A very flamboyant Jason flamboyantly unboxes the most epic package ever, for the second time because the first time he did it it didn’t record. Enjoy the simulated surprise he wishes to express to you, and funnel your non-simulated jealousy into the comments below!

Unfortunately the magic card of urgency that comes with the game prevents us from putting up our review of the game before June 17th. On the bright side, Jason has until June 17th to write his amazing non-nostalgic review – so check back for it then, and until then continue to fume with jealousy and such.

  • Xosgni

    *Sniff sniff* Ahhhhh…. nothing quite like the smell of a new Zelda game.

  • josiahinnc

    You should beat the original N64 version first and not the gamecube version or the wii version the Nintendo 64 version on a Nintendo64

    • AnRandomLink

      Or He could beat the 3D version he had in his hand.

      • Josiahinnc

        or he could beat the original before the remake

        • Or he could beat the remake then the original.
          just as long as he beats the original

  • steffex

    omg.. just give me the shirt please.. im a shirt collector and a huge zelda fan and omg i want that =[

  • Platina

    I've never beaten OOT either, so your not alone, dude. Hopefully that'll change once I get my preordered copy of OOT. …Did I mention how LUCKY you are for getting the game before it's release date?!! I'm fused with jealousy here! XD

  • joelthebergman

    the hylian says Power Wisdom Courage

    • Hero_of_Hyrule

      Darn it, I was gunna say that…said it on YouTube, and was gunna say it on here…but ya beat me to it

  • wait. is that the USA version? So an ocarina comes with the game if u preorder? 😀 i hope so! i've always wanted an ocarina after playing OoT and MM!

    • Keith

      Nothing is confirmed. I think he only got that because his is for a review. :3

      • ah, well i hope it's also for normal copies too. The US is the ONLY country that has yet to get a preorder bonus! D:

  • AnRandomLink

    Dun Dun Dun Dun!!!!!! Its Varios Things!!!!

    • AnRandomLink

      spelling fail!!

  • MrStrangeListPerson

    How can you even call yourself a Zelda fan if you haven't beaten Ocarina of Time? You're not even a real Zelda fan. Huhuhuhuh.

    I joke, I joke. Actually I don't believe you. Have fun playing!

    • cloverplayer

      I was just about to say that lol

  • Karadom

    I have a confession. Despite the fact that I have played every single Zelda game in it's original form, I have never beaten a Zelda game.

    • AnRandomLink


      • linkdude101


        • cloverplayer


          • Johaun348


    • Anon

      I haven't played every single one, but I've played a lot of them and haven't beaten any either. I always watched my brother beat them instead. But OoT 3D will be my first completed one. I'm gonna stick with it this time.

  • GorCoronSumo

    "Do not show the final boss before the game is released!" Honestly, no one can beat the game that fast.

    • Not true. If he had beaten it already, he could totally beat it in that time. But he can still probably finish it that fast. If he were to play 8 hours a day… And he has 17 days? Yeah, he could get it done. Even if playing 4 hours a day.

    • Keith

      I'm sure if he wanted to he could. OoT can go by pretty fast if you don't 100%.

    • PhantomVII

      I can beat OoT in 2 days if I really want to.

    • cloverplayer

      Lol, the funny thing is, my friend went crazy and went halfway through it in two days this week.

      • Chad

        I beat it in 3 when I was in 2nd grade it was hard but It didn't take long Makora's mask though has taken me about 5 years to finish (no joke) because of that stupid stone tower temple!

        • GorCoronSumo

          I stand corrected.

  • So does it have any NEW features? I of course know things are improved. And they've changed the stone of agony. And they've added the ability to see what should be done. And there's a boss re-challenge mode. And master quest is mirrored. But those features aren't all that new. Didn't they say the story would be altered? I think when it's released publicly, we will see that it has none of the stuff we speculated.

    • Shadowknight1

      Um, the ability to re-challenge bosses wasn't in the original OoT so it IS new. And Nintendo already said no new dungeons or changes to the story.

  • Quelorie

    How can you be a Zelda Universe overlord, witout having beaten Ocarina of TIme!? THIS explains why you are tired of Ganondorf, you HAVE NOT EXPERIENCED HIS EVIL TO ITS TRUEST EXTENT!!!!!!!

