      y is she named "Phi" 4 me it doesn't make too much like her name 2 be something that SOUNDED like "Master Sword"…just my opinion though xD

      • Scrivs

        what sounds like "Master Sword"

        • Zachattack8888

          Smash Her Board. Lol

    • Phi sounds like she should be in a Skrillex remix. xD

  • retro puppet

    i want this game now. if only i had a special instrument which could manipulate time itself i could play this sooner aggggghhhhhhh!!!!

    • Silver-Lynx4


      • retro puppet


  • Calamitas

    Maybe he's just not used to having to press "Z" all the time for targeting?

  • retro puppet

    i think she sounds awsome!!!!

  • Jess

    Phi sounds like a synthesized pop singer.

    But in a good way.

  • Pryex

    Why's it supposed to be magical, we've seen weird technological things in Zelda before. The Dominion Rod for example.

  • Beka

    The video stopped in the middle and started over! I only got to right when he FINALLY caught the statue.

  • Gabo

    I didn´t know somebody could be so bad at playing Zelda…..He should´ve practiced swordfight in Wii Sports Resort a little before the demo. But awesome Zelda stuff!

  • laodi

    I'm liking the music. however the Stalfos fight song seems out of place.

  • Goro

    Phi's voice sounds like a japenese Version of GlaDos form Portal.

    • lovethelegend

      That was EXACTLY what I was thinking!!! xD

  • Silver-Lynx4

    OMG Zelda is so cute!
    i knew they liked each other I KNEW IT
    YAY ZeLink!!!
    OMG cute scene 5:28-5:57 i like Zelda's attitude she looks so happy i was like aaaawwww

  • Leftyrock91

    Every single video I've seen of Skyward Sword, the player always waggles!! I don't know about anyone else, but these people need to learn how to play a video game IMO.

    • dark_link121

      not to be rude to the player but i was sitting here laughing, i understand completely

  • Silver-Lynx4

    she sounds a little bit weird but… at least shes not yelling "HEY HEY LISTEN" or "WATCH OUT" when u have an EXTREMELY BIG SKULLTULA IN FRONT OF U i mean COME ON! Link is not blind!

    • Zachattack8888

      Now Imma let chu finish but I just wanna say that Navi is the greatest fairy OF ALL TIME!!! *Punch Sound Effect*
      Sorry, Kanye got a hold of my computer…
      But Silver-Lynx4 does have a point.

  • HeikkiV

    Seriously, who do the players in these live-gameplay-footages always suck? I'm raging at the lack of targeting >:(

  • GorCoronSumo

    Well the dude is freaking diamonds! : )

    • TheMaverickk

      I've noticed there's diamonds everywhere in this game. Switches, designs on characters, there's something thematic going on here.

      • Shadowknight1

        Yeah, but crystal switches have been diamond shaped since Ocarina of TIme.

  • I think I memorized the Sky Temple from all the footage I've been watching about it.

  • dragonchi26

    The bosses in this game look annoyingly hard. Almost unforgiving. Keep in mind that, when you have the game yourself, you will only start with 3 hearts. not the amount given in the playable demo. So I'm kinda worried about that. I appreciate a good challenge but, this seems to be a little overboard. Especially for the beginning of the game when you are most vulnerable, ill-equipped and inexperienced.

    That having been said, the game looks fucking awesome in every conceivable way. Can't Wait!!

    • Justin

      if you think this looks too hard there are some games that i'd just love to see you play.

    • Maxxxxxy

      It didn't look very hard. I think that the person Demoing it was trying to show off the game. There is a few times I'm pretty sure they take hits intentionally.

    • dragonchi26

      I don't understand why I am getting any thumbs down for showing a legitimate worry. I didn't word in such a way that made it sound like it was fact. I said "Look" not "Is" once I play I could be entirely wrong, but I also could be right. Noone has any right to judge me when nobody knows what the game will be like once its released. I'm just making a fair observation that to me makes perfect sense. I really hate this unwarranted "Thumbs down" BS.

