Once again, Jason appears on the internet in video form. This time he has an exclusive and very detailed explanation of the plot at the beginning portion of Skyward Sword. Obviously, the information he gives contains major spoilers.

So, if you’re saving your Skyward Sword chastity until you have your hands on the game, try with all your might to avert your eyes and ears from the video. If not, summary and full video after the break.

Update: We figured out a plot inconsistency related to where Link gets the Skyward Sword in-game that Jason heard wrong – we’ve updated and fixed the plot summary below!

At the beginning of the game, Link wakes up in Skyloft and goes around meeting villagers and his own Skyloft bird. After this, the winner of the ceremony (Link) gets to spend the night with Zelda – in this case, fueled by some Pixar-style romantic cuteness. During their date, a mysterious tornado sends them both to the surface. Zelda falls, but Link is approached by Phi, the Skyward Sword, and is called to action.

Link makes his way back to Skyloft with the aid of Phi, and suits up in his tunic, returning afterwards to the gaping hole in the clouds left by the tornado. After jumping down the hole, Link lands in the Sky Temple, the dungeon playable at E3.

At the end of the dungeon you meet the boss, Ghirahim, a Lord of a tribe of people who took Zelda because she has some sort of a holy power.

Jason also learned that Ghirahim isn’t the only villain in the game, something the Nintendo rep wasn’t supposed to tell him. It’s unknown whether he’s the main villain or not, however.

As a side note he also mentions that there is now a stamina meeter. Meaning that everything Link does that requires physical exertion is drawn from that meeter, from running (you can now run by holding A), jumping, hanging or swinging from vines to slashing your sword.

And one last thing: you may have heard the complaints about the Wii Motion+ loosing its calibration while you’re playing. Well, Jason learned that there is a “quick calibration” feature in the actual game, which eliminates the controller problems.
That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more exciting information!

  • TheMaverickk

    I said this before already basically, but here's what I'm hoping with this whole "dual villains" element:

    It I'm personally still banking on the fact that it isn't Ganon/Ganondorf.

    I'm hoping that it will be either a completely different villain, or Girahim usurps that villain, to become out final boss of the game.

    Imagine this, you reach this other villain and then you think you have to fight him… then Girahim jumps in and kills this big demon thing, and steals it's power… so he can become more powerful and rule over both the world below and Skyloft. That would be pretty bad ass, and I'm hoping we will get something like that.

    • If the world of zelda is based around the idea that characters are born and reborn over and over reliving the same adventure. so that Zelda is doomed to be born over and over and to be captured by some evil, then rescued by Link, and this is the origin of that, meaning, this is like the story of how these repetitive lives got started, then I think it also makes sense that it would have to be the origin story of ganon/ganondorf.

      It wouldn't surprise me if some how Girahim leads to Ganon at some point, either becoming that great evil spirit that will be passed on generation to generation, or somehow creating it. Just because Ocarina of time told one story of how Ganon came to power to capture zelda, it doesn't show where he came from or how he developed his powers.

      • ganon's origin story is pretty much in ocarina of time. He's a desert thief who becomes power hungry and then goes to hyrule castle and rises to power, destroying everything and eventually getting sealed away for centuries and coming back in wind waker/ twilight princess. Ganondorf is the only Zelda character that is the same person in every game. link and Zelda are reincarnated.

    • Craig

      I hope Ganondorf is young and has some inclusion but not enough that you have to fight or go through a huge scene about it, maybe just feature him and have them introduce his name and it hints to us how he became full of greed. Hey, maybe disappointingly for everyone he's one of this group Ghirahim mentions as a young warrior. Although, I'm banking on that not being the case and this group are those interlopers going after the Triforce – which I don't think they know at first is called the Triforce and what its full potential is. Seeing as they steal Zelda for her "Holy Power" I'd say its her Triforce of Wisdom that she doesn't even know she has inside her. I think this is the full beginning of the timeline on how the first Link became a hero and kicked things off and where Hyrule is created and becomes this huge kingdom we love and Zelda becomes its princess for the first ever time.

      • GorCoronSumo

        Maybe Ganondorf could be an ally…

  • Simon

    No it better not be Ganondorf who is the villain. I mean, that would completely ruin the story of the game being a prequel to ocarina of time. He is probably a child or at least very young at this moment.

    I hope we can see ganondorf sometime in the game, maybe in the end I don't know. I think it would be awesome if it would relate to that at least : )

    • I'm sure Ganon will make an appearance. There is a big difference between Ganon and Ganondorf. Ganon has appeared in more games then Ganondorf has. Ganon is the true evil while Ganondorf is his puppet.

  • Ariel

    I knew it!

