If you watched Nintendo’s E3 presentation, you might remember seeing some game footage of the new Super Mario game for the 3DS, an awesome looking title that looks like a cross between New Super Mario Bros and the Galaxy series. Nintendo have revealed that this Super Mario game will feature a level themed to look like a dungeon from the Legend of Zelda series.

The level will feature a top-down, NES-style camera, and will be very reminiscent of the original Legend of Zelda game for the NES. The puzzles will also be making reference to the series; for example, one puzzle has players light a torch on fire using a fire flower item.

Unfortunately, since this was revealed during Nintendo’s roundtable conference, there are no pictures available.

It’s cool to see a Mario game featuring an homage to the Legend of Zelda series! What are your thoughts? As always, let us know in the comments.

Source: Nintendo World Report
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  • Monkeh

    Nice, first time they've ever paid a homage to the Legend of Zelda series in a Mario title right?

    • Brayud

      nope super mario rpg Lo7s you can find link sleeping and when you interact with him you here a familiar tune.

    • portallink

      there is a rupee made out of star bits in Galaxy. I think it is the ball rolling trial world.

  • asdf

    There was also a Link outfit and a Master Sword in the new Animal Crossing trailer

    • The 10th Rider

      There was a Link outfit in Animal Crossing for Wii, unfortunately it was quite hard to get.

  • supervaati

    Actually, the magic whistle in Super Mario Bros. 3 was already a homage to the recorder in LoZ 😛

    • BigGoronSword

      True, it just seems like Mario hasn't payed as much homage to Zelda as often as Zelda has of Mario. Zelda has had Goombas, Pirana Plants, Mario & Luigi look-a-likes, paintings containing Mario characters, Mario mask, etc…


      • supervaati

        Sure that's right, just wanted to reply to Monkeh's comment…i failed D:

      • mcdude910

        Don't forget that Link is sleeping in the inn in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.

  • My thoughts? Mario doesn't need to pay homage to ANYBODY.

  • lobotomyrobot

    About time! Zelda paid tribute to mario a decade ago (mario mask in majora's and mario images in window in oot)

    • supervaati

      A decade ago? What about the bullet bill on Toby's sleeve in TP? 😀

    • Justin

      Mario payed tribute to Zelda in Super mario RPG (SNES), Link is sleeping in a bed in one of the inn's.

    • mins

      Have you ever played most Mario games? Mario payed homage to zelda LOADS of times. Like the examples that the commenters have brought up for instance.

  • hextupleyoodot

    You can barely call it "homage" when the same guy is heavily involved in both franchises. =P It's more Miyamoto and his gang having a bit of fun.

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