  • Nessa

    I thought targeting was taken out


    Literally, just as the chest materialised, I got an email. And me being the zelda fan I am, my email notification sound is none other than the item catch sound |D

    For a moment I thought it was the video and I was like 'o-o', but then I realised that whoever emailed me must be amazing and godly ๐Ÿ˜€

    Although they'll never be as godly as Koji Kondo and co <3
    Man, aside from Zelda's lovely gameplay, it's the music that keeps me hooked!

  • FlySkyHi

    Omg Link actually laughed!!! So cute!

  • Soulless Creature

    Debbie is creepy.

    • Jonah

      Oh, you did not just say that.


    • dark_link121

      ok well then i might also be creepy, because i think he's cute

  • The bird at 4:16 reminded me of Wind Waker.. Helmaroc King — maybe Ganon and/or his bird will be in here as well!

    • dark_link121

      that would make sense

      • dark_link121

        not the ganon part, the bird part

  • Curtis

    I thought the music was going to be orchestrated?

    • TheMaverickk

      It is, you need to listen to it more carefully apparently.

      • Shadowknight1

        In his defense, the get item jingles and open treasure chest themes don't sound orchestrated in any way.

        • Roar

          I think that the jingle for opening the chest was bells, light percussion, and some pizzicato. And the getting an item was definitely pizzicato. So it does sound orchestrated if you listen to it right.

  • Is it just me or does Phi sound like GLaDOS from portal but if she were to speak giberish?

  • Sanity's_Theif

    See I don't understand, in this video I think the graphics look… well, good. Is this a hi def video? Does the game really look like this?

    To be honest I've thought about it, and the graphics don't really bother me anymore because, even if they did try to make it look good realistically, on the Wii it still wouldn't turn out so good because of hardware limitations, at most people would say, "well it looks good, for a Wii game", so I understand Nintendo wanting to make it look distinctive the best they can, even then it doesn't look like the artwork which would be much better

    So this is fine for the Wii, but when it comes to WiiU Zelda, we better get what the Zelda WiiU tech demo showed visually or I'll be in despair

    And I'm calling that demon guy Lord Graham Cracker, I don't know how to pronounce the real one right

    • It's spelled Ghirahim but all the letters are silent and there are hidden letters instead, so it's pronounced Debbie.

      • Brony

        *looks for like button* Wait…

        I'm still going to call him Debbie. My family will think I'm crazy!

    • Shadowknight1

      Yes, I believe that the game really looks like that since the video was taken on the show floor. =P

      Ghirahim is pronounced: Gear-ra-heem

      • dark_link121

        why does that sound so familiar…..

        • Shadowknight1

          Agahnim maybe?

          • dark_link121

            i was thinking maybe a pokemon name, but of course its not, just sounds like one…

    • TheMaverickk

      Seriously? The WiiU Zelda Tech demo was bland at best. It didn't get me excited at all as far as Zelda games go.

      It was nothing more then some flashy effects with ripped TP models.

      There was actually only one thing I liked about the tech demo… and that was the quality of animation, from the way Link moved (dashing about, slides at one point, the motions of defending and such) to how Armoghoma moved.

      As far as style goes the tech demo was lacking. naturally the graphics are more polished then skyward sword, but that's purely because of lighting affects and such. I'll be peeved if we get another Twilight Princess styled Zelda.

      I'd rather they go go twisted dark and make a Zelda game with the artistic style of Majora's Mask… realizing that game on a current gen console would be top notch.

      • Shadowknight1

        One thing I liked about that was it really gave Armoghoma a sense of scale. It didn't seem that big in TP since it stayed on the ceiling all the time. God, I'd crap myself if I saw a spider that big coming at me.

        • TheMaverickk

          Armoghoma stayed on the ceiling cause it made more sense then it fighting on the ground.

          When you fight Armoghoma in TP it never attacks Link while he's on the ground. It's usually scuttling across the ground… this is due to limited put into animating the boss. It was easier to have it do simple things, and shoot a laser from it's eye.

          Armoghoma in the Tech Demo though actually moves and behaves in a much more spider like manner. Using it's various appendages to strike, and adjusting it's stance based on where it stands in the room.

