I'm not afraid of you, Reggie!

Public relations for videogame companies has got to be a hard job.  The task set before PR is one akin to walking a tightrope; you have to put forward a positive spin on all of your company’s decisions—both good and bad—whilst making sure your customers don’t catch you in an outright lie.  But PR in the videogame biz is even trickier due to the super secretive nature that almost every studio employs.  As was told to me by a wizened colleague of mine in the industry, the interesting thing about videogame companies is that, when they refuse to comment a question, they actually ARE commenting on it.

Many of you have already dissected all 75 minutes of Nintendo’s E3 press conference and many of the other interviews that have come out since.  I’ve put some serious thought into what all of this really means, and it’s time to try to read between Reggie’s and Iwata’s carefully chosen lines to figure out what secret shenanigans are going on over at Nintendo HQ.  That is, without doing something so crazy and illegal as to sneak into their building just for a scoop.

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