Happy E3 week, everyone!

A couple of you older folk might remember my face from around the community; a couple of others from here might remember that I occasionally like to stir up a little bit of trouble here by giving Cody a controversial guest article or two to publish here.

My name is Dave, but on the ‘Net I go by The Missing Link. And I’m the newest The Missing Link writer for the site. (This isn’t going to be confusing AT ALL.) I’m a long-time lover of the Zelda series, and I’ve been known to write the occasional article for ZU, but now I’ve decided to take up my electronic quill once again and write for these guys.

To introduce myself, I used to be the webmaster of Zelda: The Grand Adventures and ZeldaBlog, both defunct (but nonetheless awesome) Zelda sites for several years before entering into community retirement. My current job actually is making videogames as a computer engineer, and I have to admit that it’s one of the best jobs on the planet. (Other than working for Lysia, Cody, and Jason. Yes I was paid a whole shiny quarter to say that.) No, I don’t work for Nintendo myself, and I cannot say exactly who I work for (NDAs and all that), but maybe you can niggle a few details about the industry from me as time goes on.

Glad to be here with you all! And hopefully, Nintendo will give me some good fodder tomorrow to analyze.

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