          This is where I admire the tech demo… the animations are a lot more fluid and engaging over all.

          • Shadowknight1

            And I noticed there were some slight differences in Link's model than his original Twilight Princess model, especially in the face. Also for some reason, they put a couple of burn marks on his Hylian Shield. But yeah, Armoghoma would've been a more interesting fight the way it was in the demo. Would've terrified my sister though, she hates spiders. And to be fair, what could be funnier than using a giant statue to smash a spider?

  • Brandon

    I constantly see it, and im like 'OOOH skullkid/ Majora's spirit!' Just by Habit :/

    • retro puppet

      hahahah me 2 ๐Ÿ™‚

  • sk8on9876

    i want this so badly….

  • Brandon

    Anyone else notice at the end Debbie says "that sword of yours is the only reason YOU still alive. should be you're. mistake. typo. i called it.

    • He said you still LIVE, not alive.

    • supervaati

      "…the only reasen you still LIVE" not "alive" ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Ghetto link

      Yeah, you just basically have been refuted. it's "You still live."

  • Art1st4786

    Question: What do you get when you mix the Master Sword with T-Pain?

    Answer: Phi.

  • GorCoronSumo

    YAAAAAAH! Death by Zelda bomber!

  • Jess

    Am I the only person that thinks that guy at 2:55 is reminiscent of a Rito?

    Not trying to make a crazy theory or anything he just reminds me of one…..

    • Ssgohanf8

      I saw that too, don't worry. Either we're both not crazy, or we both are. Either way, we're not alone.

    • dark_link121

      no i saw it too, he looks like the rito postman or post….bird

      • TheMaverickk

        Agreed he does resemble a Rito from Wind Waker… the white longish hair.

        We could be seeing where races diverged in this game who knows.

        • dark_link121

          i never thought of that, yes that would make perfect sense…a new plot ๐Ÿ˜€

  • like a japenese Version of GlaDos form Portal.

  • JSKT

    Thats a LOT of trust Zelda has! that act of skydiving without warning is very dangerous

    • If you watch a little more closely, her bird is not far behind Link c:
      We only see it when she says 'Now, let's get on with the ceremony!', and then it pan shots, but I'd say that it's pretty safe to assume it was always there.

  • Ghetto link

    I love how Phi sounds like the female version of T Pain. Lol I'm not being sarcastic either…

  • cloverplayer

    oh, so zelda must give you the lyre.

    • Shadowknight1

      I think the lyre must become an heirloom of the royal family which is why Zelda had it as Sheik in Ocarina of Time

  • DoctorYou

    I am afraid of Ghirahim’s seductiveness. But I watched anyway just to see him again.

    • dark_link121

      yes someone else who agrees

  • blob

    I don't think they mean it like you're interpreting. Maybe a thumbs down just means I don't agree.

  • Your face

    To be honest, I could tell it was Zelda right when I saw the trailer at E3 and they hadn't confirmed it was her yet.

  • robotortoise

    Wait- I just realized something. Phi's voice is autotuned and she refers to the item upgrade as "analyzed". This almost reminds me of the computer from Metroid Fusion, or pretty much ANY sci-fi computer, for that matter. Maybe Phi is a "creation" by the goddesses or some other being? You know, like how Ciela and the Ocean King created another being through magic? Granted, the beings didn't talk, but still…

  • Aaronrules380

    Why is it that nobody who demos this seems to realize you are supposed to take advantage of the Wii motion plus and attack from certain angles rather than flailing randomly?

  • I hope they take targeting out…it makes the game even easier. And we all know Zelda games don't need to be any easier than they already are. Each new Zelda is progressively easier, as if they think their audience is stupid. They could at least make a difficulty setting and smarter enemies.

    • Shadowknight1

      Without targeting in this game, I think certain items such as the bow & arrow would be rendered useless in combat except as a sniping weapon. Also, you don't have to hit that Z button if you don't want to, you know.

