You may remember over the past week we’ve reported on the single orchestrated track being included and recently found on Ocarina of Time 3DS. We can now proudly say that we have found a high quality version for your listening pleasure.
As mentioned in previous posts, the track is a beautiful medley that combines the Hyrule Field and overworld themes. Enjoy!

(Once again, this is not a podcast, just an mp3 file.)
  • David

    Again, amazing music by Nintendo. I really can't can't wait for this game to come out. Damn you Jason for getting the pleasure of this game early.

    Again, first, haha.

  • It sounds just Awesome!

  • PhantomVII

    Amazing! So this is going to be in the credits, huh? I wonder how that will work…

  • Ah, this just gives me the chills… it's so beautiful!

  • JIn

    Jeez guys, spoiler tags =(

    You warned with spoilers in the other news update about it, why not here?

  • Soulless Creature

    I've always hated the OOT hyrule feild theme at the start it sounds like it's ending and thats just wrong but this is great.

  • Chad

    Now THIS is an ORCHESTRA unlike that one at E3 this year that was High school chunka dunka quality

    • LinkMasterYoda

      Dude, thats because the orchestra at E3 was unmixed!

      this recording was able to be mixed and mastered and such

    • LinkMasterYoda

      And I bet the orchestra for this cue, was able to perform multiple takes, unlike the E3 orchestra

      • Chad

        Look these people are so called "professionals" it's okay to mess up certain places but professionals are trained to be given the music 3 days or less before in order to prepare and then producing a great show without any fundamental mistakes. Believe me my friend goes to Baylor University and when they were given the music 3 days before for a concert they were prepared! The mistakes that the Orchestra made were things that you learn how to correct in High School I should know I'm in Band. Professional groups don't need retakes Studio Recorders do because Studio Recorders are the people who can't get jobs in professional symphonies because they are not consistent with their tonguing starts and other things. That's why they get multiple chances. Yes band and orchestra are hard at first but once you get the basics down which these people obviously haven't and have graduated from a college or university the mistakes they made are careless mistakes that most High school bands don't even make even if they are bad at tuning or disgusting tones. Speeding up and slowing down, not playing loud enough or with confidence, Tuning problems, etc. are not normal for professional groups. Orchestras work like jobs you make mistakes and you get fired especially during an important event like that. Somehow people like you (I'm not saying it's your fault) have gotten into this idea that things need to be auto-tuned, digitally corrected, or or put together after multiple takes, when the reality is people in the music business used to only get jobs in the music business if they could actually play or sing nowadays however you can get a job just by looking good or sounding okay. I'm not dissing on you or anything I'm just trying to educate some of you guys who think that is how you play normally and that you need to be corrected on the computer. Go listen to several PROFESSIONAL symphonies and you'll start getting an Ear for how Professionals are SUPPOSED to play.

        • harvez

          shut the **uck up.

  • Monkeh

    Hearing this just makes me sad not all the song have been reorchestrated.

  • Aura

    This song Unarguabley HAS to be in the next Smash Bros.

  • Vaaticus

    I would download this if my dad would let me