Back in March, Iwata mentioned that Miyamoto, the man behind the Legend of Zelda, was working on something special for the franchise’s 25th anniversary later this year. Since then, unfortunately, we have not received any more information about what Miyamoto could be planning to bring us to celebrate 25 years of Zelda.

Earlier today, Famitsu held an interview with Eiji Aonuma, to discuss the upcoming Ocarina of Time 3D, to be released later this month. While most of the interview was spent discussing Ocarina of Time 3D, near the end, Aonuma let slip that plans to celebrate Zelda‘s 25th anniversary would be revealed onstage at E3, in just a few days time. However, we still have no idea what Nintendo plan to bring us to celebrate 25 years of Zelda. A game compilation? A Zelda-styled 3DS console? Something relating to Project Cafe?

French gaming publication P-Nintendo seem to think that Aonuma stated that an unannounced Zelda game will be announced at E3 this year. Whether this would be referring to a remake or a brand new Zelda is unknown, but it’s definitely something exciting to think about.

What do you think Nintendo are planning to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Legend of Zelda? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments!

Source: NeoGAF, P-Nintendo
  • PhantomVII

    I hope it's a new game for Project Cafe

    …Or Majora's Mask 3D.

  • Becky

    I don't think a new console zelda will be announced, not with us not having Skyward Sword. A new handheld Zelda… maybe… but I think not with OoT 3DS and the other possible remakes.

    I'm more likely to lean towards a Zelda 3DS, though whether that's something they consider a big enough deal to announce at E3 or for a 25th Anniversary thing I don't know

  • Dom

    There's already a new game that hasn't been released yet called Skyward Sword! I can't imagine them announcing yet more new games. I suspect it will be a remake or compilation, perhaps the top Zelda games on one disk and remade. I'm a bit skeptical though because Nintendo hyped Mario's 25th anniversary, but the Wii release was basically just a port of Super Mario All-Stars for the SNES. So, I wouldn't get your hopes too high…

    • Keimori

      um it wasn't basicly a port, It WAS a Port, but if you ask me the Book and CD that came with it were worth while.

    • mcdude910

      I could see it just being a Zelda: Collector's Edition, but on the Wii, with a book and CD with music of the series, like Mario.

    • starwebs1

      Either Miyamoto or Anouma said it was going to be completely different from the Mario anniversary. So it won't be a collection of games.

  • Rose De Nose

    An expanded remake of the LoZ with 3D graphics available on a virtual console? that would rock.

  • OniRyo

    Well i would still love a Zelda 3DS but it is high unlikely i suppose!.

  • Lach Menel

    ^Pick them all! You wount be disapointed what ever they do.

    I personally would like to see some kind of Zelda multi-player thingy. Nintendo did say that they where working on a way for all Zelda fans to celebrate to gether! It isn`t probible, but I can always dream!

    • djoftime

      Dude I totally agree. Nintendo really needs to step up there online. That would be totally legit

  • TommyB

    A 25th Anniversary 3DS. Please please please!

  • Lach Menel

    Yes yes yes! It really ticks me off that Mario has all kinds of crap in stores but Zelda has nothing. Walmart needs some Triforce shirts!

    • DarkOwl

      No no no! Too much merchandise will make Zelda seem tacky. People who've never played any Mario game through to the end have been known to wear Mario t-shirts. Mario has become an icon in popular culture. Like a blockbuster film, everyone knows about him and it's all a bit tacky. Lets keep Zelda that little bit more sophisticated. Merchandise is fine, I'm just saying lets keep it for those to whom it means something memorable. If people look for Zelda merchandise, somewhere they will find it. Let's not push it all into the faces of the public.

    • DarkOwl

      And to justify, I reference your own terminology. "Mario has all kinds of crap". Zelda doesn't need crap…

      • Lach Menel

        Yah, it dosn`t. I just wish that our green clad hero would get to be in the spot light besides the plumer.

