Once again, Jason appears on the internet in video form. This time he has an exclusive and very detailed explanation of the plot at the beginning portion of Skyward Sword. Obviously, the information he gives contains major spoilers.

So, if you’re saving your Skyward Sword chastity until you have your hands on the game, try with all your might to avert your eyes and ears from the video. If not, summary and full video after the break.

Update: We figured out a plot inconsistency related to where Link gets the Skyward Sword in-game that Jason heard wrong – we’ve updated and fixed the plot summary below!

At the beginning of the game, Link wakes up in Skyloft and goes around meeting villagers and his own Skyloft bird. After this, the winner of the ceremony (Link) gets to spend the night with Zelda – in this case, fueled by some Pixar-style romantic cuteness. During their date, a mysterious tornado sends them both to the surface. Zelda falls, but Link is approached by Phi, the Skyward Sword, and is called to action.

Link makes his way back to Skyloft with the aid of Phi, and suits up in his tunic, returning afterwards to the gaping hole in the clouds left by the tornado. After jumping down the hole, Link lands in the Sky Temple, the dungeon playable at E3.

At the end of the dungeon you meet the boss, Ghirahim, a Lord of a tribe of people who took Zelda because she has some sort of a holy power.

Jason also learned that Ghirahim isn’t the only villain in the game, something the Nintendo rep wasn’t supposed to tell him. It’s unknown whether he’s the main villain or not, however.

As a side note he also mentions that there is now a stamina meeter. Meaning that everything Link does that requires physical exertion is drawn from that meeter, from running (you can now run by holding A), jumping, hanging or swinging from vines to slashing your sword.

And one last thing: you may have heard the complaints about the Wii Motion+ loosing its calibration while you’re playing. Well, Jason learned that there is a “quick calibration” feature in the actual game, which eliminates the controller problems.
That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more exciting information!