There’s commentary for the first few seconds, but after that it’s the game’s soundtrack.

Ocarina of Time 3D‘s release date is this month! To get us even more excited for the game, Nintendo have released this five minute clip of footage from Ocarina of Time 3D. The video shows off a few parts of the game, including fighting Stalchildren in Hyrule Field, solving puzzles in the Fire Temple, navigating Sacred Forest Meadow, climbing Death Mountain and more.

Which part of the video is your favourite? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Nintendo 3DS Blog
  • Soups

    I’d kinda like to see some more Master Quest stuff, but oh well. The game looks great, of course!

  • GokaiRed

    Looks awesome, but sort of disappointed that the music wasn't redone.

    • Actually, I was glad they kept the old one.

    • Alissa

      Me too! I was looking forward to realistic sounding music!

  • The graphics are way better.
    I don't see why people think it is a port of the n64 version

  • xxx

    its seriously annoyning to see this cool footage from an awesome game knowing you cant affort to buy it

    • xxx

      of an awesome game*

  • starwebs1

    Lol @ how Adult Link walks with the Iron Boots on. It's a lot more realistic.

    Anyway, that looks AMAZING!

    • GorCoronSumo

      And fast.

  • Aivatrix

    Oh man this looks awesome! Everything moves so much more fluidly together. I dont get why everyone keeps calling it a port of the N64 version.

  • Meralia

    Ooh, the ocarina! Playing it with the new buttons is gonna take some getting used to, the songs are imprinted in my mind with the N64 buttons… And the C-buttons' order made perfect sense, this new combo looks a little weird. Oh well.
    The rest of the video looked very nice.

    • Casual Vader

      I know, it's so weird to me that the A button is a higher note then the X button. Why couldn't they have mapped C< – Y, C/ – X, and C> – A?



    • Casual Vader

      Oh I so hope you're right.

  • Cory

    The framerate is Sooo SMOOTH!!

  • pissed that i no get

    Anybody notice Link's HANDS AND FINGERS MOVING and the SLIGHT ECHO while he was playing the Ocarina?

  • Bennett

    Awesome good thing I preordered it

  • zeldafan4040

    OMG I am loving the new ocarina effects! SO beautiful!

  • Alissa

    Ugh… Water Temple…
    Otherwise, I can't wait for this! 😛