    • Chad

      I have and let me say Vaati seems more evile than Ganon now I mean he literally got the triforce and played his organ for seven years which ruined castle town I f I were him I'd make all of Hyrule look like that!

  • do u like waffles?

    I WANT THAT!!!!!!!!

  • Daniel

    I remember playing this game when i was only 6 years old, my brother showed me it, I thought it was the best game back then, I still think it is the best game now. Zelda is my favorite series now I've beat every one of there console games and some of there handhelds. I've been waiting for this game since they made super mario 64 remake on the ds I knew they had to make zelda oot, look, they did.

  • Beka

    It's ok Jason, I have only beat twilight princess, phantom hourglass, and spirit tracks. honestly, i'm stuck on the water temple in Oot. : /

    • Beka

      and really, the ds versions were so easy, they don't really count. so I have only beat twilight princess.

      • Chad

        you'll get ther The water temple is not that hard just annoying you will get stuck but if you keep checking you're map you'll beat it! Goog Luck!

        • Johaun348

          lol the first time through the water temple I thought I used the wrong key for a door and restarted my game XD

      • Johaun348

        idk man. the last timed dungeon was hard for me in phantom hourglass

  • djoftime

    (gangsta fan voice) Don't you dare say windwaker is better than ocarina of time. You best get off this site before I shove the mastersword up yo a** windcracker. I'ma bust yo grill with my hylian shield all up in yo face and shove navi down yo throat till you cough out fairy wings and p*** pixie dust. Understand? JK Naw, I just thought the bosses were much better in ocarina of time. I was gonna beat windwaker, but when I saw that my little brother had beat it in three days I knew I wasn't gonna be challenged enough. + it kind of looked like a coloring book…….so…….

  • I'll kill Jason and then eat him and then worst of all I'll steal his Zelda games and his piano, Why? Because I'm jealous…

    • Chad

      Read the reply to the comment above it applies to you too

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  • Manuel

    Jason if it makes you feel better I never beat the game either. The reason is that the redeads sream scare the crap out of me. It's a early childhood thing I don't want to talk about.

    • cloverplayer

      I got freaked just before the boss in the shadow temple. But later I did the last dungeon with a friend. I never did the spirit temple though.

    • Beka

      Same thing for me, but once I turned fourteen i painfully Tuffed through it, only to be stumped by the water temple…

  • KingOfHeart

    Interesting how you thought OOT was stale after playing WW.

  • TheLegendofNintendo

    I beat OOT in seven days when I was 6 😐 how come a couple of you not have beaten it lol no offense intended though I understand.

    • Chad

      I guess it's been hard to find and on top of that some people can't afford to buy every single console like the more privileged folk. Plus like Jason said you have a different perspective on games than others might the reason I don't think WW was the best in the series was because I grew up watching my brother and his best friend play MM and OoT and thought Majora's mask was the best game ever invented and OoT was second!

    • Johaun348

      When I was 2 years old, almost 3, I beat the first dungeon. I never beat the next dungeon because the skeletons at hyrule field was too scary for me. My dad got me past it and led me to where I needed to be. When a year past I made it to the next dungeon. but it was to hard. By then though, majora's mask came out and I ran over Clocktown as a deku wandering what to do. Moon fell on me a lot

  • Chad

    The Hylian police are already after him so you might wan't to dodge the flaming potatoes when you try to break in!

    • GorCoronSumo

      Hylian police MAFIA

      Say, maybe THATS why they're chasing him.

      • Mr.Linkypoo

        HYRULE police mafio… Whoops mafiA!

        Mybe the flaming potatos are really just orange potatos and not flaming ones at all!

  • Tsubasa_zero

    Jason, I also played WW before OoT, but still beaten it, but i did not beat master quest

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  • kyobre

    Lol XD i played the game for two years starting at 5 and finaly beat it atthe age of 7
    its funny because iremember wanting somethin like boss rush and now they have it


    I am just recently playing through the Wind Waker for the first time and with ocarina of time being my absolute for all and eternity favorite Zelda game. I am actually suprised at how much I love the Wind Waker . I was drawn in by the game not because of it's graphics ( which can be bothersome ) but rather by the story . It has to be the best story for any Zelda game, Save OOT, and I was amazed at how the story of the Ocarina of time Actually complemented the Game . I now have a #2 Zelda game, The Wind Waker. And I would have to say that it is the true sequel to the Ocarina of Time .