Following the intro, Nintendo announced that Link’s Awakening DX will be available on the eShop with a reminder that Ocarina of Time 3DS will be available soon. Link’s Awakening DX is available right now for $5.99 USD.

Also announced was that the Legend of Zelda: Four Swords will be a free download in the eShop coming in September.


More updates as soon as we can get them up!

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  • I want a 3DS!!!!! I have Link’s Awakening on my GBC, but I really want to play Four Swords again. It’s been almost 10 years.

  • Granetdud

    Did you see the Zelda Game that was playing during the WiiU presentation? what was that?

  • Sanity's_Theif

    What impressed me from the show:

    -New Nintendo Console, the whole concept is just crapping all over the PS3 and 360
    -New SmASH Bros. HELL YES! But I hope they make it more like SSBM than SSBB
    -Ninja Gaiden 3
    -That awesome looking HD Zelda for Wii U, I'm desperately hoping it's actual game in production and not just something to show off what the system can do, it would be such a dissapointment for Nintendo to not use this systems power to produce an incredibly realistic Zelda for better immersion into the universe

  • Celesteon

    I seriously hope that HD Zelda is a real game. People are speculating Twilight Princess either remake or sequel. I…would love that. Maybe because I love Midna…XD

  • CORRECTION: Four Swords will be available on the Nintendo DSi Shop!!!!! However, because DSiWare is also available on the eShop, it will also be available on the eShop. BUT FS WILL BE FREE DSiWARE!!!!! I see one comment by somebody who was fooled by this. You might want to correct that.

  • Margar

    Free Four Sword! It's like Nintendo's way of saying "sorry" for all those people who bought ALttP on GBA and could never play FS with anyone (forever alone) ;__;

    • I was unfortunately one of those people; I have no friends. A shame because it looked really fun.

  • Pryex

    Wait, does anyone know when Link's Awakening will be available in the UK? Like, a time? I am downlaoding that AS SOON AS I CAN!

    • Linebeck1990

      It's not coming to the UK unfortunately, it was confirmed by Nintendo of Europe via the UK's Official Nintendo Magazine. I believe it's because a word said by one of the characters in the game is considered an offensive slang term in the UK. I think the word 'spastic' is said by one of the bosses late in the game. 'Spastic' is often used as an offensive term to describe disabled people in the UK, so Nintendo don't want to release the game on the UK 3DS shop in case they offend people. The same thing happened with Mario Party 8 a while back, but because it was a new game Nintendo were able to easily remove the word, however since Link's Awakening is a rom of an old game its impossible to make changes to it. It's still coming out in the rest of Europe though.

      Really stupid decision by Nintendo IMO :(, but it's not really their fault because the whole word is oversensitive nowadays. Can't say anything without offending SOMEONE >:(.

      • Pryex

        That's odd, because I checked and it said it was comign out tomorrow…

        • Pryex

          I just checked ONM too, they say it's coming out later today, so I guess it is comign to the UK.

  • Is it coming out in Australia? I don't see it on there yet…

  • Thanks.

  • Oh god… I really hope Oracle of Seasons/Ages makes it to the eShop. I'll be so upset if they don't.

  • So it's not out quite yet? I don't see it on the shop and I know it will be released in Australia…

  • Craig

    What's the point of releasing Four Swords… It's annoying because you NEED 4 players but not everyone has people close that can play it – so Zelda fans miss out and it completely goes against Nintendo's business ethic and beliefs.

  • Sly Cooper fan

    They might update FS with wi-fi so you can play w/ 3 others