A new video showing Skyward Sword gameplay reveals some interesting insight on what players can expect this holiday season. The beginning of the video shows flight mechanics atop a Skyloft bird. At any time you can descend below the clouds and back up again to the central town.

In the next portion of the gameplay demo we see Link doing some exploring and kicking some baddie butt while a Nintendo rep explains how deep dungeon crawling, puzzling and item discovering are. He also explains that you are on a constant quest to upgrade your weapons by finding “ingredients” in chests, a nice change from the boring rupees we usually find.

Video after the break.

What do you think about flying around Skyloft? And item upgrading? Exciting stuff. As always, stay tuned on ZU for more updates.

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  • Subrosian

    Item upgrading=win

  • dolfan21


  • Sam

    2:41 – Wait till Zelda sees this?

    Must mean Link knows Zelda front the beginning of the game, much like Minish Cap? Vaati?

    • Ashmic

      it shows you they're friends in the other trailer, They both live in Skyloft

      • Sam

        The blonde in the pink dress?
        Didn't know she was Zelda, maybe wasn't paying too much attention. I thought she was more like Ilia in TP. Then again, the she has pointy ears,

    • Brndon

      Vaati's NOT in this game…

  • skt

    game looks amazing. look how many elements are shaded with colors of the opposite spectrum. brilliant.

    • That's the defining element of inmpressionism.
      Couldn't be happier about it.

  • TheMaverickk

    If you watch the video's LoIf you watch the video's Lord Ghirahim divulges an interesting plot point.

    Basically that the girl he is looking for is "holy" in some way, and that he would've had her if it wasn't for the goddess' servant.

    This is interesting since there are really only 3 goddesses in the Zelda universe…. and I can only imagine which one may be the one who is intervening in this game. My assumption would be Nayru, being that she is the goddess of Wisdom (since she would have the foresight to save the girl) and not to mention Zelda has always been connected with the Triforce of Wisdom.

    Even more interesting mind you is who the servant is that snatched her away. Was it that black beast we've seen in the trailers? Or was she rescued some how from that fate in a way that wasn't shown? Who knows… but I can't wait to find out.

    Seeing this though makes it seem more and more though as if we may be lucky enough to see Lord Ghirahim as the only villain in this game. They are taking some serious steps in building his character at least… even more so then Zant. rd

    • I'm almost positive that lord Ghirahim is a high ranking minion of some greater evil power. He looks like a second in command to me. He doesn't look scary at all, which is the problem. Zelda villains are really dominating, which is why we were all so surprised when Zant didn't end up being the bad guy.

      Just from the look of him My guess is he is the second in command or servant to some incredible evil, and at some point near the middle or end of the game he will switch sides, becoming an ally, if only for a moment, before being killed.

      • adsghdrsf

        He may not look scary, but he sure is creepy as hell!

      • TheMaverickk

        The only reason that I don't see this happening is based on his personality.

        As far as Zelda villains go this one is for the most part pretty much full blown sadistic. He has no interest in "good" or "holy"…. and from the text it seems he hates basically everyone who lives above the clouds since they look down on everything below them.

        Not to mention he's kind of the Demon Lord…. so yeah. I wouldn't be surprised if there is an even more evil being in the game that you discover later. Although I'd rather just see this Demon Lord guy become more powerful and transform into something more ugly and brutish towards the end of the game. Which is also a definite possibility as well.

        • yeah I hadn't thought of the possibility of him becoming more powerful and himself becoming that greater evil. I think the name Lord implies he is below someone else. A lord bows to the king in feudal systems.

          • TheMaverickk

            Obviously this is naturally what would assume, mind you it's not clear yet if he's looking for Zelda under someone- elses order, or because he's looking to gain power in order to become the supreme ruler of the lad below (and probably to conquer the world above the clouds as well). Naturally this could go many ways…but I don't think you are going to see Gharahim switching sides and helping our protagonists.

  • Alessandra

    Looks good, I wonder what Link’s bird name is. πŸ™‚

    • Celesteon

      Epona the bird doesn't seem right. XD If we get to name it though…I'll name him Plum.

      • Ezluke

        But Plumm is the name of that bird from the Lake Hylia mini-game in Twilight Princess!

        • TrustMe101

          That's the point. xD

    • Silver-Lynx4

      …I wonder if we can give him a name..but that would be cool actually

  • Monkeh

    You're welcome for the headsup. πŸ˜‰

  • Kargaroc

    I hope we get to name the birdies :3

  • Leftyrock91

    I love the idea of being able to fly to any island and jump off. I loved the sailing in Wind Waker, so this is going to be great. I've pre ordered the game so I can't wait!