  • ChainofTermina

    Link actually has a romantic relationship with Zelda in a major console release? Well, I'm glad to see Nintendo is starting to take their story-telling a bit more seriously. at least with Zelda.

    yeah……………………the main villain's Ganon. I'm neither excited nor disappointed by it, but I think it's pretty obvious that Ganon is the main villain. Nintendo has never been know for their subtle and or cleverness when it comes to Story telling.

    • Rohan

      I beg to differ (with your last statement). Sure, the core characters remain the same, but Nintendo's subtle story telling in the Legend of Zelda series is pretty much the epitome of video game's subtle story telling. Just read Hylian Dan's articles on this site, you'll eat your words up afterward.

    • bradley

      It should definitely add variety to a formula that is starting to get stale(sorry but its true, I still love it though)

  • Yay for Link + Zelda <3 !!!

    • Oh yeah and I'm really happy he's not the main villain. He's awesome, but a lot of mystery about the game is killed if we know the main villain from the start. I know a lot of people didn't like Ganondorf replacing Zant in Twilight Princess, but I thought it worked really well and loved the story. Not that I want Ganondorf in Skyward Sword, but I like discovering the main villain as I play, not knowing who he is right from the get-go.

    • Silver-Lynx4

      yesh ZeLink 4 ev3r!!!

  • I am a huge zelda fan and i have to say i love how they mixed twilight princess's graphics with windwaker's because it just looks so beautiful!

  • Justin

    interesting news on the story, though the part I liked the most was hearing that they'd included the quick calibration feature from wii sports resorts swordplay, that'll make all the difference in the world gameplay-wise (and to be honest gameplay is the only thing I really care about)

  • comprehensivepudding

    I want Ghirahim to be kinda like Dimentio from Super Paper Mario. Crazy wicked dude that turns against his boss.

    • “Demon Lord” doesn’t sound like he has a boss, all though he could have equals.

    • Ashmic

      and they both have diamonds! πŸ˜€ loljk

    • Ezluke

      When they first revealed Ghirahim at GDC, Dimentio was the first thing that popped into my mind. D: I loved that story, but wouldn't want the same exact one…

  • GenoKID

    I would honestly like to see Ganon. Not Ganondorf. As cool as they developed his "evilness" in TP, he wasn't really… evil. He just laughed, flexed, and got his ass kicked. Here's hoping to the evil spirit Ganon.

  • So Zelda's a prize or something? O_o

    • I'd tap that.

    • Silver-Lynx4

      she is no prize, she would GIVE the prize she prefered 2 give…then, 'cause Link won and Zelda likes him, she accepted to spend some romantic time with him…i like that they R good friends, both wanting + than friendship…

  • MinishCactus

    Where is Link and Midna’s romantic date in Twilight Princess? XD

    • Silver-Lynx4


  • Ammy

    "…the winner of the ceremony (Link) gets a romantic night with Zelda."
    Fan girl moment: YES!! 'Bout damn time! πŸ˜€

    About another villain…I'm thinking the main evil spirit takes physical form and becomes Ganon, gets sealed/destroyed by Link, the mastersword and Zelda, then is reborn hundreds and hundreds of years later into Ganondorf's body (because when Ganondorf was defeated in OoT, Ganon took over to prevent death).
    Ah geez, I CANNOT wait to play SS!!

  • CWP

    Wow, thanks for all the sweet news, Jason!

  • Good work Jason!

  • Rose De Nose

    Vague magical power inside of Zelda again? Well, it works, I suppose.

  • A night with Zelda? Sign me up! *shot*

  • I have an idea
    In the final moment of the game when you manage to destroy the main villain (Ghirahim, etc.) we could get a cut-scene for the ending similar to the one in Twilight Princess and in the cut-scene we could see the spirit of the main villain traveling through Hyrule until he reaches a small desert village, full of women and there's a girl (maybe in presence of two old ladies) that just gave birth to a baby boy… πŸ˜€

    • WollClark

      This does sound intriguing.

  • Ashmic

    It was already pretty obvious Ghirahim wasn't the main boss, he even mentions "we" about ppl after zelda, i agree w/ GenoKID i wanna see demon ganon, though baby ganon would be nice too hehe

    • Ashmic

      and y would they give u a demo of fighting the main boss, (he's not, just saying)

    • Ashmic

      y would they let u fight the main boss of the game as a demo anyway, cause he ain't

  • skywardsword420

    i hope ghiraham is the main the main villain and he as an underling like zant. i really want something other than ganon on a console game. the last time we had that majoras mask.

    • Majora

      Actually, the last time we had that was in Spirit Tracks with Melladus as the main villan and Cancellor Cole as his underling.