  • Peter

    They should do everything!
    Zelda 3DS!
    Zelda Game Remakes
    Zelda Games Collection

  • theONLYzeldaFAN

    ive been wanting that…why not take that story and explore it more….it needs to be done..but im going towards a 4 player zelda…a new one or they'll make 4 swords playable over wifi… wont be a a console/handheld because thats what mario had..and it wont be a game pack for the same will be new or old but co-op

  • Shrub

    Four Swords 3DS would be epic.

    AND it fits perfectly with Miyamoto saying it would "bring all the fans together."

  • Beka

    I'd really like a zelda 3ds, with some pre-installed virtual console zelda games!

  • I was excited for E3, now, I'm SUPER DUPER F*CKING PUMPED!

  • djoftime

    Either sounds epic 😀

  • Hero of Light

    I'm celebrating Zelda's 25th with the Master sword and Hylian sheild (both real metal and have some weight to them) 🙂 I got them from Bladesorce (a store inside a fleamarket). I hope nintendo goes through with their "live action prologue" at E3 that was rumoured today.

  • Aivatrix

    Here is what I think it's going to be. I think it will be a new Zelda game but 2d side scroller like Links awakening and ALTTP. This has already been done with mario and donkey kong so wouldn't zelda be next? It would be cool to see somthing like this with new graphics it would look awesome and would finally be a challenging Zelda. I dont mean challenging by puzzles but by more challenging enemies just like the good old days when you had to try to beat a boss at least 3 times before actually doing it. In 3D Zelda you are able to beat the boss on your first try.

    • cloverplayer

      ALTTP? do you mean LA?

      • Aivatrix

        I said LA and in ALTTPin the post. ALTTP is A Link to the Past.

    • starwebs1

      Neither of those games were side-scrollers. The Adventure of Link was a side-scroller. Link's Awakening and A Link to the Past were top-down.

      • Aivatrix

        *facepalm* sorry thats what I meant a new top down Zelda game. Sorry for the confusion.

  • Commenting Guy

    The Legend of Zelda: All star !!

  • Ozl

    I would love to see a new bigger and harder Zelda, or/and a World of Zelda but not as big as in wow but something like extra content you can download or unlock while playing the game, extra items, quests, friends or pets that aid you at some point even change the story of the game, make you decide on paths that lead to different endings, well i think im asking too much, ok then i just want a bigger Zelda world with harder enemies and puzzles xD

    good day people!

  • dragonchi26

    I would like to see a completely revamped version of ALTTP, with some extra in-game features.

  • michael12268

    it better not be a Zelda themed 3DS! I already bought one and DO NOT want to buy another one

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  • robotortoise

    So now there will be OOT 3D, Skyward Sword, AND this new game? My Triforce of Anxiety is resonating…

  • cloverplayer

    maybe a four sword game for project cafe? (unlikely but we haven't exactly kept in touch with the four sword series)

  • cloverplayer

    maybe the 3d style they were talking about doing with LA?

  • Zachattack8888

    All of them!! ;D

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  • tepig

    i am not sure if nintendo can fit in a zelda celebration at e3 because…
    -donkey kong is 30
    -in japan metroid is 25
    -project cafe will be reaveled
    -nintendo needs to support the 3ds

    • Keimori

      And the can't just mention it on the side before reaveling Project cafe during thier conferance because?

  • MM is Awesome

    I'm hoping it's a MM remake!

  • Tsubasa_zero

    The Zelda official Timeline!!!!!
    I really don't know…a album, with all songs orchatrated

  • sam

    they should make a limited edition Skyward Sword with a booklet on the correct timeline!

  • azz

    I think they're doing YOU

  • MEC

    Please be a brand new Ocarina of Time styled 3DS Zelda with a surrealist twist i.e. even weirder than Majora's Mask.

    Will never happen, I know.

    It'll probably be a Zelda Collection for Wii.

  • MEC

    Yokota did orchestrate a lot of songs for OOT3DS, but Kondo stopped him [boooooooooo!] so maybe, you know, release that as a free soundtrack? accidently upload it yokota? hehe

  • prada

    they better not let us down, or I'll be super duper heart wrenchedly broken forever and ever…until Skyward sword comes out