If you forgot – which we hope you didn’t – Zelda Universe is coming to you live-as-we-can-be from Los Angeles at this very moment! This is just a reminder to all our readers that Nintendo’s press conference starts today at 9am PT / 12pm ET, and that Jason (aka me) will be live-tweeting the whole conference, from the conference, with copious photos!

That means you should follow Zelda Universe on twitter if you aren’t already, because the tweets should start rolling in soon. And don’t forget to check out this front page, as our news team will be posting up stories about Nintendo’s various announcements as they happen.

  • Mark

    Nice and early Jason! Excited for the conference or did the beard wake you up?

  • phantom

    yay for reading this with my 3DS

  • Awesome!!! Do we have any idea of when exactly skyward sword is coming out?

  • So jealous that you're actually there right now Jason! I'll be watching G4's coverage (or Spike if they do it) at noon. Have fun!

  • DoctorYou

    Cody and Jason: above all else, have FUN!!!

  • Неплохо

  • Ashmic

    did anyone see what princess zelda looked like!!

  • Ashmix

    did anyone see princess zelda, awesooome!!

  • Casual Vader

    I think twitter deleted everything from your twitter account…

  • Casual Vader

    I think their account got hacked cause I'm not following them anymore but someone called @ABIGHIVEOFBEES.

    • Aniday

      Indeed. It appears to have been hacked. No info about the breach is known yet, though. Hopefully we get it back up soon.