  • somecrazyguy

    my guess? ghiraham is part of the tribe that is the dark interlopers. they have taken over hyrule, and need zelda's power to break into the sacred realm to get the triforce. they use the fused shadow to do this? then the light spirits will come at the end and banish them. also, i like how link gets the skyward sword first. maybe that old guy is rauru and we will meet the other ancient sages. cuz im pretty sure they forged the skyward sword, and then it became the mastersword after…

    • Silver-Lynx4

      it does make a lot of sense i like ur theory πŸ˜‰

  • Sam

    I second what somecrazyguy said. I think Debbie is part of the Dark Interlopers as well, because the DI appeared very early in the LoZ timeline to get into the Sacred Realm. The DI know that they need Zelda to open to that realm.
    Also, I do not believe it isn't Ganondorf. If the Mean Green makes an appearance, then he's in freakin diapers! I think the main villain will be someone new, because I hardly know anything bout the DI's. Heck, we might come across other DI's. But if I do have to pick someone we already know, my money will be on Twinrova.

  • Link95

    I hope that the main villain is Vaati <3

  • jordan

    Indeed Mr. Purple.

  • George

    Could Girahim either be Ganondorfs son or Vattis? hmmmm ??

    • Sam

      More like, Debbie could be the father of Ganondorf or Vatti.

  • Liam

    you can call him Girahim all you want but i will remember him as Debbie!

  • Guest

    (pro-tip: "meter" only has one "e".)

    • Guest

      (between the "m" and "t", that is. πŸ˜› )

      • mcdude910

        So, it's "metr"? I don't think so…

  • Ktulu333

    Whether or not Ganon is the main villain in the game, I seriously hope that he's in the game, in some fashion. I understand why people complain about Ganon; his character hardly changes from game to game. But that could be said for both Link and Zelda as well. Besides, whether people like it or not, Ganon is a crucial piece to the Zelda storyline. Personally, I think he's a fantastic villain with plenty of unused potential still.

    • UNknown

      I agree!

  • BlackOwlDog

    New musical instrument? If any of you watched the cutscene at the end of the birdriding demo, you'll see Zelda has a harp, and if any of you still remember the GDC trailer you'll see in some screens that the HUD has a harp icon on the ^ button. My guess is that she looses it in the tornado and Link finds it in Hyrule while searching for her, I don't know how it will be used, but it seems pretty important if has it's own button so expect some more awesome motion control!

  • DarkChu

    I reckon the game should end explaining gannon's birth. Y'know, like the final cut scene out of TP. That would be So, Badass…..{:

  • robotortoise

    Link gets to spend the night with Zelda? Will this game be rated Teen…?

  • Phi

    This is how i think it will end. What ever evil the dark interlopers are creating will be the very first incarnation of Ganons spirit. Just raw evil and power (no wisdom or courage). Link and Zelda defeat it (but not really), and find the triforce. A wish is made that when ever evil arrises Link and zelda will be there to help stop it.

  • Anyone else think the title said "Majora Spoilers"?

  • WollClark

    I'm hoping Nintendo doesn't make Ganon/Ganondorf the main boss. There's no surprise in that, Ganon has almost always been the villain.

  • ThatKidWithTheCrown

    I really don't think Ganon/Ganondorf will appear. It is set before Ocarina of Time, and thus before he was born. People forget that unlike Zelda and Link, Ganon isn't reincarnated from game to game, he is the same character. It wouldn't make sense for him to appear in this game, as it is set before his time.

    In the demo, during the boss battle against Ghirahim, he keeps mentioning "we" when referring the his plans, goals, etc. This makes me think that, maybe, Ghirahim is just one member of a group of villains, similar to Organization XIII in the Kingdom Hearts series. In the post, Aniday calls him "a Lord of a tribe of people who took Zelda". Not "the Lord" but "a Lord". I don't know if this is a grammatical mistake on his part, but if not, then there could be several other villains as well, all of them ruling together as lords over this evil tribe, all of them relatively equal in status and power. For the purpose of narration, someone would inevitably have to step up and claim the title of "final villain", being the final boss that Link must face to conclude the game, but for the majority of the game maybe there isn't a single "main villain", but rather a group of villains that Link must fight against. That would be really interesting to me. I always love villainous groups.

  • xxx

    I will be sooooooooooooo dissapointed if this game wont have anything to do with ganondorf

  • Monaster

    Hmmmmm…I usually don't like Zelink, except for in Wind Waker. But since Wind Waker was able to pull it off and make it adorable, Skyward Sword might be able to pull it off. Either way this game sounds so amazing.

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