    • theONLYzeldaFAN

      i miss walking on land…

  • lugeasilver

    They never let me see what's in the god damn chest

    • Zeldafanboyman213

      It was the beetle, i forget where i saw it
      then the master sword girl popped up
      and said you can use it to help you

      • Brandon

        Technichally it was an upgraded beetle and the girl said that it can now do new things…

  • ZeldaGurl_

    Man, I'm so excited!

    The fact that you start out knowing Zelda just means that this has to shed some light into their entwined destinies. To show the beginning of it all would be so wonderful. I'm so excited, I can't wait! Although, I am a little bummed about Epona not being a part… one of my favourite parts. Sailing in Wind Waker was fun, but I think animals just connect that much better. The bird sounds like a real cool idea, and soaring above and below the clouds makes it feel magical. I think that this is going to redeem the horrid City in the Sky reputation. No longer will we fear flying up into the clouds!

    This game is going to be great, one way or another. Whether it's the back story, the gameplay, or the characters, I'm sure we'll find something to love in Skyward Sword.

  • sk8on9876

    videos been removed??

  • Callin

    Viacom owns the TV channel the video was recorded from

  • cloverplayer

    anyone else see a connection to wind waker here?

    Skyward Sword:
    Looks slightly cel shaded (I know it isn't but it's close enough), you jump off what looks a ton like a dock to ride a red and gold bird and you fly to floating islands that are very far away with what looks like little secrets like weapon upgrades or heart pieces. You can also go below the sky to Hyrule.

    Wind Waker:
    Looks completely cel shaded, you jump off docks onto a red and gold boat and you sail to islands that are very far away and have little secrets like treasure or heart pieces. You can also go below the sea to Hyrule.

    I for one loved the freedom of the sea in wind waker and it's awesome that they're introducing that again. I will be expecting some epic flying boss battles!

    • Keimori

      I vote for giant multi-eyed flying squid, that you kill with a bird mounted cannon! (that or it can learn to spit explodeing grenade eggs like Kazooie)

    • Silver-Lynx4

      OMG flyin' and fighting
      that will be hard as hell

  • Dave

    I'm sure the video would have been intersting if it wasn't for those Viacom bastards S**tting on it for us…

    • TheMaverickk

      You can just watch it on Gametrailers you know.

  • Zeldafanboyman213
  • dark valoo

    Wtf i was so pumped when i saw the title of this article then i tried to watch the video and what??? its been blocked. words cannot describe my frustration.

  • Beka

    VIACOM!!!!!!! I was so excited to see this video, does anyone know where I can watch this somewhere else?

    • Beka

      Nevermind, I found it. Cool video!

      • ZoraMikau


  • Viacom sucks

    I think the video was from gametrailers, who is owned by Spike/Mtv, who is a subsidiary of Viacom.

    Still, bastards!

  • falconfetus8

    Viacom: being assholes since 2006

  • Azerik

    There's actually no copyright infringement, since its impossible to make profit from posting this video, and since the video content is in fact owned by several other, probably more influential people, technically Viacom could be sued for copyright infringement, since by blocking this video they've taken footage of something they don't own and used it for personal profit. No matter how you look at it, their in the wrong.

  • Sam

    Does anyone know if the game gives you control options?
    Say, I don't have a motionplus, I can play it with TP controls, or play with a gamecube controller.

    • Beka

      No it is required to have the wii motion plus.

  • Craig

    I admit I do love Nick lol They saved Power Rangers.

  • molgera98

    I can´t see the video why??

  • molgera98

    some think I don´t like is the menu for the items

  • sk8on9876

    this is going to be the best

  • Saria_Forest14

    I'm curious to see how that sword thing works out, with the Skyward Sword supposedly turning into the master sword. Plus the fact our trusty new blade aparently had a human form now. No doubt she/it will be the game's new travel partner for Link, aiding him in various ways, but from what I've gathered, it doesn't seem like the girl has much personality, or rather, no friendship kind of thing going on. I don't know, no one seems to be discribing this girl/sword as a person, more as a variously shaped weapon. Someone tell me otherwise because a girl/sword being able to talk and be all emotionless or whatever is bugging me for some reason…

  • AnotherRandomComment

    I can't understand the complaints with SSs' graphics and art style. The game is absolutely beautiful.

  • brian torres

    WOW im astonished

  • brian torres

    My clock is still ticking for the game !!!!!

  • Link looks like a GIRL!!!!!

  • usama

    zelda s cool so is link

  • matt17

    LAME, the video's removed