  • omg. the flying system looks WAY too similar to that of the one in Twilight Princess when Link tamed that evil twili-bird thing. And if we can't fight while flying (e.g. swordfighting AND arrows) I will be so MAD. Miyamoto and everyone else I remember consistently kept boasting how Link had a new fighting system in TP while riding on his mount, Epona. And here comes the next game where Epona is replaced with a bird, but the previous updates of swordfighting while riding won't apply here too??! I pray my paranoid fears will be put to rest soon! Please have swordfighting/shooting arrows while flying!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • dark_link121

      that would be freakin diamonds and awesome

    • TheMaverickk

      In truth…. sword fighting while on horse in TP was actually pretty boring. It was one of the few points in the game I felt the pace was slowed down. Especially in mandatory chase and slash battles. The fight against the Bokoblin leader was kind of easy and in the end just repetitive, he runs away, you slash him… when you face off on the bridge it wasn't epic, but kind of flukey… your just trying to find that right distance to be able to slash him without getting knocked off by him… and if you miss him you gotta wait for a minute just for the moment to reset.

      When you fight Ganondorf on horse it was the slowest part of your 4 part battle with him. After that wonderful beast vs. beast fight.

      Honestly I wouldn't miss sword fighting on the bird… fighting/sky battling would be more tedious then fighting on horse. If in there that's cool, but if it's not, I wouldn't miss it to be honest.

      • TelepathicPebble

        Yeah it was kinda lame in TP. But fighting while flying brings it it a whole new level, as you could fight from so many different angles and be chased in air! I hope there's a dragon, who's flames you have to avoid or something!

    • adsghdrsf

      It wouldnt be possible since you are controlling the bird with motion controlls and you use your sword with motion controlls?

      • TelepathicPebble

        Naw they could just have it so one button allows you to slash your sword while flying, and then for shooting arrows it would switch to that first person shooter mode while flying.

  • dark_link121

    hey, this is before hyrule, people would look different, personally, i like the animetion

  • taffydjsr

    ughhh holiday 2011, PLEASE BE MORE SPECIFIC!

  • Zanio

    I just realised that Zelda has a harp that's much like the one she uses in OoT!
    Pretty sure I may have picked up on this quite late, but oh well!

  • kokirikid

    Does anyone else notice the way Link runs? I can't really tell if they changed it from the 2010 demo but something does strike as 'different'. i like it though! xD

  • retro puppet

    i love these graphics reminds me of oot but a newer sexier version!!!!

  • Shadowknight1

    That's nothing, a friend of mine almost totally missed a phone call because he was playing Link to the Past and his ringtone was the Link to the Past overworld.

  • bLARg

    Is it just me or does Zelda look just a wee bit Native American…….of course it's normally just me

  • Saria_Forest14

    Hmmm…I guess my speculations about Link's new sword were right after all…The female form the sword takes on is just that, another form. She/it has no emotion it seems and talks as if it were a computer…I'm bummed. I was hoping for something more along the lines if Navi's personality for the sword. Oh well. Besides that I can't help but point out it seems Zelda and Link have a little relationship going on. If it's like a little crush we'll have to see ^.^ That Lord G-whateverz gets on my nervs though. Who THINKS of all these weird characters?! Sheesh.

  • adsghdrsf

    Not that it has anything to do with the video or anything but i found this statement kind of weird "According to the English manual of A Link to the Past, after Ganon entered the Golden Land and obtained the Triforce, the people of Hyrule and the Seven Sages created a sword resistant to magic, which could even repulse powers granted by the Triforce. Although the Sages tried to find someone brave to wield the Master Sword, they never found such a person, leaving the Sages, with the aid of the knights of Hyrule, to seal away Ganon instead."
    First of all, if this truly is the origin tale of the Master Swords creation, that would mean Ganon would be in the game since it says that it was made after he took the triforce.
    Secondly, it says that the sages couldnt find anyone brave enough so they had to seal him? That dosn't make sense. If the sword gets created in this game from the Skyward Sword, does that mean SkywardSwordLink isnt brave enough to wield it?
    Im confused, someone explain? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  • GorCoronSumo

    Or it could have been a myth and SS is the REAL story.